Sukor – Dard wala love (Chapter -8)

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Chapter -8:

Suraj was feeling restless without Chakor. He is feeling liveless. He wanted to be with her for now. Even he don’t know actual reason.  So……..

Suraj: Hey!! Vivaan!

Vivaan: Yes Bhai!!! Any problem???

Suraj: I was actually having a severe stomach ache. So can I please go to hotel and rest!!!

Vivaan(worried): Yes bhai go and take rest or else it may effect you. Take the tablets and ask Chakor to bring food for you!!! 

Suraj: Inform everyone!!!

Suraj immediately left like a swift. Vivaan thought whether he is joking.

In the hotel,

Chakor is having a conference call with someone while Suraj gave his entry and was keenly observing her whereas she just smiled at him and continued her work. Suraj want to talk with her the whole day but she was wasting the whole.

At last after 2 and half hours she completed it. 

Suraj: So boring!!!

Chakor: Yeah!! Vivaan said you were not feeling well!! But I don’t think so!!

Suraj: Of course, I acted!!!

Chakor: What??? But why???

Suraj: I want to spend some time with my close friend. What do you say???

Chakor(giggles): Okay baba!!

Suraj: Say something regarding yourself like remind me about your childhood!!!

Chakor: Why me??? You can say na..

Suraj: You first!!!

Chakor: Acchaa… Toh mera naam hai Chakor Shekhar Kapoor aka Chakor!!! I used to be introvert!!(Suraj was lost in her) I often used to be bullied in my class but I am able to answer them back but still I used to feel bad. Then due to some business purpose mom and dad left to USA leaving me behind during my 8th grade because they don’t want my studies to spoil but they didn’t think of my mental status to face this situation without parents. I faced a lot during that time but I always used to reminisces my mother’s words to be strong!! I was feeling so weak inside but I showed myself strong outside!!! Vivaan used  to be the popular guy of the school and the only guy who used to talk with me. He used to support me during my bullies. But still we used to be the only boy and girl relationship.(She started to get tears in her eyes whereas Suraj got a doubt, so he interrupted to make her smile)

Suraj(shocked): I don’t know that you loved vivaan!!!!!

Chakor: NOOOOOOO……………… He is my best friend!!! 

Suraj: Oh!!

Chakor: Okay shall I continue 

Suraj: Oh sure!!

Chakor: Vivaan always used to tell about you and Aarav!!

I think you used to live in Pune those days. Right??(Suraj nods)

Yeah!!! And in the next year, I mean 9th class,  Imli, yourself and Aarav joined our school. Vivaan was excited about it. Myself, Imli and Vivaan are 9th whereas you and Aarav were 10th!!! Vivaan always used to hang beside Imli and me which made me and Imli as besties!!! Vivaan and Imli always stood by my side whenever I used to feel lonely. I think after 1st semester exams, you organised aparty in your house where I was invited. Your birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Suraj starts smiling from this part as he knows what happens after all this)

Suraj: Shall I continue??

Chakor(giggles): Sure!!

Suraj :Then…………

(It’s not his POV version)

Flashback :

Chakor was getting ready with a dull face. Imli comes and sees her.
Imli :Arrey!!! What happened to my bestie??? Moody dikh raha hoon kya???

Chakor :Imli do we really need to go to that unknown party!!!

Imli :They are our friends Chakor!!!

Chakor : Actually yours.

Imli :If you meet them they will become yours too!!!

Chakor :You know na Imli, I’m not good at meeting new people.

Imli : Neither me. Time Ho rahi hai!!! Chalo na!!! Acha main hoon na!!! Sab sambhalegi theri Imloo!!

Chakor smiles.

They both hear a car horn.
Imli : I think Vivaan hai. Come let’s go!!
Chakor (nervous) : Yeah!!

Both left to the party along with Vivaan.

At the party,
It was completely crowded. Suraj invited all his classmates along with his juniors.

Friend 1: Arrey hey guys!!! Look kaun aah raha hai!!! Humara lover boy Suraj!!!

Suraj comes in a dark black suit. He’s looking handsome and killer. Every girl in there is wishing to be his side. But Suraj was searching for someone.
And that someone blindfolded him.

Suraj :Aarav!!!!
Aarav : Bhai!!! Aap kaise mujhe pehchan liya!!!
Suraj : Bas aisi…..

Near the parking lot,
Vivaan, Imli, Chakor and Driver got down the car.

Chakor was wearing pink colour full length frock. Imli was wearing a black colour half Saree and Vivaan, a red tux.

Vivaan was again roaming around Imli while Imli was trying to be with Chakor.

Trio enter the party hall.
All boys eyes turn towards our Beautiful Imli while Vivaan was burning to the core.  Chakor was laughing at it.

But Chakor is not least. She too attracted someone. That to the birth day boy,  none other than Suraj Rajwanshi.

Both girls wished Suraj.

Suraj : Thank you Imli and Thank you beautiful girl.

Chakor : Me!

Suraj : Beautiful toh lag rahi hai na.

Chakor : Woh thanks!!!  By the way…,  name’s Chakor!!

Suraj posh : Rajwanshi! Suraj Rajwanshi!!! Naam toh suna hi hoga!!

Chakor : Ha!!

Both shake hands.

Imli whispers to Chakor : Wah!!  Chakor ji spoke too good this time!!!

Both laughs.

Suraj confused : Anything happened???

Chakor : Nothing Suraj!!!

Aarav comes and strikes with Chakor. He catches her.

Aarav : Oh I’m sorry!! 
Chakor : That’s okay!!!
Imli : Yeah and meet Aarav, my another cousin and Aarav this is Chakor.

Chakor : Nice meeting you

Aarav : Me too!!! Looking beautiful!!!

Chakor (confidently) : I KNOW I’M SO BEAUTIFUL. BY THE WAY THANKS!!

Imvaan was shocked by Chakor’s confidence. Aarav leaves after giving her a thorough look.

Imli : Is this you Chakor!!!!
Vivaan : Seriously yaar,  tum teek Ho ya hospital mei admit kardo???

Chakor : I’m okay,  chalo let’s see others.

(In this full conversation again Suraj is missing, by the way he was wandering around looking everyone)

“Birthday time!!!”  Shouts Anamika.

Anamika : Hey kids come on!!!  Suraj is cutting cake.
All gathered there. Suraj came and cut the cake. He served his first piece to Mom, second to dad,  third to Aarav, fourth one to Vivaan and remaining to his friends.

Chakor and friends are having group selfies. Chakor was immersed in it.

Anamika : Announcement everyone!!!  So today is Suraj, your friend’s birthday,  let’s all enjoy it with a couple dance.

Imli was looking at everyone and thinking with whom should I dance now. As she was thinking, there comes a  hand.  It’s none other than Vivaan’s.

Imli : Are you kidding me?  I won’t dance with you!!!

She’s about to leave but Vivaan pulled her to the dance floor.

Chakor is standing with one of her friend Nisha.

Rohan , Nisha’s Bf took her to the dance floor.
Chakor sees for sometime. She was the only one left over. She was about to leave. Then someone caught her hand.

It’s Aarav!! (I guessed many thought it was suraj!!! Don’t worry just watch the full movie)

Aarav : Miss beautiful, will you be my dance partner???

Chakor thinking : Sure!!

Aarav and Chakor were on the dance floor.

Dance pe chance song plays.  All couples are nailing it. But some are falling down.

Suraj – Sunehri, Chakor – Aarav, Nisha – Rohan,  Imli -Vivaan are remained and dancing very well.

Anamika : PARTNERS SWAP !!!

All danced accordingly and( our adorable pair) Sukor became partners. Aarav Nisha, Rohan Imli, Vivian Sunehri.

Ishq wala love plays…………

Surkh wala, sauz wala, faiz wala love,
Ishq wala…….
Hota hai jo love se zyada waise wala love,   ishq wala love……..
Ishq wala love
Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua……..

It plays……..

Now Imvaan and pairs loose.
Aarav Nisha, Sukor were nailing the floor.
Sukor were dancing normally but Aarav anyhow wants to win the game. So he is using some nice steps.

Chakor also anyhow wants to win nevertheless Suraj.

Chakor : We have to win!!! That’s final!!!

Sukor started doing some amazing steps.

Suraj caught chakor waist and was bringing her closer closer. Sukor were getting shivering sensations but are being passionate still . He pushes her back and turns her back to his front and lifts her up with hands freely.

Everyone claps.

By seeing the steps,  Aarav mistakenly steps on Nisha leg making them loose the game.

Both won the game. Sukor were about to hug but stopped seeing people.

Imvaan were in a shock seeing the boring Sukor doing amazing steps. They were completely awestruck.

Suraj POV : OMG!!!  I never touched any girl like I did with her. I say she’s attractive in her own ways. I also must say she’s aggressive……………………………………………………  OMG what???  Again I’m thinking of her eyes!!! Ye tune kya kar diya Chakor by your closeness. My hands which caught your waist were shivering!!!  What happened to me???


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