Sukor a new journey continue (episode) 1

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Hi everyone on ur request I will try to write on the Teaser I gave u.

Recap^^: The college is over just the degree function n prom is left. KN is accepted Suraj wish to make Chakor his bride. Ranjana is against the relationship of Vivaan n Imli.

At Rajvanshi Mansion:

Suraj: Mummy where r u?
Teju: haan Suraj kiya huwa? (Yes, Suraj wht happen?) n enters the room.
Suraj: Mummy we r getting late. We r just waiting for don’t forget Vivaan will held the speech. With a bright smile on both faces.
Teju: Bas ek cheez reh gayi thi woh lene gayi thi. (I just forgot one thing n now I have) Lets go.

The others were in the car Suraj n Teju joined them.

KN: Are tumhe itna time kyoun laga? (y u took so much time) „just to mention they r sitting in the same car after a long time“
Teju: Are aah to gaye. Ek cheez reh gayi thi (now im here. I just forgot something)
Both father n son were looking each other trough the Mirror Suraj was driving the car. Suraj signals his father to ask again.
KN: Hume yeh to baatou aisi kiya cheez this jis ke liye tumhe phir se uper jana parah. Aaj humare beteon ka din hai hum agar function main late poochte tho? (tell me wht was so important for u to go back. Today is a very important day for our sons wht if we would arrived late to the function?) Seeing n the way his parents r talking to each other makes Suraj so happy after a long time they found each other again.

Teju: Uffho aap dono ko cheehn nahi aayga. Baatati hun (uff u both wont let me in peace I will show u) She took her purse n took a jewel case out she opened it. KN had a big smile on his face Suraj couldn’t see it rightly.
KN: Wah yeh toh bhoot aacha hai. Aapko yaad raha aur hum bilkul bhul gaye (Wow this is great u remember n I totally forget it). Suraj still confuse.
Suraj: Mummy Papa kiya hai is main?(what in it?) KN took it from Teju n told Suraj to wait for the next signal on road he will show him. Lucky he, the next signal came he looked back ?Suraj: Maa. Thank u so much. Well thank u both for accepting my choice n giving me the family bangles for her.

Teju looked at him with a dislike: Tum ne yeh kaise sooch liya? (how dare u to think about abt this). The Signal changed so Suraj face he was confused even KN was. Teju started laughing: Aap dono ke cheere dehk ne liyak hain (The face of u both r watchable). Suraj hum kabhi bhi tumhahre pyaar ke khilaf nahi honge. Par woh humari Bahu hai yeh Kangan tumhari Dadi ne hume pehnayi thi. To sahir si baat hai hum Chakor ko saas hain toh hum hi usse yeh Kangan pehnayenge. (Suraj I will never be against ur love. But she is my daughter-in-law. Ur grandmother gave me these bangles it’s obvious that I will make her wear them). Suraj was shy n red like a tomato but KN enjoyed it. Very good.

Suraj was nervous n excited at the same time. He wants to propose Chakor….

Hope u like it

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  1. Actualy i don’t like it.bcz i lov it.Any doubt dear

    1. Sukorian

      uff u scare me ?thx

  2. Great . U knw Wht u always brings a smile from ur ff. thnx a lot fr tht.

  3. Loved the family bonding, Suraj blushing was so cute, looking forward to Suraj’s proposal.

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved the family moment. Waiting for suraj’s propsal

  5. Wow really enjoyed it cant wait for next episode

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