Sukor – Love Happens epi. 24

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oh we r reaching the finals… ?

Hey hope u liked the story.

Recap; Suraj n Adi found Chakor n Imli.

At the hospital Suraj to Chakor abt the trick to catch the goon. Chakors parents enters the room.

Adi is going to meet Imli he is still unsure how she will react but he is confident n sure to say his heart desire to her.

Adi knocked at the door n Imli answered; yes come in.
Adi hesitated but he took al his strength n enters the room.
Imli was happy seeing her love infront of her was the best gift she could get. Imli; Adi… she cried for happiness n Adi went straight to her.
Adi; Imli… I…im… Imli I’m so sorry.
Imli; y r u sorry?
Adi; I left u alone all this happen n I wasn’t there to help or protect u.
Imli; no Adi please don’t blame urself it wasn’t u Who abducted me.
Adi; But I thought u were death. I lost hope.
Imli; I know how it feels to lose hope but when Chakor came she gave me hope. She told me that u n ACP Suraj Rajvanshi were looking for me. U found some clues n that she also was a victim of Vivaan but got save by ACP.
Adi; yeah that’s true.

In the other room:
Kasturi; Chakoriya
Chakor; Maa.
Bhuvaan; my doll / meri guriya
Chakor; Papa
They run to Chakor n hugged her.
Kasturi n Chakor were crying n Bhuvaan thanked Suraj for his work. Suraj; u don’t have to thank me…
Chakor was talking to her mom n how much she missed her n she apologies for her mistake with Vivaan. Kasturi too apologies for trusting others n not her own daughter.

Teju n KN came in with Paakhi

Teju; She is my DIL I told it u she is one n now I won’t accept any excuses Chakor u got this right?.
Kasturi; Bilkul/absolutely u r right now this alliance is gonna happen asap.
Bhuvaan; right o thought a marriage to policeman will harm my girl but now I know she is the safest with hi.
KN; yes he is a policemen a damn cop. They looked at him. What he is a damn gud cop. They laughed.

Paakhi; uffo u r all too much y don’t u just let them alone. I’m sure tgey have to talk in private.
Every1 looked at Paakhi
KN; u have become very naughty. But u r right let’s go.

Suraj n Chakor were alone.

The conversation was going on
Imli; she is lucky she has u as a friend.
Adi; n u too.
Imli; how I don’t have anything.
Adi; u have me… if u want me.
Imli started to cry loud – he still wants me after all what happen to me I don’t deserve him -.
Adi run to her n hugged her he caresses her back n said; Imli I never forgot u n i never stopped loving u.
Imli; me too. But the crime which has done on me I have got no justice for it.
Adi; Suraj is working on it please have patients n trust. us.
Imli; I trust u mire than myself.

Suraj went closer to Chakor. Chakor waited for him. He sits in the bed n holds her hand. Suraj looked deep in her eyes n…
Chakor put her index finger on his lips he couldn’t say anything he had to listen; Suraj u saved my life n once but twice. U made me realise what true love is ur heart is beating in my chest I can’t live without u n i won’t to become ur wife. Please Suraj accept my proposal n marry me. Suraj smiled he holds the hand of Chakor her finger still on his lips he kissed the finger n said yes I will marry u. Both shared an eyelock moment.

Imli; how will I get justice?
Adi; as I told u Suraj is working on it. U have to stay here at the hospital but trust me I won’t let u stay alone I will stay here with u.
Imli; Thank u Adi.

Chakor; hugged Suraj n said maybe we should call the others in.
Suraj; hmm they r listening…
Chakor what
Suraj; yeah they r com’on can’t u hear the noise behind the door.
Chakor concentrated ?. – what tgey heard what I said oh no ? –
They all come in n were happy finally she agrees to the wedding.

Kasturi n Teju were already planning the wedding but it was Paakhi who called all back to now the present; What will happen now? I mean u caught the goon but do u have any evidences who is behind all This?
Suraj; looked at her n said u will make a great policewoman. ?.
Suraj; Our investigation hasn’t ended yet we have the goon who gave us a statement that Manohar Mohanlal paid him to abduct Imli n Chakor to safe his son. But there is no connection that Vivaan knew abt it. Well we haven’t find it yet but we will. Chakor; Suraj I know u will find a way to give Imli justice.

Adi; please trust him.
Imli; I trust u n if u trust him then I do trust him too. They both shared an eyelock moment.

Suraj; I think we should leave u need rest. Teju n Kasturi demanded to stay n they did n Paakhi too. Suraj took ON n Bhuvaan to his place.

KN; I’m so hungry. Bhuvaan; u r so right. KN; let’s check what the idiot has made for dinner. Bhuvaan; don’t say this he is my SIL. KN; ur SIL is my Son let’s check. They entered the kitchen n found nothing ?. Bhuvaan; KN here is nothing. KN nodded what now. Suraj came to look after them.
KN; Suraj come come come. Suraj was confused; yes Dad. Bhuvaan; u praised my daughter. Suraj again confused. KN; we heared how u told her that the food she made was delicious now give us a bit of it. Bhuvaan; yes my daughter made food with own hands n I want to try it. KN; she my daughter too n I’m hungry. Suraj; I’m sorry but u have to stay hungry or u order food or make it urself. But the food Chakor made for me found his place in my stomach.

Hospital were Sukor were alone before Chakor asked him:
Chakor; how did u manage all this.
Suraj; I got help. Chakor looked at him from whom? Suraj; no1. Chakor; got confused u said u got help, right? Suraj; yeah but not from a person. Chakor; then? Suraj; some very tasty Malaai Kofte helped me. Chakor; smiled explain me please ?.

While Adi was driving n fooling the goon Adi felt hungry so he made a stopp on street food. He took a pic I told u that I checked it on the police database hearing him eating was very awful. Chakor holded his hand. Suraj continues I coukdnt eat thinking of ur situation I wasn’t able to eat it hand made food. I told Adi that u made food he got shocked n said; man u r lucky. I know her from childhood n she never made food for me just a sandcake n I mean it. It was a cake of real sand. I told him I can’t eat n he got angry. Adi said; man u can’t let the food waste she made it with love for u n don’t think too much u have to be strong too. What if u feel weak just bcz u didn’t eat? thinking of her is right but forgetting urself is wrong u have to be strong for her too if u lose hope there is no future I know u r scared even I am but she strong don’t worry. Suraj said u know his words made me strong. I eat u yummy food thinking of made me sad n angry but I had an idea ur food help me to work with my brain. Chakor smiled from heart. Suraj with the no. plate I found out it was a servent from Mohanlal I called my unite n made the plan Adi was on my mobile n the unite on my landline. We discussed the whole plan n it worked out. Now I have one criminal connected with the Mohanlal’s n u know what i have even more Imli will get justice anyhow.

Back in Kitchen
KN; uff u could left a bit for us. Suraj; no it was so gud I couldn’t waste it. Bhuvaan; u liked it n u r happy we don’t need more. KN; ? but I’m hungry. Suraj; wait I will order food ok. Bhuvaan n KN nodded thankfully.

In the next morning Suraj  received an important call from the police station he actually wanted to pick up the other from the hospital but he  reschedule n went to the police station to talk with an old criminal of Chakors case no not Vivaan but the bar keeper who was  now ready to talk now.

Suraj met the commissioner at the police station.
Suraj; Sir he saluted. What r u doing here?
The commissioner; I want to be a part of this case I know how much u had to pay n I don’t want the defence lawyer to say or blame us for illegal interrogation. Suraj; Thank u Sir n this is?
The Com.; This is the prosecutor Mr. Mehra. he will be here too
Suraj n Mr. Mehra shook hands.

Suraj went ahead n entered the interrogation room the other two followed him. Suraj informed the bar keeper and his rights n the right to have a lawyer but the bar keeper was ready to give up the right of a lawyer on one condition. He want protection n if possible a new identity m he will give a evidence against Vivaan n the supplier of the drugs.
Suraj; I understand but this deal is not in my hands u see him he showed to Mr. Mehra he is the prosecutor if Ur information helps us then maybe there is a possibility right?
Mr. Mehra sitted next to Suraj n said yeah tell us more abt the supplier n if we catch him a grant u security n a new identity. Suraj was impressed – nice -. The bar keeper agreed n talked.

Suraj didn’t wait long after the statement the new do I fed evidence Mr. Mehra approved an arrest warrant for both Manohar Mohanlal n Vivaan Mohanlal.

Suraj entered the mansion of Mohanlal with his unite they arrested Vivaan n Manohar Mohanlal. Ranjana Mohanlal couldn’t do anything the defence lawyer asked for the warrant n Suraj gave it them. Defence lawyer; I’m sorry but I can’t do anything.
Suraj took both to the police station Manohar Mohanlal was charged for abduction n deprivation of liberty. Vivaan Mohanlal was charged for deprivation of liberty,
deprivation of liberty by giving drugs n neglected support.

The case hearing started.
The bar keeper gave a witness statement that Vivaan asked for something special to spike the drink of Chakor the video evidence which was found in the bar proved it.

– Statement of the bar keeper for the deal; I record everything which comes to me. Like the orders all orders r recorded on my place is a hidden camera n all footage is directly uploaded to my cloud account if u give me a laptop I will show U. They agreed n the footage was real the technical department confirmed it. –

Imli got her justic n her love Adi. They decided to marry asap. Imli thanked Suraj for the help n support they all become friends no they become a family.

Chakor was looking at Suraj – hmm wife of a ACP Suraj Rajvanshi wah yaar / wow yes. He smart, handsome n kind heart n the best he only loves me – She stared smiling at him ?. Teju n Kasturi; what happen to her?
KN n Bhuvaan; Love happened.


It took much time n they found the supplier of the drugs. Adi n Imli got married n now it was the big day well a policeman never stopped working so no wedding night just a simple n beautiful wedding with the family.

Hope u liked it was fun but I was ready to end it. It might be possible for a season 2. I just hope to justify u all.

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  1. Amazing love sukor moments and how every1 got justice from thr moanhoorlaal family pleaze do a season 2 i wanna see sukor marrige and life after marrige

    1. Sukorian

      Sure I will try thank u ?

  2. So sad to see it end but the story needs season 2 need to see sukor marriage and life love sukor scene and how the family teased them everyonr got justice but i feel ranjana would attack bk very good ff it would be great for season 2 cant wait!

    1. Sukorian

      I will write season 2 but I will take some time. As I have 2 new FF ideas will upload soon

  3. Amazing end, so sad it has ended. Loved Chakor’s proposal. KN and Bhuvan were funny and Paakhi is very smart. Enjoyed the happy ending. Wish you showed the wedding. Hope you come back with season 2.

    1. Sukorian

      ?????? Thank u. Paakhi will stay in season 2 too n I hope to get the characters in again

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. The ending was beautiful. Loved sukor moments. Will miss this story. You must write season 2 of this

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I will n soon u will read new FF on Sukor ?

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