Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-3)

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Hii guys!!! I’m again back with ur story!!!!
So why my bak bak let’s go to the story!!!!

Episode -3:

Chakors’s problem. What’s that???? :

Chakor: Will Imli forgive me????
Rani : What are you talking Chakor??? Why will Imli be angry on you???
Chakor : Because..

In Rajwanshi house,

Suraj was coming down from the stairs with Aarav in a casual manner. Anamika appointed many workers for these arrangements. She observed Suraj and Aarav coming down.
Anu : Suraj beta, Aarav beta. Come and say which flower will be nice, roses or orchids????
Aarav : Maybe Roses because roses are the symbol of the love. What do you say bhai???
Suraj: Yes aarav but I don’t think roses will be nice. Maybe orchids are better??? I am saying maybe it will be nice for our cute couple but it won’t be nice for the guests who come!!! Even Vivaan likes orchids!!! What do you say??

Anu: Maybe you are correct beta!!!! Okay thank you both!!!!

At Rani’s house,

Rani: Offo!!!! Chakor!!!! For this much small reason, why are you worrying???

Chakor: Rani it maybe small for you but not for ur duffer friend!!!

Rani: Really then Okay, I have a solution for your problem!!!!

Chakor: What’s that???

Rani: Okay we won’t say Imli that you are Chakor, then observe her!! What do you say???

Chakor: If she got before na than before her I will see your end?

Rani gulps in fear and keeps thinking.

Rahul: I had a solution!!

Chakor: Yeah!! Say……………….

Rahul: Chakor!!! At last we will reveal her you as a surprise. How’s it???

Rani: Wow, Rahul!!!! After being with me, even your brain is working???

Rahul: Really Cactus plant.

Chakor laughs. Chakor: She still requires it Rahul!!!

Rani was fuming with Rahul and Chakor.

Rani: See!! I won’t talk with you!!!

Chara: Sorry, baba!!!

Rani: Huh!!!!

Rani leaves from there in fake anger.

Chakor and Rahul bursts in laugh.

Rahul: See chakor!! Your friend has anger on her nose tip.

Chakor: Your really true Rah!!! She’s like this since childhood!!!

Rani shouts: I can hear it!!!!

Chakor and Rahul keep fingers on their lips and again smiles and goes to console Rani.

At evening,

In Rajwanshi House,

The house was decorated fully with beautiful flowers. It was just like heaven on the Earth. Anamika and Ranveer are busy with the guests whereas Suraj and Aarav were helping Vivaan to get ready. Even Imli and her family was also present there. All her friends are helping Imli in getting ready but Imli is missing someone special(Of course, it’s Rani, I knew many of you remembered Chakor). Anamika goes to see whether Vivaan is ready or not. All the three brothers are looking breath taking.

Anu: OMG!!! Are you 3 my children or not???

Sur: Of course mom!!! We assure you!!

Aar: We reassure you!!

Suraj’s Outfit:

Anu: Okay okay no time pass!!! And vivaan you got ready na

Anu: Okay okay no time pass!!! And vivaan you got ready na.

Vivaan: Mom!!! I am ready and this is the 10th time your asking me the same question!!!

Anu: Oh then if I ask again it will become 11th time!! Is there any problem in it???

Aar: No at all mom!!! Hai na Vivvu!!

Viv: Ha!!!! Leave it!!! Come mom lets go!!

Aarav, Vivaan and Anamika leaves whereas our Suraj was lost in thinking something.

Suraj: Why I am feeling very weird from yesterday???? Is there anything going to be special today!!! Okay if my weird feeling is correct lets wait and watch!!!!

In the hall,
Vivaan was waiting for his lady love. Then Imli gave her entry!!!! She was looking beautiful in her blue colour lehenga. Both were staring into each other!!! Aarav and Suraj were teasing Vivaan. All are very busy in inviting the guests.
Suddenly, air passed from Suraj’s face. He was feeling some close one’s presence.

At the entrance, it’s the entry of our heroine. Didn’t get my point right??? Okay Chakor entry. She was looking gorgeous just like a princess in her white colour chudidarh!!!!

Chakor’s outfit :

She was feeling nervous because she was going to meet her childhood friends

She was feeling nervous because she was going to meet her childhood friends. Even she was having some different feeling.

At the stairs, even Suraj was feeling like Chakor.

Suraj : Why am I feeling weird once again???? Is Chakor here??? (beats his head) Why Chakor will be here??? I’m really becoming mad after Chakor!!! When will you come????

Chakor : Why my body is producing weird vibrations??? Maybe I’m scared to face Imli!!!! But will I meet him again.


1. How’s today’s episode??? Is it boring!??? Plz do Inform me if it is???
2. So why Chakor doesn’t want to meet Imli??? Is she hiding something????

To know that just stay tuned!!!!!

With lots and lots of love,

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, what is chkor hiding

  2. Wow excellent really good cant wait for chakor to meet every1

  3. Hy dear first of the all thnku for this lvly ff.nd second u know chudidar is my fav.dress nd white is my fav.color bt with cmination.iss liye meri hr dress mai hota hai.nd i egrly wona know wt she hiding from imli.please post next asap.thnx again dear.

    1. Smiley010403

      Really!!!! Even I like this combo

  4. Shreya.

    Amazing dr..Even am also eagerly waiting to know abt dis…i mean y chakor do dis..

  5. Amazing, loved how they sensed each other’s presence.

  6. Amazing dr .even I’m wondering Wht chakors hiding .

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