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Hi to all of u ????

Recap; After the party Adi n Payal foundout abt Suraj past n want to help. Now the exam starts n the results r out…

Adi, Chakor, Payal n Suraj were waiting for the results at home. Bhagya; came in n gave them drinks n snacks please yaar calm down in sure u all pass the exams. Suraj; Di but it’s so exciting anything coukd happen n remember I have to be the no. 1. Chakor; Wouldn’t it be enough to defeat Vivaan. Adi; Chakor don’t forget he is a sportsman too we want to be no. 1. Payal; whatever I just pray I pass ?. Adi; ur subjects were very easy design… Payal ?; Suraj Bhai. All looked at him?. Suraj; Its all my fault I said I consider her as my sis…?. Adi; if u want u can keep her I will find another. Chakor; but she is ur only twins. Payal; ya ????.

Ping email inbox.  The information that the results r only is out all took their smartphones out typed their password n student number in to check the result.

Adi jumped up yes 94% I passed.
Chakor aaaahhhh all eyes were on Chakor ?? 94% OMG – Mom will be so happy i can wish something?? –
Payal was next oh?‍♀️ 96%. Adi n Chakor ? what better than us. Suraj Bhai Thank u she hugged him. Please tell what u got??? Chakor n Adi were both mumbling how better than us she learnt with us does she got extra lessons. Payal heard all ? u two r too much.
Suraj I pass with 98% was all he could say…
98% Suraj u did it we r so proud of u. They hugged n Bhagya had tears in her eyes. Suraj; I passed. They shared a family moment. Bhagya ok thus calls for a party n Chakor I think it would be great to see ur parents again n I’m sure she would like to meet us too. Adi n Payal please call ur parents too I want to give a dinner party. Chakor n Payal; No. Bhagya; y. Adi n Suraj; u r pregnant u can’t work n cook for all. Bhagya; oh but not gonna cook. I said I want to give a dinner party either u will cook pointing on the four or i will order food. Chakor; what u like Chinese? All laughed. After a while they all went home n Suraj got an Email from the principal:

Dear Mr. Suraj Khanna (Rajvanshi), I’m proud to tell u that u passed with 99% I don’t know where the 1 % went? But u beat Mr. Vivaan Rajvanshi the results I can’t tell u but congratulation u beat the uni. record n u r our best student since 1960.
So u hold on ur words n everything what happened in the past is history like u just creat a new history.

Congratulation see u on the graduation.

Best regards.
Pritam Kumar Principal

Bhagya; read the email y u said 98%. Suraj; the gap was huge n they all did well I mean 94 % n 96 % I just 2 more percent on it instead 3% ?. Besides Adi n Chakor were really shocked abt Payals result but she wasn’t playing or sleeping most of the time. Bhagya; u r thinking is gud but won’t it be ok for them they r ur friends n it doesn’t matter how huge the gap is.  Suraj; hmm maybe u r right. Where is Jiju when is he coming?. Bhagya; don’t worry he will be hear on time u just get ready I wanna see Kasturi n Bhuvaan they will be very surprised.

Chakor was home n very happy Kasturi gave her many best wishes (Dua) n Bhuvaan asked her what she wants while Kasturi said double Chakor ?- I knew it -. Let’s go shopping n after shopping Suraj has invited us.  ?Kasturi ? – I knew this would happen -. Bhuvaan was irritated both lady’s were having a dreamy face with an insidious smile. Bhuvaan; ok let’s go but we have be at home on time afterall I’m going to meet my daughter’s fiancè. Chakor; was red but happy n smiling dad he hasn’t asked yet. Kasturi; don’t worry he will I have a feeling – n a connection Suraj the nerd ? -. They went for shopping n Chakor got more than 1 or 2 gifts a whole new outfit ? for the dinner.

Adi n Payal were home too n informed the family abt the dinner party n invitation they agreed n were ready. Adi; I will inform Suraj that the full family is coming. He will be very happy to know u all ?.

Adi called Suraj informed him n he give the info further to Bhagya; hmm Any allergies? Suraj n his friends started a WhatsApp group for study n now they also use it for common talk too he wrote Allergies??? No. No. No.
Suraj; No Di no allergies. Bhagya; gud i just hope Arjun comes on time with the food. Suraj; yeah u r right isn’t he taking much time?. Ding Dong Bhagya n Suraj ? Shetan ka naam liya aur Shetan hasir/ u took the devil’s name n he is here. Suraj opened the door n Arjun; started to taunt won’t u help all u do is having fun n I have to pay n ur sis always plays the card I’m pregnant. Bhagya; chup! Shut up. Today our Suraj passed with 99% ?. Arjun ??? that’s great. N now get the hell out of my way u see the shoppers is filled with food. Both made the way free for him.

This will be fun ?.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. The whole gang passed the exam. Suraj fulfilled his promise of defeating vivan in exams. Waiting for the party

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u? there will be a new entry ?

  2. Awesome update! Payal did better than Chakor and Adi ?. A new entry, how interesting. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      haha ?? U will see a jealouse Suraj ? Thank u

  3. Is new entry ajay?or some1 new loved how suraj passed and beat vivaan!

    1. Sukorian

      It guess is right ? but let’s see

  4. Super update loved how every1passed now surah will defeat vivaan

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ? yes but first party

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