Sukor – Love Happens epi. 23

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Hi this story is gonna end after a few more chapters I’m not sure how many it depends on the length of each update.

Have fun ?

Recap: Chakor is abducted by some1 of the Mohanlal clan n Imli is also at the same place. Suraj figured out that some1 followed Adi to get more information abt Chakor n her stay.

Chakor n Imli talked for a while n Chakor told her abt Suraj n Adi n how they both r trying to find her. Imli thanked her for giving her a new hope.

Suraj was alone n after the talk to his mom he went to the kitchen – y mom told me to eat something? -. The kitchen was clean n tidy. Chakor did gud work. Suraj was surprised he took off the cover of the pot he breaks down on the same place where Chakor was crying a night before n asked her if she would vecome his wife. – Chakor I will find u no matter how long it takes but I will find u. –

Chakor was crying silently she doesn’t wanted to insecure imli again. After months she got to know that their r still people looking for her to find her.
– Suraj I miss u so much please forgive me I love u -.

Suraj was in the kitchen looking at himself pity on himself – No I can’t lose hope. I am ACP Suraj Rajvanshi this is my fight. Some1 came to my place abducted my love n is hidding her. They observed my friend Adi they used us to get to Chakor.  I will find her n I know how to do that -.

Chakor closed her eyes n saw Suraj face she dreamed of him n her bright future *Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi wife of ACP Suraj Rajvanshi. Mother of a boy called Karan n a daughter named Rohnak. Living peacefully with her In laws Teju n KN her Parents Kasturi n Bhuvaan were permanent guest n Suraj would always bring her chocolate n flowers. He would never let her work. After coming from work which might be his first wife his duty to serve for the country. But deep in his heart it’s Chakor who comes first maybe Karan n Rohnak too*. Chakor smiled thinking of him let her find peace she felt better n calm. Suraj was more than she thought he is her strength as long as Suraj us on her side with her nothing can harm or destroy her. Her power her will to survive is growing second by second.

Suraj wiped his tears away n took his mobile phone. He dailed the number of Adi’s mobile.
It rings Adi picked up;
Hello Aditya…
Hello Adi it’s Suraj
Adi; oh hi Suraj hmm- Paakhi told him that im driving back -.
Suraj; listen to me carefully
Adi; I won’t turn n drive back I’m coming to help n nothing u will say will stopp me.
Suraj; uff I know just listen.
Adi was quite..
Suraj; u there?
Adi react; u said listen so I’m ready.
Suraj; oh. I… I think some1 followed u. To find Chakor.
Adi; what? how? I mean i…
Suraj; cool down it’s fine just do as I say.
Adi; ok tell me what to do.
Suraj; first tell me did u dropped Paakhi home?
Adi; I’m sorry I didn’t. I gave her to the Jr. Inspector but I talked to her she arrived home safely.
Suraj – So they may not followed Paakhi n r still behind him that will be great n no1 know my family ? – Stay calm n cool just looked at the front mirror for the back way can u see a car which may follow U?
Adi looked but wasn’t sure. Sorry don’t know.
Suraj; it’s ok. Don’t come to me drive a different way n if possible turn into an alley with one-way n see if a car follows u n be carefull n keep talking to me. Whoever follows u shouldn’t think that we know.
Adi understood he drive the way first to the petrol station. He kept talking unnecessary things with Suraj who as laughing. Adi – nice friend I’m talking bullshit n he is laughing – he recognises a car n drive further. He eat something n took secretly a pic of the car. He wasn’t sure but safty comes first it’s better to be prepared.
He was back in the car n told Suraj that a car is following him n he will send him a pic of the car n number  plate. Suraj logged-in in the police database n entered the number of the car plate – yes -.
Suraj; Adi that’s a car registered on Mohanlal Ltd.
Adi; that means ur intuition was right. They followed me to find Chakor. I’m so sorry.
Suraj; Adi don’t be silly. They would done it any how. There is no use to blame urself. Now do as I said…

Back at the hideout.
Imli tried to sleep she always does but she is too scared what might happen when she close her eyes. Every night she remembers the last day of her freedom n happiness.

~ Imlis past ~

Imli was in a relationship with Adi who was in his final years. Adi got a job in Delhi n moved but promised her to cb for her first he needs to settle down. Imli was happy for Adi his dream to become a journalist is going to become true. Imli was alone she tried to hide her pain n went to parties with the otger students. The student group included Vivaan who was trying to become more than just a friend but Imli made him understand that she is happy in a relationship. It seems like Vivaan understood her n accepted the rejection. Both talked to each other n had a friendship based relationship. Vivaan had called for a party at his place it was his birthday n he wanted to celebrate it big with his friends n some other students. All were having fun n the games started one of the game was spin the bottle all played n all had to do something. It was Imli who got the bottle she had to drink a glass of Beer. She refused it first but she doesn’t wanted to be the party pooper so she drink it. It was her biggest mistake on the next morning she woke up next to Vivaan both consummate it. Imli accused Vivaan for raping her but he denied it both were drunk n ready. For him all this happen by mutual agreement n no enforcement. Imli claimed that she was drunk but the evidences were very weak bcz the video which were made by the other students showed how close both were. Imli tried her best but the videos were clear even in her eyes but she never wanted it she was drunk he took advantage of the situation she claimed again n this time a lawyer supported her. But unfortunately before the trial begun they abducted her n wrote a fake suicide note on her name. It’s been a year now she is captured by Manohar Mohanlal who said to her he won’t let her go. He will do whatever is necessary to save his son. Now Imli got a new supporter Chakor who is also abducted by the same person.

Chakor; Imli how do u feel?
Imli; after knowing the true that some1 – Adi – is still looking for me I’m happy. But I’m scared too what will happen when they find us or not.
Chakor; what do u mean?
Imli breaks down; I’m not pure some1 has took advantage of me n my l9ve Adi waited for so long. We promised each other to stay together to live n love together but will he still accept me?
Chakor; he loves u more than u can imagine yeah he will accept u.
Imli; how can u be So sure u don’t know anything.
Chakor; no I don’t but it could had happen to me too.
Imli; what?
Chakor; yeah. What do u think y they abducted me too.
Imli; what happened?
Chakor; Suraj!.
Imli didn’t understand.
Chakor; u asked me how I can be so sure. Right. I will tell u.
Chakor told her abt her n Vivaan n how Suraj saved her n accepted her. He supported n loves her h e cares for her n will always do. If Suraj hasn’t come on time I would have been raped roo or worst I would have died. The dose they gave me was too high he gave me a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He stayed at the hospital n slept on the ground for me he took me to his place bcz the media accused me for all n my parents trusted them more than me but Suraj was always on my side. He convince my parents n he…  this time she breaks down. N Imli couldn’t do anything.

Suraj; Tell me where r u hiding them otherwise I will use other methods.
Goon; I don’t know. I just was paid to follow.
Suraj; oh really. Took out his mobile phone he reloaded the pic of the goon who abducted Chakor.
Suraj; hmm u see this he showed him the pic. It u n Chakor.
The Goon got shocked he was sweating; ok I will tell u.
Suraj; Start.

Chakor n Imli were trying to sleep when they hear a sound.
Imli; what’s this?
Chakor concentrated he heart started to pounding Suraj she. It didn’t took long the whole place was surrounded by the police the noise they hear was the police siren. Suraj enters the place with his men’s n there searched the whole place. Chakor n Imli screamed for help n were founded by a constable.

Constable; Sir!!! he shouted.
Suraj comes running immidiately
Suraj; Chakor/ Chakor; Suraj both at the same time. He released her from the rope n hugged her. Chakor informed them abt Imli n they helped her too. Both were immidiately taken to the hospital for a check up.

Chakor was waiting for Suraj who was busy taking a statement of Imli. Suraj had called Chakors parents they were informed that she got abducted n is back safely he also called Adi who was waiting to meet Imli.

Chakor; Adi…. Adi
Adi; Haan.
Chakor; she is scared
Adi; Chakor i don’t know what is she expecting.
Chakor; ur support, understanding n ur love.
Adi; I thought I lost her n maybe she will judge me. Bcz I didn’t look for her.
Chakor; Adi she knew abt the suicide note. She isn’t angry she is hurt.
Adi; Thank u but…

Suraj came in
Chakor; smiled Suraj
Adi felt like the 5th wheel n left.
Suraj; Adi wait. He gave him the cameras u did great I talked to the commissioner u will get an exclusive interview with us here the footage n ur cameras I didn’t forget.
Adi; thx bro… hmm.
Suraj; She is waiting ?.
Adi ? thank u.

Suraj n Chakor were alone he holds her hand n said; how r u feeling? Chakor jumped on him she hugged him. Suraj hugged her back. Chakor how u found me… us?

Suraj caresses her n said her abt the follower of Adi. Suraj; I told him to drive in an alley I gave him an address n called my unite we trapped the goon. Adi drove into a one-way alley he parked n we waited for the goon who followed him from the midway from my parents place back to my place. Adi filled petrol in his car n he eat on a stand n took a pic of the car n number plate. He send me the pic n I searched it on the police database. Chakor; n then. Suraj; we arrest the goon he followed Adi to the alley n parked next to him. Bad for him gud for us. We arrested him on spot. They took him to the police station n I called the commissioner n explained him all. I took the statement of the goon who lied first but Paakhi my angel took a pic of ur abductor n I show him his own pic n he started to talk. He was hired by Manohar Mohanlal to abduct u. He also give us the statement that he abduct Imli for them n u both r confinement at the same place.
Chakor; I’m happy u found us. I was scared that I would never see u again n …

Kasturi n Bhuvaan enters the room.

Next; Chakor will give him an answer. Imli n Adi talk. Paakhi return with KN n Teju.

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  1. Nice update…waiting for the next..

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved the way suraj & adi tracked the location of chakor & imli. The mohanlals deserves a severe punishment

    1. Sukorian

      thx. Don’t worry Suraj hasn’t told her all yet more is coming n they will get punished.

  3. Amazing update! Loved how Suraj and Adi worked together to catch the goon. Loved Sukor reunion. Chakor’s dream about her future is sweet. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u. I have just uploaded Bandhua n tomorrow it’s an arranged marriage. I’m sorry u all have to wait till weekend for updates…

      1. Thanks! No need to say sorry, it must be difficult finding time to write while working.

  4. Nice one.Waiting for the next

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