Sukor a new journey start episode 27

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I had a lot of problem with the Vimli part Im not very happy it’s ok. Hope u like it

The plan

Precap: Vimli confessed their love. Chakor was crying in her tend n waiting for Imli.

Chakor was very sad n she needs someone to talk with. Imli n Vivaan were on the River they confessed n Vivaan told her what he saw. Imli: ?So Di n Suraj r in love? Vivaan: Really Imlu this is wht u remember? Imli: wht u mean? Vivaan: they wanted us to confess but I thought maybe we should do the opposite n make a small joke hmm… wht u say? I mean they haven’t confessed to us that they r in love I just saw them holding hands it could be anything ?? Imli:I got it fine we will show them our broken relationship so they think their responsible. Vivaan: yeah n they will show us their relationship. We have to be careful not that we break thier relationship? Imli: Ist just abt game after the play we will show a fake fight n see how they react? Vivaan: yeah n if it will go far will confess even the don’t after all they r doing it for us?. Imli: yeah but y Di hasn’t told it me? Vivaan: Bhai didn’t told it me either? Imli holds Vivaans hand they had their moment they stayed there for long.

Suraj had a bad feeling he get up from the place. He went to the running group Tina came: Suraj gud to see u. R u here for training? He ignored her n the coach came: Suraj? I told u wht to do, right? Suraj: yes, I was looking for Chakor does anyone saw here? another Student come n told Suraj that Chakor was angry n went back to her tend. Tina stopped Suraj: Sir, I think we should train together n Suraj is a member of our group? Coach: Tina I understand ur concern but Suraj n some others already trained today morning n I dont want them to over train. Everything should be done in a healthy way dont hurt ur self. Suraj smiled n took his hand n left the place to find Chakor in her tend.

Suraj: Chakor can I come in? Chakor wiped her tears away: ya come in. Suraj: So u r hiding hmm. She tried to smile. I caught u. Now tell me how we will do this to bring them into the same team n wht games will be played? She didn’t answer him. He tured her: Chakor! Wht happen y u r hiding ur face tell the truth! Does anyone said something to u? Dont u dare to lie! She went to hin her head on his chest n start crying she told him everything. Sursj: Tina said n u take it important? She is trying to break u n u can’t break by her. U have to defeat her n I will help u. I propromise we both will make it back to the team as the leaders I will do my best in college to get the marks needed n u will train. Dont think u r alone now u have me we will fight together. Our frist step will be to pass the next test than the coach will give us another chance I will ask/request him to take time so we can show who the best is. Chakor was in his arms n was feeling so comfortable *u know what I need to hear*. She wiped her tears away n looked at him n nodded with confidence. Chakor: Thank you. I will find out wht games will be played n the teams well this difficult but if one of us will be with one of them we will change the partner? Suraj looked a her n smiled with an agreement.

Tina was planning her own game n Anna was with her. Nothing is going like we planned it turned out that Suraj really cares for her went after her into the jungle. He risks his own life to safe her n even his position as the leader he lost for her. Anna: Well I just heard that Vivaan confess his love to Imli n she replied it. I’m out. Tina I Can’t break a love couple n if he cares than he must love her u should forget this too. Tina shouted at Anna n made it clear she won’t lose Suraj to Chakor. But was clear too she won’t help her anymore.

Vimli was happy they had a plan to make Sukor confess. N Sukor was thinking to make Vimli confess.

See who will confess^^

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  1. Awsm dear i like vimli pair also bt not more then sukor.thnks for this lvly ff.

  2. Loved it. I’m glad tht Anne wnt help Tina .its getting interesting day by day.

  3. Nice episode, liked how Suraj comforted and supported Chakor, looking forward to the next update.

  4. Shreya.

    Nyc episode dr…..yaa its getting interested day by day…tanx for dis lovely ff….waiting for d next part…

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