Sukor a new journey start episode 26

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Hi I’m happy u liked the update.
Precap: Vivaan is sure abt his feelings n will confess his love toward Imli. He saw n heared Sukors plan to make him n imli confess. Chakor run itno Tina n made a promise to herself she will be the fastest runner n will never be separate from Suraj.

Chakor looked at Tina n said it again: I will be the leader of this running group. Tina: U can have dreams but it doesn’t mean the will came true. Chakor left hearing this she was very hurt.

Vivaan was looking for Imli he needs to talk to her. Not only to confess but also to make a plan to fool Sukor. He asked othet students if they have seen her. One told him she has gone to bring some water. Vivaan goes to the river n he saw imli with a big smile he comes runnibg to her n slipped Vivaan shouted loud: Ouch. Imli immediately runs to him: Vivaan r u ok. U should have been more careful. Bty y u come so fast wht happen? Dont move u r: bleeding let me check this first. She took her scarf n splite a piece of it n bandage his wound. Vivaan holds her hand:Imli y u did this ur scarf. Imli: u r worried abt my scarf Vivaan u r too much. U r wounded now tell me y u come so fast? Vivaan: Imlu…I love u……. Imli was smiling….. I love u 2.

Chakor was angry n hurt sitting in her tend: where the hell is Imli I need to talk to her she was crying. *That Tina always hurts me she never leaves a chance unuse* Imli where r u…?

Hey i will try to write one more

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  1. Lovely episode, vivaan’s confession was sweet. Sad that Tina made Chakor cry. It would be great if you can update it soon , thanks.

    1. Sukorian

      dont worry ther will be always someone to bring a smile on her face?

  2. Ok dear this one is also awsm thnk for made my day.

  3. Good epi. Vimli s confession was cute .Thnx dr .If u cn update anther n it would be great.

  4. Sukorlover


  5. Shreya.

    Asusual nyc episode dr nd vimli’s confession is nyc….waiting for d next episode…

  6. Sukorian

    I just submitted one?

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