Sukor possessive lover episode 7

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recap suraj thinks chakor left him suraj brings chakor back in the haveli suraj obession takes a new level…

tears drop down suraj…suraj; throughout my life iv got nothing but a big slap in my face from kamal naryan everything i did for him eve agianst my own will i hassled people made my self look like a beast a villian all so i can get the love from my father your the same chakor who i was taught to hate my own mummy done so bad to u but instead u helped me u became my will power u gave my mother a shelter ur house may not be a palace but at ur house iv never seen my mummy more happier!
but i cant let u go i cant see u leave me kamal naryan wants to harm u he can do anything to me but i cannot let them harm u ur my chakor the same chakor who i hassled and im the same suraj that realised that i love u so much.. this vivaan and imli always think about themself and thier own situation and u ur always there for these people but where r these people wen u need them iv had enough of u fighting for everyone suraj hugs chakor…suraj;i wont let anyone suffer any longer kamal game is up…suraj leaves chakor and locks the door with a keylock he sneeks into kamal room and tries to remember the password to the lock suraj only has one attempt…suraj opens the lock he sees the bundua contracts and tears them all…suraj olv iv achieved ur dream chakor only one last thing left kamal naryan is great friends with the minister last time it was i that helped him and made azaadganj look like a beautiful town to live in today this same suraj will fufill chakor dream…suraj sees the children controlled by vivaan and making guns suraj phones the press and the senior minster…suraj sneeks bk to his room…chakor phone rings…suraj fumes seeing ajays name…suraj;who is ajay!!!! suraj answers the phone..ajay;miss chakor i wanted to say that…suraj:its mrs chakor! ajay;erm who r u were is miss chakor…suraj;how dare you utter chakors name if u ever call chakor number again i will come for u and im chakor husband! suraj cuts the call…
suraj puts chakor head in his arms…suraj;why r they all after u no1 here will let u live in peace i want ur life to be stress free chakor im taking u away from here im gonna make sure u follow ur passion which is running after kamal is exposed il make sure il get all the happiness bk in ur life but for that i need to take you away from azaadganj…suraj takes all his belongings and chakors suraj sneeks out with chakor and drives of…suraj olv tommrow morning chakor u will see a new azaadganj and see ur goal finally complete…suraj stops by to meet his mom…tejswani;suraj!! i havent seen u since that brute locked my son! suraj;mummy im fine but im leaving from here and i just wanted u to know im safe and that u r happy here…tejswani;suraj run from here i dont want kamal shadow on u my beta flee from here but what about chakor where is chakor..suraj olv if i say anything about chakor they will stop her and take her away from me…suraj;mummy just tell chakor parents not to worry for chakor and mummy u dont worry for me…suraj leaves… suraj;dont worry chakor il make sure no one can take u away from me chakor lays unconsciously…

precap (last episode will be quiet long) chakor gains consciousness suraj plan against kamal works chakor worries for suraj and cures suraj chakor is able to run again sukor confess thier love chakor helps suraj to aim for his life goals

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  1. awsome and super update I can really feel suraj love for chakor and he also fulfill all her dreams’s really the epi so much.
    thanks for update love u di .hope u will be back with a new concept of sukor and hope I will love that so much like it.

    1. Thank u im glad u enjoyed it alot!

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved suraj’s pov about his life & chakor. The plan of exposing kn & vivan was brilliant, loved this smart suraj. Sukor left azadganj. Waiting for next part

    1. Thwnk u

  3. Amazing episode! Suraj is more controlled here. Happy he freed the villagers to fulfill Chakor’s dreams. Leaving the village is the best option. Eagerly waiting for the next part but sad it’ll end so soon.

    1. Thank u this was a mini series to show how suraj becomes possisve over chakor but chakor realises and instead helps suraj out

  4. Sukorian

    wwow very gud waiting for it love it ?????

    1. Thamk u alot it will be up soon i hope

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