Sukor journey to love episode 23

recap suraj shows chakor he loves her tejswani and kaustri celebrate knowing chakor is pregnant sukor are confused that chakor parents have left them alone in the house…

chakor;mai baapu have left us alone? suraj;maybe its becoz they understood that we should spend more time alone and u still havent told me if u love me or not..chakor;maybe i dont love u thats why i dont wanna say it…suraj;what!! chakor hugs suraj and whispers in his ears…chakor;i know ur ears are dying to hear those 3 words…chakor smiles chakor phone rings…chakor;veer!!! suraj olv thank u veer once again! veer;maami come bk in the haveli its important!! kaustri nani and bhavan nana are in the haveli…chakor;veer has somthing happened bhagya cuts the call…bhagya; veer u were gonna ruin the suprise..veer;no i wasnt maami wouldnt know and neither would maamu we had to find a way for them to come bk home right…arjun hugs veer from behind…veer;papa! ur back i missed you so much…arjun;suprise i missed u more bhagya hugs arjun and is glad he is back…suraj;

what was veer saying? suraj gets a phone call suraj answers the call…sherya;suraj im leaving but i always want you to know that i love u..suraj;look! chakor takes the phone of suraj..chakor;yeah listen to me stop pestering a married man and find some1 else from urself u didnt think i noticed that you were the one who spilt the water and hurt suraj in essence u wanted me to fall didnt u…suraj olv wow chakor does love me…chakor cuts the call…kamal;it was so good to u and the family mr kanpur…mr kanpur;kamal jee thank u for everything and congratulations about the new baby that will enter the house soon kamal smiles the kanpurs leave sherya looks back and closes her eyes mr kanpur smacks sherya kanpur;the rajvnashi’s are good people i heard chakor how can u give them so much pain u disgust me…mr kanpur takes sherya and leaves…suraj grabs chakor and smiles…suraj gets a text alert…suraj olv what now! suraj reads his text…text;this is marketing estate company sorry for the late reply but we are delighted to inform you that you have gotten the job of our ministry senior accountant we sent a conformation letter at your home address which includes when you start best wishes the estate…suraj cant stop smiling and is shock…chakor;what happened? suraj;i got the job i cant beleive that they would give this to someone like me! chakor;welll u think so low of yourself…chakor hugs

suraj..chakor;congratulations! suraj; well in essences i didnt do well in studies but gave it my best and i got an amazing talented wife which is why a ordinary man like me will always be grateful for having you suraj takes chakor hand and kisses it…mahiya plays….chakor olv suraj thinks so much of me i cant beleive a person like suraj would ever enter my life? suraj i do love you! chakor;suraj we should get back to the haveli im worried…sukor sit in the car..suraj smiles at chakor…chakor;ik that look ur thinking something go one spill it…suraj;you know me so well now that i got an amazing loving wife a dream job i want a child to i mean how long will i be running after veer he only comes once a weekand stays only on special accusations or if arjun bhai is away on business trips im tired of hearing maamu and maami i want someone to say mummy and papa…chakor stares at suraj…chakor;il think about it chakor smiles…chakor olv a child? maybe suraj is right maybe its time for me to experience life as a mother…suraj smiles sukor reach the haveli door suraj holds chakor hand…kamal;i heard the car stop they are hear everyone hide…tejswani shuts the haveli light and everyone hides…suraj and chakor smile and open the door together…suraj;why is it so dark where is everyone gone? chakor;why did veer call us then…kaustri and tejswani open the lights….kamal,bhagya arjun bhavan,veer tejswani kaustri;surprise!!!!!!! tejswani;suraj chakor im disappointed no one told me! suraj olv is this a surprise party that i got the job wow this is what u call a true family i bet my letter came nd di and mummy arranged a party for my success…sukor whisper to one another…chakor;what is this party about…suraj;i think mom and di through a suprise party as i got the top job..chakor;oh yh ur right..sukor step in the house…suraj;

thank u everyone nd mummy how could i tell u i only found out myself…kamal;what a lie the report says 3 months…suraj;papa why would i lie ask chakor…chakor;suraj is right…tejswnai;how is that possible….suraj;mummy the company just sent me a text i got the senior accounting job of ministry….tejswani;what this is double the happiness mine and bhagya prayers have been answered….sukor;what do u mean double happiness what is this party for then…kaustri;atleast now stop hiding from ur family! sukor look at each other and feel confused…veer;maamu stop over acting u know that ur gonna be a papa soon! suraj;what!! kamal;what do u mean what i cant beleive u hid this from us! sukor olv not again! kaustri;me nd tejswani jee found ur report chakor…chakor;what!! kaustri shows the report to sukor they both close thier eyes and hold onto the paper sukor open thier eyes and are surprised to find out chakor is pregnant sukor stare at one another and are surprised…suraj olv all my happinesses came in one day? i confess i love chakor i got a job i only thought i would dream about and i only stated i want a child and i find out that this wish has also been fulfilled?

precap bhagya has her second child suraj teases chakor and makes her admit what happened on teej night sukor are happy to know they will become parents chakor has her child will it be boy or a girl… (guess or write ur thoughts on if sukor should have a boy or girl)

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved sukor moments. Suraj got a job & sukor are going to be parents. Waiting for next

  2. super update to our sukor.I am also wating for their baby.I want chakor give birth twin(boy and girl)hehehe.and that will be really funny.plz di dicided that.
    plz di update soon this ff.
    love u and ur ff so much di.

    1. Piyal

      Thank u since every1 is saying twins sukor will have twins☺

  3. Amazing! happiness has filled Sukor’s life. Sukor were so shocked with the baby news. Like Aria said, twins (a boy and a girl). Looking forward to next part.

    1. Piyal

      Thank u i current serial theres to much heartbreak imean sukor deserve some happiness

  4. Loving reading your story updates. Would love the babies to be twins as boy and a girl.

    1. Piyal

      Thank u for commenting and happy u enjoymy updates

  5. love this ff its so cute cant wait for next update! love how everyone is positive unlike the serial

    1. Thank you

  6. amazing beautiful

  7. wow best ff going please write on watpad love ur ffs so good

    1. Thank u I don’t update on wattpad

  8. ur updates are amazing di i love how u take time to upload everyday ur ffs r so good better than the serial

    1. Thank u so much

  9. sukor r so cute so funny wen suraj thought the party was for him i love how u portrayed everyone in this ff amazing glad that sherya loser is gone and how chakor finally spoke her feelings against her

  10. Thank you for the great story gladly every time to read it?
    The series udaan is just so heartbreaking ?I am always looking forward to your story, please brig a little more passion in the next episode???

    1. Thank u I’m glad u enjoy it

  11. Sukorian

    i think a girl ??? grest Update

    1. Thanl u☺

  12. Bidisha Karar


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