Sukor-My Love Episode 01

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I hope you all like my fan fiction…. If you like or don’t like please comment for me….

In Agra Suraj’s haveli

Morning 7:00Am

Kn sits in hall reading news paper…
Tejeswini(Tw) does aarti for Shiv god… and comes to Kn

Tw: Kamalaji take aarti
Kn: hmmm…(Kamal take aarti) where is your younger son right now?(ask angrily)
Tw: He is in Vishakapatinam… he have match tomorrow….
(mean while vivaan comes to hall from his room)
Tw: take aarti vivaan
Vivaan: yes mom…
Tw: vivaan you like look beautiful in this suit.
Vi: why mom am I not beauty with other suit. (asked cutely)
Tw: Nai beta you look beauty in all dress (saying that she laughs).

Kn: come beta.. sit… I want to ask you something?
Vi: yes dad…
(he sits opposite to Kn)
Kn: beta… I want to expand our hotel business to other state
Vi: yes dad this is nice idea…
Kn: I asked my friends also about this idea. They said for hotel business, south india is best
Vi: dad I think Tamilnadu will be nice place…
Kn: why are you prefer Tamilnadu?
Vi: like agra Tamilnadu state have lot of tourist place…
Lot of foreigners visited Tamilnadu… so I think it will be best
Kn: okay beta I will also think about it…

Tw: Kamalji, vivaan come have your breakfast…
Kn: Ok beta…

In Chennai Chakor’s house

Morning 7:00Am

Kasturi prepare breakfast

Bhuvan and imli coming home from finish their jogging

Ks: did you guys come?
Bh: yes madam…. (ks looked him with pretend anger)
Imli: yes mom.
Ks: Bhuvan how many times I told you don’t call me like that?
Bh: okay madam..(while saying that he laughs)
Imli: did you guys start your romance? (Imli says while laughing)
Ks: imli you… please don’t tease me…
Bh: does chakor wake up?
Ka: Not yet… imli please wake her up
Imli: yes mom
Ks: okay you guys go freshen up

In Chakor room
(Chakor sleeping cutely)

Imli: chakor
Chakor: hmmm….
Imli: wake up chakor it’s about 7:00AM
Chakor: hmmm cutie
Imli: wake up sweetie… today don’t you have submit your project in college?
Hearing that chakor open her eyes.
Chakor: yes imlu… if I am not submit today that H.O.D and Diya will kill me.
Imli: okay sweetie. Go freshen up and get ready for college.

Ks: Bhuvan, Imlu, Chakor come have your breakfast

Chakor comes to dining room and hugs kasturi from behind.
Ks: leave me chakor (said angrily)
Chakor: why are you get anger? (asked cutely)
Ks: don’t act like that. How many I have told at least wake up 6.30AM?
Chakor: I also want wake up but I can’t ma.. what can I do? Hmmm tell me. (said cutely)
Bh: let her be darling….
Ks: you’re the one who spoiled her…
Bh: okay madam can you please serve breakfast?
Ks: okay….
Both imli and chakor: today also idli… (said wordily)
Ks: yes have it
Both imli and chakor: no I don’t want it (said in chorous)
Ks: I said have it no more question
Both imli and chakor: okay mom…
Ks: chakor have it fast your college will come
Chakor: (sees the time it’s 8.15AM). yes mom I’m late I have to go
Ks: first finish your breakfast
Chakor: no mom I’m late

Precap: Vivaan and imli meeting. Kathik talks to some goons and said to them I want to kill that imli and chakor…

Please guys comment for me If you want change anything…..

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