Sukor-My love Episode 02

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Thanks for reading and comment my ff….
I hope you all like this ff too
Please comment for me if you want to change anything

In Agra
Vivaan office room

Kn: beta… are you busy? (while opening the door)
Vivaan: No dad.. Come please sit.
Kn: beta you have to go to Chennai?
Vivaan: why dad?
Kn: didn’t I say I want to expand our business to other state in the morning? You are the one who gave the idea for build hotel in Tamilnadu.
Vivaan: yes dad…
Kn: so I decide to build a hotel in Tamilnadu.
Vivaan: okay dad
Kn: In Chennai there is a kasturi construction company. They also do consultancy work. They will
Guide you for our business.
Vivaan: okay dad. I go. When do I have to leave?
Kn: This Friday.
Vivaan: okay dad….

In Chennai
Chakor’s college
Diya- chakor’s best friend.

Chakor: Hai my bf…
Diya: hai… did you submit project?
Chakor: yes diya
Diya:did you get scold by that H.O.D?
Chakor: as usual. That’s why I am in canteen.
Diya: Don’t tell reason to eat samosa
Chakor: you get me dear..
(they both laugh)
Diya: shall we go to movie tomorrow?
Chakor: no tomorrow there is a cricket match. Suraj is in the match. How can I come?
Diya: suraj.. suraj… suraj… tell me now you are watching cricket only for suraj?
Chakor: I love both…. But I love suraj more than cricket.
(a couple watch over conversation between chakor and diya)
Diya: why do you love him?
Chakor: why do you want to reason? I love my family and you. Is there any reason to love you all? Like that I love suraj he is the one who make hear my heart beating sound… I fall in love with him when I saw the first moment in tv.
Diya: okay okay stop please I can’t tolerate.
Chakor: Diya think once suraj says I LOVE YOU chakor I will be…
(A couple interrupts their conversation)
Couple: (both said in chorus) do you really want that suraj says I love you chakor…
Chakor: yes I really want that
Couple: (chorous) don’t worry one day this will be happen. Best of luck for that….
(couple leaves from their and smiles seeing each other)
Diya: are you mad? Why did you tell everyone like that?
Chakor: what’s wrong? Think once how nice it will be he says that I love you chakor…?
Diya: madam, wake up from your dreams. He don’t even know that you are existing. We have exam tomorrow. This is our final semester. Please behave like a good girl and study…. After finishing exam you watch cricket and suraj as much you want…
Chakor: okay okay…I know…. I know….after 3 days I am a free bird, I don’t want to hear that H.O.D nagging also… (they both laughing)
(But H.O.D stands beside chakor)
H.O.D: did you badmouthing again?
Chakor: no madam why do I have to? Diya tell madam did I badmouthing?
Diya: no madam we are discussing for exam
H.O.D: Don’t lies. I believe you
Chakor & diya: thanks madam (saying that they run from their and laughs)
Karthik at goons area

Goon1: sir come this way. See he is our head
Goon2: tell your problem to him
Goon3: he solve all your problems
Head : you guys shut up… sir tell me what do you want?
Karthik: I want to kill someone
Head: how many?
Karthik: first these to people
Head: can I have their photo?
Kathink: yes you can. (karthik gives imli and chkor photo to the head)
I want to kill imli and chakor to get enough wealth
Head: leave it to me sir. I will call you after killing them
Karthik: don’t miss it they are intelligent….careful
Head: don’t worry sir

Next Day
In vishakapatinam

(India-Australia one day series 4th match
India leads the match 2-1)

India won the toss and chooses to bowl….
In 5.30 PM
India’s current level 280-6 over 40 overs
Suraj take 2 wickets
Commentary: here our suraj get the ball in hand again, I think in this over we will get 1 wicket
(Chakor sees the match in tv)
Chakor: yes suraj you can do it. Hit the wicket.. go for it.
Bhuvan: don’t get excited.. see the match
Chakor: it’s all because of you. I get the habit from you…
Kasturi: stop it please keep it silence otherwise I will switch of the tv…. (said angrily)
Chokor & bhuvan: shouts no… we will keep silence (said in chorus)
(Kasturi and imli both laughed at them)
Imli: leave them be. Don’t get tension ma..
Chakor: thanks sis..
Imli: how did you write your exam?
Chakor: what?… exam… as usual I will pass the exam that’s all…
Imli: did you write it well or not?
Chakor: didn’t I say I will pass the exam….
Kasturi: I don’t think she will pass the exam
Imli: ma she will pass I know she didn’t get good score till then but she never fail.
Chakor: thank you so much cutie for supporting me…
In meanwhile suraj get the wicket both bhuvan and chakor shouts. Chakor stand son the sofa and dances happily.

Even though it’s happening India lost the match because of bad batting.
Chakor and Bhuvan gets sad. Kasturi asks them to go and sleep and switch off the tv. Everyone goes to their respective room.


Chakor’s home
Bhuvan: imli can you help me?
Imli: what appa(father) why are you asking me like that? tell me what to do?
Bhuvan: today your grandma comes to our home. So you have to go to airport to pick her.
Imli: what did you say? Grandma is coming. Why don’t you tell us before?
Bhuvan: last night only your grandma called me.
Imli: okay dad
Bhuvan: keep it this secret from kasturi and chakor. They will get happy seeing grandma.

At airport
Meanwhile our vivaan also comes to Chennai with his P.A Raj
Raj: sir please stays here. I will get your luggage
Vivaan: raj how many times I told you. I don’t like that you are call me as sir. So please stop it yaar. You are my friend please say vivvan. I’m sick of the word sir.
Raj: okay vivvan I have a habit of it I will try to change it si.. sorry vivvan
Vivvan: Okay… go and get the luggage

Grandma calls imli
Grandma: hey imli I’m already at airport. When will you come?
Imli: (while driving) hey Gayathri there is heavy traffic you know, I’m at parking lot
Grandma: how dare you say my name? okay okay come fast I will deal with it later.
Imli: I’m coming..

(imli parks the car and go in and sees the grandma just sits behind Vivvan… imli runs towards grandma)

Grandma: slow down imli you will be fall down..
(Mean while raj comes to vivaan with his luggage behind imli. Seeing that vivvan goes towards raj.
Imli while running get slips down in neck of time vivaan hold her…. imli closes her eyes because of the fear to fall down and vivaan sees this and smiles) grandma and Raj sees this.

Precap: in 5th ODI suraj hits the ball and some car about to hit chakor.

(in next episodes there will be lot of romantic scene between vivaan and imli and lot of cute arguments between our suraj and chakor

I am deeply sorry…… if I am bore you all

Thanks for reading my ff

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  3. It’s good… You can do it… Fighting???

  4. Wow I love this new take on the story. This started off with Chakor already loving Suraj. I’m eagerly waiting for the next part. And no, this isn’t boring at all.

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      I will write well

  5. sanjana kapoor

    which Korean daramas you watch can u please tell me the names

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