Sukor-My love Episode 09

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sukor- my love episode 09

My heartily thanks to who are all comment for my ff and silent readers too…. I know my ff is not getting recognition like other ff on the same udaan page… even 10 peoples are not read my ff….but it’s okay I am not going to stop writing…. I think I should change my writing style….
This ff is really short and sukor only
Suraj: I said I’m a cricketer… why don’t you believe me?…. said with frustration in his voice… you crazy dog…
Chakor: Okay… I believe you… I want a diary…. Mr.sun
Suraj: Why? I’m not going to buy anything for you…. When will you leave from my house?
Chakor: What? I’m not going anywhere… I have to be with you… you know me already I don’t remember anything…. Where can I go? I pleaded him…
Suraj: no… I won’t accept that… you really frustrated person… how can I stay with you?
Chakor: please… understand me… please… I won’t disturb you…Mr.sun
Suraj: did you promise that you won’t disturb me and my family….
Chakor: I promise you…so please don’t ask me to leave…Mr. Sun
Suraj: okay… okay… why do you need a diary?
Chakor: it’ll help me if I lost my memories again…. For that I want a diary…
Suraj: okay… I will buy for you… but money for diary? (He extended his hand for buying diary)
Chakor: what? I don’t have money… I give it to you when I return to my body… I promise…please believe me… Mr. Sun
Suraj smiles and said okay….
Chakor: can’t you introduce your family to me?
Suraj takes family photo and tells everyone name and relation to him…
Chakor takes one photo in her hand and ask him who is she?
Keep the photo where it is…Don’t ask anything… His voice suddenly rose.
Oh my god… he is so scary when he speaks likes that….
Chakor kept the photo in side table and said to him I’m going to look around your house…Mr.sun
Suraj: Okay… but don’t try to scare my family….
Chakor: I won’t…

Chakor comes to suraj room after one hour
Mr. Sun Your house is really big… your mom doing something with long thread and long stick….
Suraj: she is knitting sweater… she loves to do that…
Chakor: oh… knitting… your sister also has lot of beautiful dress…. I want also dress…sees my dress it’s full of blood stain…so please buy for me…. Mr. Sun
Suraj: you are already dead… why you are concern for that?
Chakor: I’m dead yet… so please buy for me… Mr. Sun

Precap: suraj and chakor’s trip to Tajmahal

  1. Ur ff is really nice pls don’t stop writing there are ppl who read it and I srsly love ur ff♥♡♥♡

  2. It was different.. Ur ff was really osm & lovely… I am big fan of you & ur ff..

  3. Short but beautifully written and i luv 2 read ur ff but sometimes i do not comment

  4. I was eagerly waiting for this ff. I don’t get time to comment but I have read all your ff’s upto now and they are awesome and waiting for next one

    Try to avoid mistakes

  5. it was really nice…but it’s too short.please write long ff dear

  6. Ha please don’t stop or change I am a silent reader but had to comment today

  7. Your episodes are good and today’s was also nice so do continue writing please

  8. Really amazing story ya…I loved your ff..
    Plz don’t stop writing ya….. We always support u………..
    So intha fanfiction ah continue pannuna, OK va….. Inga naraiya silent readers irukaga, so don’t worry dear.. keep it up..

    1. *Pannuga…

  9. Liya

    I like your ff ,its really nice …?good going dear

  10. Please don’t stop writing.I am really loving it

    1. Ennaku entha ff romba pidichiruku.Athanala thayavusenchu continue pannunga.Entha ff muttum thaan naan read pannuren.Ana comment panrathilla .please continue pannupa

  11. amazimggg..plz don’t stop writing….
    eagrly waitng 4 nxt part

    1. ur story reminding me the malayalam movie “vismayathumbath” starrng mohanlal&nayanthara….bt dont worry ur story s entrly diffrnt…….updat soon

  12. Dear ur ff is really very interesting….n actually I was a silent reader but from now onwards I will regularly give my comments on ur ff so that u can know that so many people reads it but some r silent reader lyk me….n never stop writing ur ff as it is fab….

  13. Please don’t stop writing. Your ff’s are very nice I loved it a lot. But please write lengthier ff’s.

  14. hey plz stop writting nd make it long…its too short yaar…nd I love ur ff

  15. Hi guys ….
    I must say all the ff on this page of udaan are very interesting ….i like all ff actually i love ….bcoz u all guys if u r reading my comnt plzz keep writing ….u all r awesome
    Love u sukorrrrr

  16. Don’t worry your fanfic is amazing, and has a very different concept than the others. It’s unique in its own way. Not boring at all.

  17. Short & Sweet ff!
    Don’t stop writing dear!?

  18. Huh! F.U.C.K Off Urs This FF Because It Too Boaring..U May Write Suraj Opening Chakor Dress And f**king Her Harder And Kissing And Smooching Chakor Boobs And So On If U Cant Write About It Then Stop It! And Guys For Urs Kind Info I Wanna Tell U That I M The Same Sukor Hater Of Udaan Telly Updates..Hahaha Her Team Udaan Have No Right To Punish Me. Bcoz Its Not Their Udaan Official Page!

    1. Mala

      Hey if you don’t like udaan serial and my ff too then don’t watch and read…. Don’t use those words… It’s verbal abuse… Be on your limits…. Okay… You shut up angel……

    2. Komaljanu

      hey mala dont mind it plz…….the person has commented very bad things in my ff too and now i guess tha it is the same person….we cant do anything…. and i m dam sure now the person will use my name and comment as he or she whomever it is a dam coward.only knows to use others name.cant comment from their original name.anyways u dont worry its ok we r there for u……

    3. Ohh God Who the hell r u man??? Don’t u never ever dare to say these kind of disgusting things in this page….I wish u could have come in front of me then I would have beat u with ur dirty slipper….GET LOST from here u idiot, despo, mad animal….

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      If you only want to s*xy stories go and visit those f**king pages…. not here….

      you dont have rights to order others to write in different way… You ASSHOLE.

  19. Oh please Angel stop writing this dirty words. it is not shoot at urs name and this ff is the best ff and i love this story very much..plz just be scared of got atleast. my father is the indian dsp but i m not gonna tell him abt u coz i kno that the god is watching all things and i m 100 Percent sure that he will give u a big slap!

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