Sukor a new journey continue (episode 3)

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Hi everyone here is the next epi.

Recap: Suraj propose Chakor n she said yes after that at Chakors place the family fixed the wedding even Vimlis wedding is fixed bcz Teju asked Imlis hand for Vivaan.
At Rajvanshi mansion:
Ranjana was going up n down in her room thinking of ho to get rid of Imli without hurting Vivaan. Ragini came in: Maa ye sab kiya hai aap ne to kaha tha ke us Imli ko kabhi apni bahu nahi banaenge?(mom wht this u said that this imli will never become ur daughter in law?) Ranjana looked at her: Tumhe kiya lagta hai? Kiya hum yeh jahte then? NAHI! Par us waqt hum kiya kehten? Woh Tejaswini ne haath hi mangliya us Imli ka aur Vivaan khushi se paagal hone laga agar hum nah kehten tho woh KN ji kuch bolti aur phir jo bachi huwi izaat hai woh bhi chaali jahti (wht u think? Do uthink i wanted this? NO! But wht i had done at that moment? That Tejaswini asked her hand n Vivaan was crazy hearing this if I had said No than she would have said something to KN ji than i would have lost the last little respect I have in this house). Ragini: Maa I don’t care if Suraj marries Chakor but I do care if Vivaan married Imli. His attention will be focused on her he is my bro. I don’t want to share him.

Suraj was in his room n writing a message to Chakor „So how u feel my becoming wife the future Mrs. Suraj N. Rajvanshi❤??“ She replied „ ❤ I’m the most happiest girl in the world Mr. Chakor Bhuvaan Laal ?“ he was going to comment but someone knocked the door Suraj: yes, come in. Teju came with a glas of warm milk n some biscuits n asked these r for u n she looked around then Suraj turned n looked asking her whom me n who? Teju: Vivaan. If he is not here were is he? Suraj confused saying dont know. She put the tray on Suraj desk n left the room to search for Vivaan.
Vivaan was up on the roof n was talking with Imli on the phone. Imli: Vivaan how this happened Im so happy so excited. Vivaan: Destiny we r made for each other. Baari maa ne meri dil ki baat tumse kehdi (Mom told u my heart desire) Imli I want to meet u asap Do something? Imli : wht? Vivaan: dont know, wait a moment someone is calling me. Imli: Vivaan it’s getting late we will talk tomorrow gud n8/ u too gud n8. Teju: Vivaan wht r u doing here? Baari Ma I was talking to Imli. Teju: Oh.. Chalo Vivaan: kahan? Teju follow me.
Back to Suraj he wrote her „miss you so much ?wanna meet u asap. Pehle rooz college main milte then but know it’s the not possible. (we meet everyday in college)“ Chakor „ u r so right but im sure u will find a way to meet me☺“ Teju n Vivaan enters the room.

Teju made both boys sit on Suraj bed n gave them milk n biscuits they drink n eat n she started talking: I know u both were talking to ur fiance but remember one thing don’t do anything that can harm u they r us! I know u want to meet them how abt if I will go with u to talk abt the wedding with Kasturi so u both can meet Chamli? Suraj open mouth like Vivaan Teju: No? Sarcastically. Both no hmm yes we agree ? thank u maa.
Ragini hears this *I have to do something…*

Whts ragini step to stop them for the meeting?

Hope u like it

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  1. Superb. Love it

    1. Sukorian

      thx. Yaar my update was online since Thursday but was on a wrong serial site… But im happy they changed it to Udaan n u could read it?

  2. Sukorlover


    1. Sukorian

      thx already working on the next story

  3. Superb.. I really liked it???

    1. Sukorian

      i hope it’s okay when the story its a bit long then usually coz of work I dont hae the time so I put everything together. Thx u liked it ?

  4. Shreya.

    Nyc dr… Waiting for d next part…

    1. Sukorian

      u will hopefully have it today

  5. As usual amazing dear.waiting for next part.agr ye part mis ho jata to?thnk god.

    1. Sukorian

      I would have submitted again ?Happy they found it it ws on Swaragini site??
      Thx Next is coming today.

  6. Annabeth

    Continue writing dis way its awesome♥

    1. Sukorian

      thk u n yes the next epi. submitted ?

  7. Great update, Tejaswini is very kind and loving here. Thanks

  8. Excellent loved it

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