Sukor: Love happens epi. 15

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Hey here is next update sorry for the delay.

Recap: Chakors name is out in press n Suraj has to find the death body. 

Suraj wanted to meet Chakor something stopped him to go home it was like a longing he needs to meet/see her. He arrived to hospital were the doctor get tensed seeing Suraj.
Doctor: ACP u here?
Suraj: Yes, I have some questions I need to know if she can remember or help me with some other way. The doctor nervously said: I… I hea…rd the is over….(sweating)
Suraj: Officially yes but unofficial I can do whatever is needed to help an innocent. Y r u so tensed? where is she?
Doctor (gulp): In her room.
Suraj (angry): what… -he is hiding something- Suraj come closer to the doctor n hold his collar: is some1 in there?
Doctor just nodded n Suraj left the doctor but beforw he said: if some is threatening or hurting i will complain abt u. He entered Chakors room n saw the evil person Vivaan holding Chakors hand.

A few minutes ago.
Chakor was alone her room n trying to remember the incident but with no luck the doctor came in: Miss Laal it’s time to sleep u should no u need rest.
Chakor: Yes, doctor u r right. But is there a possibility that I will regain my memories abt tonight?
Doctor: It could be possible but it’s true that it could lost forever.
Chakor nodded n then Vivaan enters the room. The Doctor: who r u n what r u doing here?
Vivaan asked the doctor to come out for a min he will explain. But all of his explanation was to give the doctor a bunch of money n he said keep calm n don’t say to any1 that I’m here.
The doctor took the money n nodded. Vivaan come to Chakor he tried to hold her hand but she refuses n asked him to leave.
Vivaan: Chakor do u really believe what the ACP told u? That I would do something like this?
Chakor was thinking…
Vivaan sits on the end of the bed n tried an innocent smile: Chakor we were talking abt marriage right? So y would I try to harm u?
Chakor got more confused n Vivaan come closer so close that Chakor put her head on his shoulder. Just in this moment Suraj enters the room…

Suraj: Oh I’m sorry he turned but
Chakor: no please. Stay!
Vivaan turned n said: Ya please stay with an evil smile he put his hand around Chakors waist but Chakor pushed him away: Don’t u dare to touch me ever again. What do u thought I will fall for in ur plan talking n consulting me. NO. I hate u. U refused to know me n was ready to let me die if Suraj wouldn’t be there n had done the first aid n mouth-to-mouth breathing I wouldn’t be here. Get out. Suraj took this as an order n throw him out. He told Vivaan if he will ever try again to influence a victim he will be arrested n won’t come out easily.
Vivaan: Influence no not me I handle my problems differently to others.
Suraj hold Vivaan’s collar: Ya I know but what do u think I’m scared? No I will find evidence against u n I will prove her innocent.
Vivaan: try as much as u want but u won’t find anything.
Suraj: Don’t worry. I’m the ACP here in Delhi not like it hometown police I will find a clue what happened to Imli. Vivaan got shocked hearing her but remains strong he didn’t show fear n said: All the best. But no1 had find her body.
Suraj called the doctor n said: If I will see him here again troubling Chakor than I will come n beat u up. Now call the security n throw him out. Did u understand the doctor nodded.
Vivaan: No need I will leave but hmm u know what no I won’t tell u. Have fun he left the Hospital with an evil smile. Suraj-what the hell he is hiding?-
Vivaan:Btw har kisiki keemat hoti hai tumhari bhi hogi aur agar nahi bhi hui to koi kamsoori…(Every1 has a price u 2 n if not than a weakness…) saying this with a grin he left the hospital. Suraj was more than angry if he could he would kill him but he works for the law not against it.

He went back to the doctor n made him clear another mistake n he will be behind the bars.
Chakor was crying her hands were hiding her face she was ashamed. Suraj: Chakor he has gone n he won’t comeback. Please stop crying saying it with a soft n calm voice he took her hands away n whipped the tears from her face. She hugged him tightly n said: Thank u. Her head was leaning on his shoulder. She said: U hate me right? u must be. Every1 thinks I’m bad that whatever happened was my fault but I never ask for it I ask for a cold drink. Suraj took her away so he was looking in her face into her eyes n said: look at me do I look angry? did I blame u? did I say something to u? he looked at her n she shake her head. Suraj – I’m angry not abt u but at him. I don’t blame u but him. I won’t say anything to u. Bcz u r the victim n u need protection n not
allegations – He closed her in his arms n her head was back on his shoulder. Chakor: Suraj would u please stay till I’m asleep?
Suraj: yeah sure. He helped her n made her comfortable. He covered her with the blanket. She holds his hand n tried to sleep but she couldn’t Suraj gently stroke her head she looked at him n had the first smile after a long time on her face. It took her 5 min. to fell asleep n she was still holding his hand.

After 30 min. a nurse came in to check her parameters.
Nurse: Oh I’m sorry
Suraj looked up he didn’t know when how but he was sleeping too while sitting on her side.
Suraj: no I’m sorry. I should leave. He was any to leave but Chakor hold him tightly
Nurse: Sir, maybe it’s better if u stay it’s the first time I saw her sleeping peacefully. Suraj nodded n the Nurse left after checking her. Suraj looked around – I can’t sleep on the bed no chair…hmm? oh ya I looked down on the ground that’s fine for me – Suraj did as thought sit on the ground n with hand Chakor was holding he made pillow for himself but before that he looked at her – how can some1 hurt an innocent girl like u? I know u r messy m, chaotic n sometimes cheeky but u would never hurt or harm some1 – He gave her a kiss on her forehead: good night.

In the next morning Chakor woke up first n saw Suraj liying on the ground with head on her hand. She didn’t know but Adi there. Chakors eyes were shocked on Suraj -kitna cute hai/how cute he is- After a while of starting Adi give a noise rrhhm: finally u woke up look poor Mr. Suraj. Being a ACP he sleeps on the ground for u n u hmm. bad girl. Chakor got red over her face. Adi: Are baba abto haath choro bechare ka (oh man at least release his hand now). Now she was realli awake… ???.

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  1. super.Thanks for hearing my request and give more sukor scene.hope u will give a lot sukor moment in upcomming episods.

    1. Sukorian

      I’m very happy u liked it that’s the reason y it is so long. Thank u n I’m trying to put every1’s request on the ff but should be making sense to story sorry for delay but yeah hope it satisfy u.

      1. Sukorian

        sorry I said sense but I’m meant it should suite the storyline ?

  2. Hey dear its realy awsm awsm nd awwwwwwsm. Vivan is very bad gy. Bt cute sukor scene.lvly ples ples post next part soon ok.

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u tumhari bhi request sunli update Kiya na ?

  3. N why r u thinking like this aapki story to hmesa perfect hoti hai aap jo bhi krte ho d best so continue with sukor scenes ok dear.

  4. Loved it! I loved how he couldn’t go home without seeing her and how she slept peacefully in his presence and the hand holding scene. suraj is a perfect gentleman and vivaan is pure evil. Adi teasing chakor was funny. Can’t wait for the next update!

    1. Sukorian

      Thank you this update took me very long I wanted to make is in my eyes perfect n satisfy for u the reader’s (friends) ?. N I had to write Adi in but the next update will be a little bit sad…

  5. Loved it such a cute episode i hate vivaan so much

  6. Tahmina112

    Hello guys I’m sunny’s friend Tahmina you can call me TT so today’s fanfic was really creative in so many ways and the sukor bits are very romantic and funny as well
    Really good affa well done!

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u n best of luck for exams n please say sunny I’m not annoyed with her n best of luck for her 2?

  7. Sorry yaar I’m little bit late…but its awesome yaar…no words can describe what I feel after reading this story its really amazing… Keep it up baby

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u so much ?

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