Sukor journey to love episode 22

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Recap suraj learns chakor past and understands why chakor feels hesitant around him suraj gets romantic and helps chakor nead the dough suran lies to chakor that thier is a mouse in the kitchen chakor jumps on suraj…kamal finds away to make the Kanpurs leave suraj makes it clear to shreya that he only loves chakor…

Kaustri and bhavan are shocked to see dough everywhere chakor hids her face in between suraj chest..suraj;chakor im gonna put u down? chakor;no please dont chakor squeezes suran tightly…

kaustri;what have u done??my kitchen…chakor;suraj please take me away from here i dont wanna see the mouse! Kaustri;what do u mean mouse does it look like i cook in a kitchen with mice!? bhavan olv chakor today even i cant save u from ur mother? chakor turns and sees suraj laughing chakor pushes suraj? suraj;kaustri kaki i tried telling chakor that this kitchen is so clean u will never spot mouse in here but chakor didnt listen…chakor olv oh i see what suraj is trying to do he is trying to get mai on his side as tejswani maa and kamal papa support me dont worry il show u wen we go bk? chakor walks of in anger…suraj bhavan and kaustri laugh…?? bhavan;suraj what have u done u have upset ur wife now go and make it up to her otherwise u will land in trouble.

Kaustri;u seem like an expert i mean u have broken my heart a million times ? chakor takes her clothes of…chakor;what does he think of himself he thinks this is a joke at first he tells people that he loves me and then plays cheap tricks how can u call that love chakor opens her wardrobe and sees her clothes missing…chakor;mai where r my clothes…kaustri hears chakor…kaustri;well we redecorated everything and put all ur clothes for a fresh wash we left the sarees though…chakor olv but mai u know i cant tie my saree blouses? chakor;mai help me out!!! Kaustri olv its best if i dont go…chakor struggles to wear a saree on she gives up and sits down…suraj comes in…chakor;?get out chakor covers herself with a pillow…suraj;oh come on it was just a harmless prank…chakor;harmless u scared me to death…

suraj walks besides chakor and makes her stand chakor holds the pillow tightly snd closes her eyes…bhavan notices a letter posted he sees who its for…bhavan;chakor chiti (letter) kaustri opens it the later and is surprised…tejswani walks past sukor room she notices the door open…and walks in to check the room tejswani notices a letter and reads it tejswani is surprised and drops the letter…bhavan snatches the letter and gets surprised…kaustri phones tejswani…kaustri;its true this time its true!tejswani;u guys know to come on over…kaustri and bhavan leave and reach rajvanahi haveli….chakor;mai please come and help me…suraj;no1 will come to help u besides me…chakor;i dont want help from someone like u suraj holds chakor and rests his chin on chakor shoulder chakor squeezes the pillow tighter…suraj;how much more longer will u give this pillow pain…

suraj;chakor do u love me…chakor opens her eyes wide open…chakor gulps and suraj notices chakor hesitation…chakor;well the same to u then do u love me?? suraj takes the pillow of chakor ans throws it on the floor…suraj lifts chakor…and lays her on the bed chakor breathes heavily as suraj comes closer to her…chakor squeezes the blanket tightly suraj leans foward he kisses chakor cheeks…and hugs chakor…suraj;i promise to never leave u and i will always love u…chakor hugs suraj back…chakor;u really mean that? suraj;only one way to prove it suraj leans on chakor and starts to kiss her…sukor stare at each other and have a deep eyelock…chakor closes her eyes whilst suraj starts to intensify the kiss he turns chakor around and makes out with her…chakor hugs suraj….kuastri and bhavan reach the haveli…

kamal opens the door…tejswani;kaustri i still cant believe that this time its real im gonna be a dadi maa and u a nani maa i cant beleive chakor is gonna become a mother!bhagya and veer are shocked to hear…bhagya;but neither of them told us? kaustri;maybe the wanted to keep it a surprise…tejswani and kaustri hug they start to decorate the haveli…sherya overhears…sherya olv today im leaving and i get to learn that chakor is becoming a mother of a child who father is only mine! Look at all them celebrating at decorating the haveli…chakor lays in suraj arms and smiles she gets up and starts to tie her blouse again but fails suraj gets up and holds chakor..

Suraj;now will u take my help…suraj helps chakor tie her blouse and hugs her…chakor smiles…suraj;we should head down ur mai must be thinking were did we go…sukor head down and see bhavan and kaustri missing…chakor;where did mai baapu go? suraj;they left us alone…

Precap sukor romance sukor go bk to haveli and are surprised to see it decorated the kanpurs leave the haveli

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Finally sukor confessed. So chakor is pregnant. Shreya is so obsessed to suraj, just hate her. Waiting for next

    1. Piyal

      thank u the next part is the last part for sherya as she and her family leave and chakor will be pregant which will lead sukor to confusion as the family found out before them

  2. Nice update.. Its like a rain in the dryland..ts heartbreaking to watch the serial in these days. but when I read your story I felt cool and happy. I’m happy that chakor become pregnant.. And I’m eagerly waiting for how will be their response when they find this..can you pls update the episode as soon as possible

    1. Thank u current serial is a mess with all this imli ploy cvs wrecking suraj up by making it look like imli words were stronger than chakor’s love i to enjoy writing and readinh other ffs as they sre better then current storylines

  3. Amazing update. loved Sukor romance and Suraj’s prank. Happy they’ll start a family. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Thank u im glad u enjoyed it☺

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