Sukor a new journey continue (episode 2)

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Hi here the next update
Recap: They r on the way to college. Teju shows KN n Suraj the family bangles.

In the other car:
Vivaan, Ragini n Ranjana were sitting while Vivaan drive the car. Ragini is Vivaans real sis n Suraj cousin. Vivaan was trying to convince his mother to meet Imli she rejected the alliance without ever meeting her n KN n Teju accepted Chakor for Suraj happiness without seeing her.
Vivaan: Mom please at least meet her for my sake.
Ranjana *I dont want a middle class girl for my son but if I reject her without meeting or seeing her it could be dangerous my son will leave me, after all KN n Teju r now in a great bounding I can’t lose my son to Teju* She smiled n said: Sorry my son I was to fast of course I will meet her for ur happiness.
Ragini wasn’t happy hearing this *wht now mom agrees too. I can’t believe this. Wht the hell is going on. These sisters r ruining everything I’m the Princess but since they came to my brothers life they both r ignoring me constantly * Ragin reply: Bhai I’m so happy but isn‘t it too fast? U just finished college don’t u want to work first?
Vivaan: Princess kaam kbhi bhi start ho saktha hai magar Imli dooara nahi mil sakti agar koi aur aya tho? (I can start with the work anytime but I won’t get Imli think if someone else come before me?)… He was happy n driving the to college.
Chamli Home
Chamli: Maai u look gorgeous. Kasturi was wearing a brand new dress for the function her both daughters the pride of them have passed n Imli scored Top while Chakor bwak the running record.
Kasturi: But not better than u both.
Bhuvaan came in n started shouting: Are kahan rehgayi ho jaldi karo warna dehri ho jayegi ( where r u lets go or we will get late)
Kasturi: Aah rahe hain (we r coming) but before they go to Bhuvaan, Kasturi asked: Shoul I tell ur papa abt ur BF’s? „Since the return of the camp trip Kasturi knew after all she is the mother n sees the changes „ Both girls were red said: Abhi nahi (not yet). They left for college.

At the college:
Both Rajvanshi cars stopped n they get off of the cars. KN , Teju n Ranjana walked ahead to get gud seated of course Ranjana reserved one for Ragini. Ragini: Bhai’s im so happy u both passed but now I will be alone here…? both Bro: Oh Princess u know u can call us whenever you need us? She smiled n went to her seat next to Ranjana.
Vivaan was up on the stage n started his speech by thanking his family n friends etc. The principal started to announce the name alphabetical…. Chakor Bhuvaan Laal KN & Teju were excited: To yeh hai woh larki jiske liye humara beta deewana hai. (This is the girl our son has fallen for) The principal mentioned that Chakor has broken the college record of the last year which was Tina record. Imli Bhuvaan Laal Ranjana *hm this girl should become my new daughter in law*. Again the principal: Imli scored top like! He goes on than he called for Suraj N. Rajvanshi but the principal didn’t give Suraj his degree he moved aside n the Coach came he hugged Suraj n praised not only for his sport skills but also for his changed behaviour n for his efforts. The Principal goes on with Vivaan Rajvanshi n praised him like imli he scored top too. Kasturi checked both boys *to yeh dono hain meri betiyon ki pasand (these two boys r my girls choice)*.
All students received thier degrees n we standing qoth tir families. Teju;?: Suraj lets go introduce her to us. Suraj looked at her: Mummy abhi tak maine propose nahi kiya (I haven’t propose her yet) KN: To kab karoge jab jawaani dahl jayegi? (when will u do when u become old?) Teju started laughing n Suraj went red. Suraj just wait Please.
Surj signals Chakor he wants to meet her up in the next 5 min. She signals him back okay. He was waiting for her infront of the door to the roof n Chakor came n hugged him. Both congrats each other then Suraj took her aside n asked her ro close her eyes hmm first she wasn’t sure but h insist so she did. He opened the door n fall on his knee: Chakor very softly he called her name she opened her eyes n was confused: hään kahan gaya (where has he gone) she looked around n even turned. Suraj was amused *yeh larki bhi na (this girl uff) again he vcall her naame softly: Chakor she turned to Suraj still looking for him he said dow here n holdinf a ring in his hand. She looked at him then on his hand she got to her knees n hugged him with tearfull eyes n said yes before Suraj could ask her. Suraj hugged her back n took her left hand n put the ring on her ring finger. They were going down when Chakor said: Baapu se mera haath kab mangne aaoge?(when will u come n ask my fathwr for my hand?) Suraj was speechles she run back to her parents they were only waiting for her they left. Suraj wrote her a message: look behind ?. Two Rajvanshi cars qere following the Bhuvaan Laal family..

Chakor informed her mother n when they arrived Kasturi gave Bhuvaan a quick briefing they all greeted each other n went into the house. They talked alot n praised all kids n were happy that they found their true love Teju was sitting next to Chakor she hold her cheek: yeh tumhare liye (these r for u) The family bangles she make her to wore them. KN: We r very luck to get a daughter in law like u. U have changed our son to some better I never thought would happen. Than they talk abt downy but Teju interfere: Iski koi zaroorat nahi hai par agar aap hume kuch dena jahte hain to phir mere chote bete Vivaan ke liye aap hume Imli ka haath de dijeh (there isno need for this but yes if u want to give us something then I would like to ask for imli han for my littl son vivaan). Vivaan was so happy like imli n KN just wah kiya baat aap ne to humari dil ko baat keh di ( thats great u spoke my heart desire out) n so they fixed both weddings. Ranjana didn’t say anything.
They arrived home n Vivaan hugged Teju Bari mqa thank u so much „Suraj told her that Ranjana is against tje the wedding but Teju loves Vivaan like a son n no one can snatch his happiness away“ Ranjana: How dare u he is my son u had no right to make this alliance. Vivaan: Maa please he hugged her maan jao (agree). *wht the hell If I’ll say no he will never forgive me* Unwillingly she agreed n said : woh mera huk tha imli ka haath apne bete keliye mangna (it was y right to ask imlis hand for my son).

What will Ranjana do know n will Ragini accepted it to share her brothers?

Hope u like it it took me more then 2 days …

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  1. Wow it’s interesting. Gd epi. I like the moment Whr suraj gnna propose n chakor were finding him n later whn she sw him kneeling down n the was cute n.

  2. Shreya.

    Nyc episode dr..waiting for d nxt part….whenever u got d tym wrote dis ff dr I mean wrote d next part…

  3. Philomina

    thank u for posting a long part
    thank u for taking time to post this 2nd part
    i read ur first part but i didnt comment ther thats it (sorry).
    i love it very much .
    chakors reaction was cute
    waiting for ur next part eagerly………………..

  4. Sory for late cmenting.its amazing.nd vo proposel wala scene bhut acha lga waiting for next.

  5. Sukorian

    thx im happy u liked it n the proposal i wanted to do something funny she is sometimes so naive n ghussa so make fool. I will try on weekend to write one more I have an idea hope u will liked too

  6. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved surah’s proposal

  7. Nice episode, loved the proposal it was both funny and romantic. I like Tejaswini in your story, she’s very kind and good. I think Ragini will plot against her brothers with Ranjana. Looking forward for the next update.

  8. Wow very good so ragini and ranajana r the villains cant wiat for the next 1

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