Sukor – Love is stronger (Episode 1)

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Hi I will just start ? u can also comment if u like it dislike something I can try to change for the upcoming story.

Chakor Rahman – today it’s ur first day at Oxford university it’s the first step to archive ur goal. U want to be a lawyer like it father is one u can do it there is nothing that can hold u back -.

Suraj Khanna – today u will make a major step toward ur dream becoming a lawyer for the helpless ones who can’t effort a gud lawyer but needs one. Oxford university can give u many possibilities n opportunities don’t screw things up –

Both enters the gate unknown of each other both went their way to archive their goal with one hope in mind to make their parents proud.

Chakor first got the schedule n made her way  – it’s room 3-A at 4th floor wow it’s huge –

Suraj took his book n locked the unnecessary books in his locker.  – hmm room 3-A where is this? – Suraj looked around – uff it’s like a labyrinth where is the room 3-A? – excuse he asked another student. The student; yeah freshman. Suraj – freshman teri to/ I will show u – Suraj put on a fake smile on looking for room 3-A could u please tell me where is it? The Student in the 4th floor. Suraj; thx. I’m Suraj n U? The student; James. Suraj; Hi. n left from there – James ur face is save in my mind I won’t forget u -.

Chakor was at the 4th floor the last stair to the right floor n she slipped. Chakor screamed aloud fortunately some1 was behind her who could catch her on time so nothing worse could happen. Chakor eyes were close  being back on her feets she opens her eyes n saw a man who left the place to enter the room she just saw his back…

Suraj went in n took a seat. The hall was full with students of everywhere Suraj was looking for an empty seat. Chakor who was unaware of the person who caught her enter the class n was just wondering where to seat.

Suraj was sitting at the left corner n Chakor at the right corner the professor enters n started with his first lesson. His first question was; what do u want to become? There r many types of lawyer like defance; prosecution; accident or maybe for a firm/company lawyer for legal dispute.

It was a task for every student to findout their real interest. The class was over n the lunch time started the campus was huge so was the amount of the students.

Chakor – I left home to be here n study but I feel so alone -.
Suraj – what to do I’m hungry but I don’t like to eat alone… -.

Two different souls, two different cultures but the same thought never want to be alone will they find each other if will they like each other or will a big fight will come?

Chakor – I wish I would know some1 –

A phone rings
Hi Mom kaisi Hain aap/ how r U?

Suraj – who is this? –

…Main bhi bilkul theek hoon/ I’m fine too.

Chakor – where the voice come from? –

…je maa mera dhiyan parahi par hai/ yes mom my full concentration is on my studies.

Suraj / Chakor – some1 is lying haha –

…Bye mom.

Suraj / Chakor – found it -….

yeah what to say typical or not being Indian/Pakistani it’s kind of normal to listen to others private talk bcz u know the language ????

? hope u liked it it’s a bit difficult to write bcz the first idea I had wasn’t that gud anymore but I hope with new idea I can satisfy myself ?

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  1. Interesting start! Loved the phone convo, it was funny. I think listening to other people’s phone calls is universal. I guess it was Suraj who held Chakor, if so, did he see her face? You changed Suraj to a student, cool. Looking forward to their first meeting.

    1. Sukorian

      thx yeah I changed a bit. Right Suraj help her n no he wasn’t that interested hmm but we will see.

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting start. The phone conservation was funny. Waiting for suko’s first meeting

    1. Sukorian

      thank u soon they will meet.

  3. Bidisha Karar


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