Sukor a new journey start episode 29

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Here is the next ^^

Precap: Riya the game organiser told Chakor that Vimli is a couple n tried the same thing like she does now. At te evening they were all sittong at the campfire. Chamli had a small fight abt their hidden relationships n the boys were sitting next to them they do not wanted to interfere in a Cat fight.

Chakor shows Imli her tongue. Imli: Di u r so childish. U n Suraj r having a relationship before Vivaan n I know that we r having feelings or each other. Vivaan looked at his bro. Suraj looked away shyly the. Chakor: We wanted to see U n Vivaan happy. Yes, Suraj n I r in a relationship but we always thought abt u. N one main reason y I didn’t told u is that u can’t keep a secret. Imli: ? Thats not true. Chakor: Oh really then y r u shouting better say y can’t u just whisper? Imli: U r so mean. Both sis turned angrily their face.

Suvaan looked at each other both faces said the same *aab kiya karen (wht should we do now?)* Suraj gave Vivaan a signal *Main Chakor ko sambahlta hoon tum Imli ko (I will take care of Chakor u take imli)* Vivaan nodded. Suraj moved to Chakor n whispered: Chakor lets go from here? Chakor was angry n upset she didn’t answer him Vivaan tried the same but Imli was like her sis… Vivaan looked over to Suraj waiting for the next step He gesture him wht next to do. Suraj didn’t. Vivaan stand up n went away Imli moved to him seeing him going away made her feel bad she stood up n followed him. Suraj thought *Wah bhai khud hi rooth ke chala gaya (nice bro. U left her being ignored / huffy from her)*.
Chakor looked after her. Y can’t she say sorry? Suraj: hmm. Sorry hi suni thi? (u wanted her to say sorry?) Chakor: Haan (yes). Suraj started laughing. Bas itni si he baat ke liye tum dono itna hungama kar bethi? (For such a small thing u both made a issue?) Chakor: Suraj u r too much she left angrily from there. Suraj followed her.

Imli: Vivaan stopp! N Vivaan stopped smiling. Vivaan: y u didn’t listen to me y should I listen to u? he started to move she came I’m sorry holding her ears n he felt very bad. Imli yeh karne ki zarurat nahi hai main to mazak kar raha tha (Imli t is no need to do this I was just kidding). She hugged him: But Di was wrong n I can keep secrets. Vivaan: Im not saying u r wrobg or she is But Imlu I understand her u were loud n they aren’t ready yet. But ya Im if u want me to confess infront of everyone I would do it?.

Suraj was walking behind Chakor with a meter distance. Chakor turned to him: Suraj mera peecha karna choro (stopp following me). Suraj: Sorry with a big Smile. Par yeh galti main na apni nah tumhari zindagi subaara karonga tember the jungle? (I won’t do that mistake ever again in my or ur life) Chakor looked at him n started laughing as loud as possible.

Please tell me if u like the new pic if u don’t like it then I will change it.

I will try to write one more
@philo Im trying to use as much as possible phrases for u

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  1. Philomina

    very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very……………..
    thank u sukorian . thank u very much for taking this much efforts for me. i am really very happy. now somehow i can understand hindi thanks to u . [:-)

  2. Sukorlover


  3. Philomina

    sorry for not commenting .
    this episode was awesome,amazing,super as always

  4. Philomina

    i like this pic too (very much)

  5. Thanks for the update, enjoyed it so much, looking forward to the next chapter.

  6. Annabeth

    Awesome as ever♥

  7. Sukorian

    Thx to all

    @philo Im happy u liked it n I will try more.

  8. Shreya.

    Nyc episode dr….I loved it….nd nyc pic too…waiting for d next part…

  9. soo sorryyyy dr I was not cmnting here …….really a beautiful episode

    1. Sukorian

      thx for ur reply mention not. At least u did read it ?

  10. Great it. Even I like the new pic.its look great .sry fr commenting late

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