Sukor possessive lover episode 1

Hey everyone i really wanted to write this ff and hope everyone supports it my aim is that this is only fiction and i hope the concept is suitable for anyone to read….the main concept is suraj starts to become possessive over chakor due to the emotions and the situations he himself currently went through
overview of story

The story starts of from suraj being freed as a bundua during the serial track suraj realises he loves chakor so much that he can’t bear to leave her at any cost…imli distracts sukor date before the morning suraj gets released as vivaan as gone on kamal side and has joined them…chakor feels bad for imli and leaves to convince….this is were il start my story by using the bundua track from the serial….here goes…

Suraj feels hurt seeing chakor leave him like that imli cries and leans on suraj shoulder….imli;suraj?what shall i do vivaan has gone evil he doesn’t understand what’s right or wrong where as u have changed i hope didi can convince vivaan as she has changed u…i dont know why wen ever i mention a child he gets really angry and at times i remember our buchua…suraj gets pissed of hearing imli bring up the past…suraj;chakor has gone right to help ur pathi! Then stop crying and bringing up the past! Its unfortunate i lost my child but maybe it was for the best i thought i loved u but that love was for my child what we had was nothing it was a drunken mistake that’s why chakor doesn’t like me drinking as she knows that i myself end up doing things i regret and one of them was sleeping with u thank god i was drunk if i was in my senses i dont know what my mind would have done to me…imli is shocked to learn this…imli;suraj i…suraj;what! Imli is hurt my suraj and runs of…chakor finds vivaan and approches him…chakor holds vivaan shoulder…chakor;

vivaam why did u join ragini there r other ways to prove ur innocnet…vivaan;what ways what! I didn’t do anything im impotent i cant give imli what suraj once gave her…chakor;vivaan!why r u bringing up the past!vivaan;its true imli ended up with me and u got saved! U have a husband that can give u a child look at this pond this is were u promised me to always love and support me instead ur helping that bundua suraj out of pity and forgot me…vivaan pushes chakor and walks of…chakor olv why is vivasn mentioning the past he left me for imli and i have accepted that and moved on my life only has space for suraj…chakor;do i love suraj? Suraj olv chakor i love u so much u dont understand ur the only one who understood my pain and supported me look at this imli seeking ur help i dont care about thier problems i wont let them use u like this tomorrow morning i will show this rajvanshi family that they messed with the wrong person and chakor ur only mine u belong to me!

Precap;suraj possessiveness reaches a new peak which starts to worry chakor

  1. hmm interesting looking forward for the next update

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting concept. Waiting for next

  3. Interesting start! Vimli haven’t let go of the past. Looking forward to the next part.

  4. Wow I loved the reply of suraj to imli

  5. Moonlight25

    Nice sweetie

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