Sukor possessive lover episode 4

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Recap suraj returns bk to the haveli and gets angry seeing vivaan touch chakor suraj in anger pushes chakor and slits his wrist for harming chakor…

Chakor olv what has happened to suraj?he was never like this…suraj;chakor why did u clean the wound i deserved this i cant believe i pushed u how could i try to hurt you…chakor places her palms between suraj face…chakor;suraj im fine…suraj;no!! Its not ok!cant u see i hurt you! Suraj bangs his hand on the wall…suraj;i need to go but u stay here im leaving u in here u better stay otherwise i dont know what will happen…

Ragini shoots the mirror and screams…ragini;papa all our plans failed that bundua suraj is more angrier then before and that chakor helped him papa she kept his will power..kamal;ik it was wrong to underestimate this chipkali chakor but this suraj! He has changed he has become unhinged sikhu was right did u see the way he killed all those peopleit was as if he did it with using much force or energy ragini this suraj is not the same suraj that i knew once he is something diffrent and we will need to stay away from him..suraj bangs on the door to vimli room imli cries and puts vivaan to sleep imli opens the door…imli;suraj!what was all that u knew vivaan was drunk and what happened to ur wrist…suraj;shut up?tell that vivaan if he is seen or touches chakor ever again i will kill him…suraj leaves in anger…ragini;papa then we kill that chakor iv been telling u since some time chakor is the problem lets get rid of this problem for once and for all ragini walks of in anger…ragini;chakor ur time is up ragini clicks the gun on chakor head…chakor opens her eyes wide open after hearing a gun shot…? chakor turns around and sees ragini on the floor covered in a pool of blood…

chakor is shocked…suraj;i told them all to stay away from u but they never listen?do they really think im gonna let them misbehave like that with u…kamal and ranjana come running after hearing the gunshot kamal is shocked and takes ragini without saying a word suraj aims the gun at kamal…kamal takes ragini to hospital and her condition is critical.
Chakor moves bk towards the wall…chakor;suraj how can u shoot some1 so mercilessly? chakor olv suraj mental state does not look well? suraj drops the gun and hugs chakor…suraj;u dont understand they want u to go they wanna take u away from me….

Precap suraj drinks to forget his emotional past of being a bundua chakor is angry to learn suraj has broken his promise not to drink again suraj posssivness takes a whole new level which leaves chakor in shock

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Suraj is a different person, his possessiveness is very scary. I think chakor pov was correct, there is some type of mental problem with suraj. Waiting for next

    1. Piyal

      Thank u suraj has become very obsessed with chakor

  2. Awesome update piyal. Loving Suraj’s possesive attitude. Waiting for the next. And for not commenting in previous episodes.

    1. Piyal

      Thank u im glad u enjoy this ff

  3. Interesting update! Suraj has disappointed Chakor. Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Piyal

      Thank u suraj cant think of anything besides chakor

  4. Sukorian

    oh that’s great please update soon wanna know the next level

  5. super lovely update di….Suraj ‘s last dialoge for chakor is too good.I want chakor make him cool down.but Suraj isROCK.
    PLz update next part soon.
    love u and this ff so much…..

    1. Piyal

      Thank u so much

  6. Bidisha Karar

    O gd now I am very scared.
    But awesome update

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