Sukor – Heart connection epi. 17

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Recap: Chakor announced her love for Suraj infront of every1. Unfortunately Vivaan heared the memory of their childhood. Adi n Payal hear it too.

Suraj n Chakor were dancing together. Chakor was happy her Suraj was back but wait he remembers the attack hmm. Chakor; looked at him Suraj. Suraj; yeah. Chakor; u remember my attack on the kindergarten incident how? Suraj; smiled u know u always talk abt dreams well this time it was me having a dream abt our childhood. Chakor; really hmm so that’s the reason u know abt the attack on hmm what was the name of the witch… looking at Suraj, who is not that dumb to say the name ? don’t know I just remember the act. Chakor; smirked smart boy. Suraj ?.

Chakor n Suraj were abt to leave but without Adi n Payal wasn’t it possible. Suraj; where r they? Chakor; don’t know… ? oh. Suraj; what he asked confused.  Chakor; comes near him Suraj with a love filled voice n puppy face. Suraj ? what now. Chakor; I sold U? Suraj ? what!!!. Chakor; holding her ears listen to me first. Suraj; I listen u said u sold me. Chakor; well yeah but not in a bad way. Suraj; ok then tell which way. Chakor hesitated ?? well… Suraj; oh com’on. Chakor; I sold u to Payal. Suraj ?Payal what the hell is wrong with U? We r in Love aren’t we. We r a couple, right?! then y??. Chakor; uff Suraj. please listen I sold u but not in this way. Btw what is wrong in Payal. Suraj; I consider her as my sis. Chakor; gud bcz ur sis blackmailed me for helping me she wanted something in return n as she isn’t so gud at College I told her that my nerdy boyfriend cam give her some tuition. Suraj? damn u scared me ?? of course i will give her some tuition. Chakor; yeahy ?.

Adi n Payal heared their convo they don’t wanted to eavesdropping it just happen ??. Payal; thank u so much my bro. Suraj n Chakor surprised so u were listening to our convo. Adi; we no… We just come by n there u were. They laughed. Back in the car Adi tried to asked but Payal; didn’t hesitate. Suraj Chakor what r u both hiding from us. Suraj; what do u mean. Adi; oh com’on Do u really think we didn’t hear it. Chakor; what? Payal; ur past n dream. N something abt remembering???. Suraj; oh u hear it. Adi n Payal; ya! Suraj; ok fine let me explain u n he did. Suraj told them everything abt his past n the death if his parents the memory lost n the connection with Chakir he had from the first meeting. That his real Surname is Rajvanshi n Vivaan is his cousin n his parents were killed by his uncle n aunty he just needs to prove it. But as Bhagya doesn’t want any violence he is taking the right way beating him in exams with better results. Payal; oh man that’s so sad but u r heart connected ?. Chakor; yeah ?. Adi; what ya u were trying to run away of him he was persistence otherwise u where there n he where somewhere else ?. Chakor ?. Suraj; right. Chakor; Suraj ?. Suraj ?.

Adi dropped them n Kasturi was waiting for Chakor n Suraj. Chakor n Suraj said bye to Adi n Payal. Suraj; Soo.  Chakor; so? Suraj; we r home. Chakor; yes we r. Suraj; hmm should I drop u to the door?. Chakor; if u want. Suraj; hmm I want. Chakor; great ?. Suraj dropped her to door she was looking for her keys ? but “couldn’t find it”. Suraj understood he comes closer to give her a kiss.

Boom the door was open Kasturi ?. Suraj n Chakor ?. Suraj; see u tomorrow n runs away. Chakor was looking at him but there was nothing left than dust. Chakor; Mom… Kasturi; oh look there u found ur key. Chakor gulp yeah I just found it ? mom please leave my ear. Kasturi; really go up n change n then I will teach u a lesson. Chakor; Mom u said u like him. Kasturi; I like him but I didn’t say to do anything like this. Chakor; we haven’t u disturbed us. Kasturi; Chakoriya jhoohte khaigi aaj/ u wants to get beaten up with my shoes. Chakor; no mom. Sorry it won’t happen again. Kasturi; he forgive u. Chakor; Haan ?. Kasturi; first n last warning ok. Chakor; ok. – Suraj daarpook/ scaredy-cat. At least he said see u tomorrow ? -.

Suraj; uff my ears r safe does she still do it? Damn I have to call her otherwise she will kill me.

Suraj did the call after he reached home. Kasturi; Hello? Suraj; Kasturi Aunty it’s me Suraj. Kasturi; was surprised. Wait let me call Chakor. Suraj; No wait. Kasturi; Haan tell me. Suraj; I’m sorry. Kasturi; oh now I understand. Suraj; I’m very sorry it won’t happen again. Kasturi; really? Suraj; well not in ur presence ?. Kasturi; be careful. Suraj; I’m asking for permission n after the exams I will gonna tell something u will be happy to know. Kasturi; what tell me. Suraj – oh no she is reacting like Chakor afterall mother n daughter -. No after the exams promise. Kasturi; u have guts. Suraj; don’t say that if I had I wouldn’t have run away ?. Kasturi; but u admit ur fault n called to apologise. Suraj; yeah n I would like to come over tomorrow not alone Payal n Adi will be there too if u don’t mind we will prepare for the exams. Kasturi; at least one of u have his focus on studying Sure u can come but only study. Suraj; promise ? from Suraj the nerd. Kasturi; laughed I haven’t heared this for long. Suraj – ops -. Suraj; I have to go to bed see u tomorrow. Have gud night. Kasturi; u 2.

On the next morning Suraj, Adi n Payal show up at Laals house. Chakor totally unaware of it was still sleeping on her bed. Kasturi; was in a gud mood oh she is waiting for u all u can go up. All three thanked her n went directly to her room. Payal; knocked no answer maybe she is in the washroom Adi n Suraj were sceptical hmm go first. Payal; ok. She entered the room n a snoring Chakor was sleeping oh man she is gonna kill us ? Adi n Suraj were waiting outside but both shout us no u?!. Chakor, woke up by the noise. Payal what r u doing here? Payal; Chakor u remember study exams tomorrow. Chakor; u yeah we wanted to learn. Suraj; n we r waiting for u. Chakor jumped up ? what u r here. Adi; me too. Chakor; ? oh no. Payal y didn’t u warn me. Payal; oh com’on how? Chakor; give me 5 min. Payal; of course. Kasturi; came the stairs up the princess wake up. Adi; So aunty u planned it. Suraj; of course she did who else could prank her. All laughed.

Chakor called them in n they did learn for study the whole day…???? nerd power ??.

Vivaan was distracted of finding the truth but he made a deal with himself first the exams then the true abt this Suraj.

So the exams started n everyday they had another feeling…?????? all were confused but very excited to know if they passed or not..

So let’s see who passed n with which result.

  1. Wow loved the bit in wherechakor sed she sold suraj? cant wait for next update hopefully suraj defeats vivaan

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  2. Amazing update love sukor momentand how kauatri disturbed them after exams is suraj gonna propose cant wait for next update

    1. Sukorian

      yes u r right he will propose her ?

  3. Amazing update! Loved Kasturi here, the way she caught Sukor and the prank she played on Chakor. Suraj is so charming to his future MiL, loved when he said thwy won’t kiss when she’s around. So Vivaan plans to investigate Suraj. Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u. Yes he is planning to findout more abt him

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    Awesome update. Loved sukor moments, they are so cute. Waiting for next

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