Sukor a new journey start episode 31

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Last day of my holiday but I will try to write in future on the same story if u want ?
It’s the longest update ever ? take ur time I really hope u liked it.

Thx for the encouragement, love n comments ?.

Precap: Sukor were laughing n fighting. At the end of the night Chakor gave Suraj his jacket back n left him alone.

Suraj *yeh larki har waqt apni manmani karti hai. Aur mujhe kitna karna parega? Uper se yeh jacket bhi wapis dedi…? (this girl always does wht she wants! N wht else /more I have to do? on top she return me the jacket …)* Us jangli billi ko jungle main hi chor ke ana hi chajeta (I should have left the wild cat in jungle)….

Chakor: Woh phakandi mujhe pyaar karta hai par ishar nahi kar sakta uper se mujhe lar bheta ke maine kyoun nahi kaha woh toh itna acha hai bin pooche jacket bhi dede ta hai. (he is such an imposter he loves but can’t express it n then he wants me to say it first… on top of this he thinks he is such a nice guy by giving me his jacket without asking)


On the next morning Suraj n Chakor ignored each other Vimli tried to find out wht happened last night after they left the campfire but both stayed silent.
Imli: Di wht r u doing? Chakor: can’t u see I’m getting ready for my training. Imli: ok. I just wanted to….Vivaan stopped her. Imli whispered wht. Vivaan sshhh let her go she doesn’t need to know that bhai is also training. She smiled got it?.

Coach: Great Suraj u increase the distance between u n ur followers thats great keeo it up there is still no one who can take ur place ?. Chakor heard it n run to Suraj to cpngrats him but than she stopped *are main kyoun jah rahi hoon uske pas…phele usko mafi mangni paregi n confess karna hoga (y im going to him… he has to apologise n confess first)*. Coach: Chakor gud to see u. Suraj smiled n turned at that moment Chakor turned toward the coach. *Acha to woh abhi bhi gussa hai theek hi hai hum bhi nahi karte hain bast (fine she is still angry. I can do the same i won’t talk to her too)*

At night the games started n it was boys against girls. There were games on sport theme’s , on cooking, on maths etc. there was something for everyone. Tina saw Suraj alone n went to him: Suraj here I saw u havent ate anything she served him some veggies. Suraj wasn’t in the mood of fighting he was tired. He took the plate n start eating. Thx I was very hungry. It was the first time he talked to Tina in a normal way he said: U didn’t try anything I’m happy. Tina: No. I’m not trying anything I saw it u r in love with Chakor everyone knows n someone made me understand not to come between lovers.

Suraj was surprised: Really?? Who…? Short answer: Anna. She liked Vivaan but she heard that they both confessed their love actually I wasn’t accepting it n she made it clear not to help me anymore n she said: Do pyaar karne walonko alaag karke gunaah hota aisi baad dua lagti hai ke kabhi bhi dacha pyaar nahi milta (Never separate two lovers u will be cursed n u will never fond ur true love). Suraj I dont know what happened between u two but trust me I want to help maybe u can forgive me someday n accept me as ur friend. Suraj told her wht happened. Tina: Suraj this tough I thought I could help but this is weird n very personal. I would love to give u a suggestion? He nodden. Listen to ur heart wht does it say? She left saying it.

Chakor saw it how they were sitting, eating n chatting together she felt very jealous also very hurt. Imli told her that Suraj hasn’t ate anything n she prepared a plate for him but now she was only angry on herself that she even though n care for him. She left the plate n went back to her tend. Imli came in: Di wht happened? Has Suraj said or done something wrong? Chakor shaked her head. But tell wht. She said no. She wiped her tears away n started packing her stuff. Imlu do ur packing! We have to leave tomorrow morning early. Imli couldn’t get though Chakor.

The night was over n the new day start.

Everyone was looking around the camp nothing no one should be left behind.The teacher asked: Are all in. Please check ur seat neighbour. Chakor wasn’t in her sense just then she notice Suraj seat was empty she jumped up n shouted Sir Suraj isn’t here! Coach: Chakor everything is fine he left last night. With my permission. Chakor: oh ok so he is fine. She sitted on her place n was looking out from the window. They stopped n Chakor was happy to see Imli even Vivaan left. Chakor: Do u know y they left has something happen? Imli: No.

Vivaan: Bhai nothing to worry. Suraj: yeah. They hear the horn of the bus. Vivaan: Imli! N run out. Imli looked out of the window n was so happy the bus stopped n she was the first to run out n hugged him. Chakor was excited to Suraj but he was nowhere. Chakor: Vivaan where is Suraj. Vivaan made a sad face. Vivaan tell me. He said look inside. Chakor is scared n started running *oh god wht happened* She entered the classroom n a bunch of rose petals fall on her she was trning arond n was smiling all over the face n Suraj came infront of her. Suraj holding a gift for. Chakor had tears in her eyes. She took the gift n open it she found a teddybear with a heart it was written by Suraj. „Chakor I ❤ u“ n the bear had a chain he took it n make it he place it on her neck it was a heart with the initial of C+S 4ever n on the backside was a date it was the date of the spended night in the jungle 30th july ?. Last but not the least he put off his jacket n put it on her shoulder they were face to face n he said: Chakor I’m sorry holding his ears. She take his hands with her tearfull eyes she signals him that all is good she wanted to hug him but he said: Chakor I love u n I promise I won’t hurt u again. Please keep this jacket i never wanted it back it belongs to u like me n my heart. She couldn’t stopped herself n hugged him tightly….

Well its te end or the start ots up on ir comments

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  1. Philomina

    hey yaar pls dont end this i love ur FF very much pls dont do this to me pls continue pls pls it is my request

    1. Philomina

      About the FF

      This part was awesome and emotional pls dont discontinue pls………..

      1. Sukorian

        hi phil n all others thx for ur support. On request of u all I will continue I submitted a new Intro

      2. Philomina

        thank u very much sukorian waiting for ur intro

  2. Oh no.. Pls don’t end it yaar..
    I’m a big fan of ur stories and its too good.
    Every day, I’m eagerly waited for it’s coming to an end. No its not the end.its just a beginning. Hope you will continue this story.

    1. Sukorian

      Hi sruthisreeya its a new beginning ?

  3. Sukorlover

    Beautiful update. Loved suraj’s proposal. Finally sukor are together

  4. Shreya.

    Amazing sukorian…i loved it from d core of my heart…i knw tat ur holiday’s r end…bt I wish u want to continue dis ff…i really dnt want to lose dis ff…

    1. Sukorian

      thx u yes write further but irregular
      Shahid aur maza aye ?

  5. Amazing update, loved Suraj’s proposal. I like vimli here they’re very sweet and supportive. Please try to continue this story, it’s very nice.

  6. It was awsm please continue.agr aap isse continue nhi krna chahti to please aap khuch new story likh please aap ff likhna end mtt kro please.

  7. Beautifully written…… …continue when u r free bt don’t stop writing

  8. Sukorian

    thanku all? for u r support

  9. Annabeth

    Pls continue sukorian its awesome

  10. Yaar jst one correction. U should write recap rather than precap . Thats it . But i luv ur ff indeed . They are so lovely and cute to imagine bye

    1. Sukorian

      oops ? u r so right

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