Sukor saacha pyaar episode 2

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Recap vivaan prepares his wedding with chakor whilst suraj prepares for marriage with imli…

Tejswani hesitates…tejswani olv why does suraj wanna marry this bundua girl?she has no classor self respect how can suraj reject a girl like tina for a girl like imli not ranjana but the whole society will blaze us? tejswani;suraj beta i wanna ask u something why did u reject tina for imli? suraj closes the door…suraj;mummy tina left me she didnt want me she ran away my rishta happening was announced all over azaadganj do u know how humiliating it would have been if everyone heard suraj rajvnashi wife ran away?only i get to decide who i want and this imli is just a pawn in the game do u really think il marry this bundua girl wen im done with her another one will come along..tejswani;but imli? I cant stand her..suraj;tonight is the wedding mummy u just prepare for that im gonna punish this imli for whatever chakor did she ended bundua giri right and freed all the bundua’s she sent papa to jail but papa mental state got him relesed but now suraj rajvashi is bk to take care of chakor! Tejswani worries and gets the mandip ready ranjana to gets the mandip ready and smirks at tejswani..
Ranjana olv prepare for ur guvaar bahu…

Kaustri;imlu chakor come on we need to head to the haveli chakor hugs kaustri…kaustri;chakoria today my betiya will leave me i cant beleive no rasam was conducted ranjana jee insisted straight for marriage at that to in a week my betiya u have done so much for the whole of azaadganj and even agreed to marrige on our saying…bhavan calls kauatri bhavan;me and imli r already in haveli u can come and bring chakor..
Kaustri olv how can imlu run off imli sits in her room and wears her lenghaa she worries and has a flashback… imli celebrated that suraj agreed for her rishta she got drunk vivaan was also drunk as he had hassled half of the power of the haveli vimli sleep together and imli gets pregnant but convinces suraj that she is carrying his child imli touches her belly…imli;buchua i know ur gonna be angry but i found u a baapu suraj babu and vivaan babu are brothers so it wont make a difference right…vivaan hears imli whilst he was walking past…vivaan olv imli is carrying my child i want my child im gonna give my child my name…vivaan jumps in imli room…vivaan grabs imli waist…imli;vivaan babu what r u doing some1 will see…vivaan;imli how can u hide the fact that ur carrying my child didnt u care for my feelings…imli;obviously i cared ur my child’s father but sueaj babu…vivaan sees a sindoor box and fills imli maang…vivaan;now my child will get my name not that suraj’s my child will be called vivaan manhoorlaal…imli;vivaan babu what have u done i am suraj babu bride not yours…vivaan sees a candle andstarts a fire he grabs imli arm and goes around the fire 7 times.. vivaan:now u r fully my bride…imli;vivaan babu what have u done vivaan;i toke what’s mine of suraj? tejswani peeks through and is shocked seeing vimli marrige…kaustri and chakor reach the haveli…kasutri;betiya this is ur new home..chakor looks around the bad memories of kamal harass chakor but chakor walks in…ranjana;chakor beta ur r here come in il take u to get ready…ranjana takes chakor tejswnai walks in a hurry and sees chakor…

ranjana;this is my bahu chakor…tejswnai olv wow this larki has grown to be really pretty…chakor;greetings…ranjana;my bahu is in the haveli for the first time in 10 years…ranjana drops chakor of chakor gets ready and feels nervous kaustri comes in and cries…kauatri;my betiya u look like a princess i cant believe u getting married they hug and cry…suraj gets ready and is angry to know vivaan is also getting married today…tejswani;suraj beta u never guess what’s happened imli is pregnant with vivaan child and thry both got married…suraj;what! Mummy what r u saying…tejswani;suraj beta im telling the truth i heard all this i saw vivaan fill her maang…i bet that’s why ranjana was smiling becoz she is giving us her son’s used gavaar they were gonna put some1 else’s sin on ur head all the guests r down what will we do…chakor looks out the window and sees so many guests downstairs..she feels nervous…
Suraj;how dare they? tejswani olv thier is only one way chakor is ready as a bride she has a name education and class me and suraj will benift by chakor i need to convince suraj that i have everything under control… tejswani;i have an idea beta ur marriage will happen today just trust me…tejswnai makes suraj sit in the mandip ..tejswani;my son will get married first as he is older… ranjana;whatever…ranjana olv where is vivaan gone…ranjana goes of to find vivaan…kaustri lowers chakor veil kaustri;chakor betiya im going to find imlu today is a big day for her too kauatri leaves tejswani hesitates and touches chakor shoulders chakor gets up tejswani makes chakor sit besides suraj and signals the priest to hurry up chakor looks out for kaustri bhavan and ranjana..

Suraj olv iv never felt so embarssed how dare that bundua cheet me! I will not spare her or that vivaan manhoorlaal and who has mummy brought whatever this is i have to do to save my name i will never let anyone taunt suraj rajvnashi…the priest starts the maantir and tells suraj and chakor to stand and take thier phere sukor go around the fire 7 times..suraj vow suraj;whoever u r i will promise to make ur life hell! Now u shall suffer the mistakes of other’s..chakor olv my shaadi is nearly over but i promsie to be a good wife..the preist tells suraj to put sindoor on chakor and manglsoothar…priest the marriage is now conducted…please seek blessing of ur elders…tejswani sighs in relief…tejswani olv forgive me beta but i needed to save our family name i needed chakor to be my bahu…sukor seek blessings chakor worries not seeing bhavan or kaustri and ranjana…priest;now its time for the final ritual lift the gunghaat of your bride sukor sit down suraj lifts chakor veil (mahiya plays) sukor stare into one another and get lost in each other’s eyes…kaustri is unable to find imli whilst ranjana is unable to find vivaan they head downstairs..everyone claps sukor relaise that they are infront of everyone…chakor looks agian and notices that she has not married vivaan she gets up and gets shocked…chakor;thum vivaan nahi hoo (u r not vivaan) suraj is shocked to know that he has married chakor…suraj olv mummy u got me married to chakor? chakor gets worried…kasutri seez chakor married to suraj and gets shocked…kaustri; chakoria u got married to suraj babu? sukor look at each other in shock…

Precap sukor sughaaraat

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  1. Sukorian

    oh oh I had the feeling of imli being pregnant with some1 else baby… cheap girl. Wow waiting for next… He vows to make her life to hell ^^

    1. Thank u vimli will be the villians

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Sukor are married. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u

  3. Amazing update! So even Suraj was unaware that he married Chakor. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Yes in the story wen chakor returned she nd suraj never collided

  4. Moonlight25

    Nice one update soon

    1. Thank u

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