Sukor a new journey continue (episode 10)

Hi everyone hope u r excited to know what will happen next ?.
Sorry for my late comments but I couldn’t reply as I wasnt sure abt the story.

Recap: Sneha an old family friend returned to the wedding. Chakor had a bad feeling but her mom consults her she sleep on her lap.
Sneha holds Suraj hand he stopped. Suraj Im sorry for my mistakes in the past u ask me to stay u told me abt ur feelings for me n I rejected them. But Suraj trust me the reason y I tejected ur love was not that I dont love u I really did but I was scared n had no self-confidence u know before I left I always thought someday u will come n call me back Suraj wants to say something but was Interrupted by Sneha Suraj i was depressive i wasn’t beautiful n was fat i thought u were joking n wanted to play with my feelings but Suraj honestly I was always in love with u but Im happy too that u found ur soulmate Imli *she said thw wrong name intentionally* Suraj did not reply he was confused abt the whole Situation he tuned to her n was stopped by her again she put her finger on his lips n shaked her head there is no need to say something. He left without saying a word back in his room he remembered the past.
6 years ago:
Is the day before Sneha left they meet the family to say good bye. In this moment it was Suraj who hold her hand n tried to stop her not to leave him. He confessed that he likes her alot n won’t bear it if she will leave him. Sneha was a loving girl an old friend of Childhood n Suraj was always happy with her (u know the past his father was more concern Ravaan) Sneha was his only friend whos attention was always on Suraj n his feelings he never knew when he fall in love with her but he took all his courage n told her the truth abt his hearts feeling n she rejected him (see it was hard for him to trust a women bcz after Sneha it was Tina who hurt him).
Suraj rethinks abt what Sneha just told him. *whats going on I love Chakor bur Sneha just express her feelinh toward me n she wished me luck with my Futur wife IMLI* (he finally realized) No not Imli it’s Chakor only Chakor n Sneha she is a friend now she left me not me her. I have to clear this he went to the guest room n knocked Sneha was in a lingerie Suraj im sorry n turned. Sneha its ok wht happen y u come? *well i know y n u wont leave from here after seeing me in this* Suraj took a long n deep breath Sneha u r my friend the oldest I have he smiled but my love is Chakor my heart belongs to her n no one else has a right on it. I just came back to tell u Im getting married to Chakor tomorrow n Vivaan is getting married to Imli so u had a mistake by the names I hope to clarify this matter so u wont make the mistake tomorrow. Sneha was shocked n angry n suraj was happy as he clarified it n the heavy burden on his shoulder were gone he didn’t turned to her he straightforward to his room n fell asleep thinking of the next day.

Wedding n evantually an evil plan

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  1. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr…suraj clear everything I mean he tells tat he loves chakor only…loved it…don’t know wat was in sneha nd ranjana ji’s mind…eagerly waiting for d next part dr

    1. Sukorian

      thx n I submitted a update u can take it as a Birthday gift ?

      1. Shreya. sweet…thank u so much for dis wonderful gift dr…????

  2. Amazing, happy suraj cleared everything right away. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u hope u like the next too

  3. Ooooo shoooo sweet suraj of ur ff.lvly dear.precap is intresting m egrly waiting post asap.thnks for this amazing ff.

    1. Sukorian

      U should take rest but congrates to ur high marks? I submitted the update

  4. Bidisha Karar

    Its nice that suraj is clearing the misunderstanding

    1. Sukorian

      yeah the Suraj of my ff is the more Mature u will read it on the next update

  5. Sukorlover

    Awesome , loved suraj. He cleared the misunderstanding. What is the plan of ranjhana & sneha

    1. Sukorian

      U have to read the update ? I hope u r not disappointed

  6. Wow really good i reallycant wait for the wedding and now i wanna know suraj past with tina it was mentioned that suraj was betrayed by sneha and tina i want a tina flashback

    1. Sukorian

      Hey thx sorry Tippu mistakly i wrote Shreya on it of her request but I did a small flashback for U in the next ff I already mentioned it but i write it again. Sorry for the name mistake ?

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