Sukor saacha pyaar episode 1

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Over view of story…
Suraj and chakor are two opposite souls one being fire and one being water chakor is soft and loves making the society a better place to live in whilst suraj is angry and seeks pleasure in seeing people get hurt over centuries people of azaadganj have been tortured by kamal narayan a war struck between his family of who should be the successor vivaan who is the son of manhoor gained power of half of the haveli whilst suraj has gained all of kamal narayan powers…vivaan drugged kamal who has now lost his mental state and ragini is trying to gain power of both vivaan and suraj….imli hates her sister chakor and is jealous of her every move she is irritated by the site of her and wants to get rid of her….sukor get married under tragic events and start of with fire hate and misunderstandings but behind all those bitter words thier’s a soft heart in which sukor connect and fall deeply for one another…
Here goes…

Ranjvanshi haveli…
Tejswani;today is my son’s haldhi ceremony and i want everything in great condition!
Ranjana;the wedding isnt until next week and ur already doing the haldhi i mean thier’s nothing to brag about ur son is marrying a bundua?
Tejswani;well u copied me and got ur son rishta in the same bundua family?
Ranjana;atleast my bahu has name fame education and class ur bahu is a gavar (iletrate)
Tejwani olv laugh all u want ranjana but i to im doing all this for suraj this bundua girl kismat is good that my son wants her!?
Suraj jumps of his jeep and shoots a villager…
Suraj;how dare you steal from suraj rajvanahi do u think im blind that i didnt notice u stole that bread..
Villagers wife;sorry malik our son was really hungry and…
Suraj;so what that’s not my problem and if u speak to me like that again i will kill u to understand…suraj walks of and sees imli…

Imli;suraj babu u came! Suraj;obviously i mean i am getting married to u and soon we will have a complete family…suraj hugs imli…imli;suraj babu quiet down what are people gonna say that we r gonna have a child before marriage.suraj;so what i am giving u my name i mean today is our haldhi…imli olv yes suraj babu is all mine but i cant be happy as chakor is coming in the same house that maatharani couldn’t refuse mai baapu and agreed to marry vivaan babu so she can be queen in haveli well she got it all wrong as i got suraj babu who has more power and way hotter? imli;suraj babu i have to go but il see u soon imli gets shy and runs off…
Vivaan approches chakor…
Vivaan:chakor im so happy u agreed i promise to love u and take care of u..
Chakor (gets shy and surprised) vivaan i too promise that il try being a good wife..vivaan kisses chakor hand and leaves..
Kaustri;my betiya has finally found the one who will support her and fight her against bundua giri im so happy for imlu and chakoria but they will be leaving me soon…

Precap vimli r secret lovers and ditch the alter they run away and get married sukor r left feeling stranded and ashamed through circumstances sukor get married after kaustri convinces chakor whilst suraj is angryand ashamed but agrees becoz of tejswani but vows to seek revenge fromthe whole laal family..

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  1. Sukorian

    I’m waiting for the next part n the revenge how it will start the hate to love ???

    1. Tiippu

      Thank u☺

  2. Interesting !!
    Waiting for next part !!

  3. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. Waiting for next

  4. Interesting intro. Can’t wait to see how their hatred will turn to love.

    1. Tiippu

      Thank u☺

  5. Moonlight25

    Amazing start do continue soon

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