Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-1)

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Episode -1 :


In airport,

A girl was seen sitting on the chair in the waiting room. Her face was very pale and was sitting there like a lifeless and emotion less body.

Her POV :

Oh my god!!!! My life has been like a lifeless dead body!!! Why all these things happened with me. You know na god, I never did any bad with anyone. But I am being punished by the mistake I haven’t done. My mom and dad!!! What did they do to you, that you took them away from me. They gave their shoulders for me during my toughest times in life!! Is it wrong???? Any parent would have done the same!!! I am missing them a lot in this cruel world. Really!!! How can a person be cruel like me!!! Yes, like me. I am the whole reason for my parent’s death!!(revealed later). Me, Chakor Kapoor is responsible for my parent’s death and now, after this I am returning to India today. I still remember Rani, my best friend after Imli. After the death of maa and papa, Rani contacted me. I heard that she was already married but just 1yr passed. She told me that her parent’s also passed away!!! She even invited me to India!!! At first, I rejected as I would be a burden but she convinced me. Any how no one are there for me in USA. So, I agreed. But I haven’t seen Rani anytime but she has sent her pic to me. Hope I can identify her quickly!!!!

POV ends.

Just then they announce something about the flight of Chakor. She gets alerted.

In India,

In mumbai,

In a Business awards party,

The host came to the stage. He was announced about the awards.

Host: Welcome ladies and Gentlemen!!! We all gathered here for the Awards function!! As we all knew…………………………………

He continued like that. He distributed all the awards.

Host: So, the all awaited award i.e. Best business man award in all aspects goes to Mr. SURAJ RAJWANSHI, the CEO of Rajwanshi industries. So, I call upon him onto the stage to receive the award.

A hot and handsome man of 20’s comes to the stage and takes the prize. Of course, he is none other than MR. SURAJ RAJWANSHI!!

Suraj: Thank you for this Award!!! The support system behind my achievement was my family. Without them I am nothing(Everyone claps. Suraj becomes emotional seeing his family). So, I want to dedicate this award to my Family. Thank you for everything. Thank you!!!(He continues his speech)

He left the stage. He went to his reserved seat. He took blessings from his parents.

Aarav: Congrats Bro!!!

Suraj: Thanks Aarav!! (And hugs Aarav) And even your not less than me.

Aarav : Of course bhai!!! See by next year I will be ur competitor for this award.

Suraj :Sure!!!

Vivaan: Oye!!! Forgot your younger brother Mr. Rajwanshi!!!

Suraj: Never Vivaan !!!!! How can I forget my choti bro!!! He is my everything!!!!(And hugs him too)

V: You know what bhai???

S: Ha!!!

V: I got tears because of your speech!!!

A: Even me bhayya.

Anamika: okay lets leave!!!

Vivaan(shouts): Mom !! No need to leave!!!
(Everyone stares at Vivaan)

Suraj: You Pagal!!! See by hearing ur shouts, all will think you are mad!!!

Aarav: Arey bhai!! You didn’t understand why he shouted???

Anamika and Suraj: Why???

Aarav shows a girl to them and winks at Vivaan. Vivaan blushes.

S: Ohoo!! My bro is blushing seeing his Fiancee!!

V: Shut up bhai!!!

Anamika: Okay, Vivaan!!! I understood!!! You can carry on with your Fiancee!!

V: Mom!! Even you started !!!!

All teased Vivaan a lot. Later they returned home. Whereas Vivaan went to meet his lady love.

Vivaan side:

V: Hey beautiful! (Saying this he dragged her to a corner. She is revealed to be Imli).

V: What happened, Princess???

I: Nothing, dear prince!!! By the way, leave me my Prince!!!

V: Never, Ever!!!

I: Oye!!! Vivaan, it’s a public place. Have some decency.

V: Who will scold me if I romance my hone wali biwi!!

I: Oh really!!!!

V: Ha, Imli ji!!!

Vivaan leans to kiss Imli but Imli slightly pinches Vivaan but he shouts aloud.
V: What’s this Imli????

I: This is the way how a woman treats a man in public!!!!!

Saying this Imli pushes Vivaan and rushes from there.

Vivaan: Still how many days will you escape from me Miss. Chabra!!!!!

All left to their homes.

In Airport,

Chakor was searching for a person. Then suddenly a girl of Chakor’s age blindfolds her.

Chakor slowly whispers : Rani!!
Rani removes her hand from Chakor’s eyes.
Rani : How did you identify me Chakor???
Chakor : Hlo for your kind info!!!(Shouts) Who knows me in Mumbai!!!

Everyone stare at Chakor whereas Rani was shocked.

Rani : Chakor slow yaar!!!
Chakor : Did I shouted much loud???
Rani : Any doubt in that???

Chakor and Rani burst into laughter.
Then a man of his late 20s come there.

Man : For god sake, how much time Rani???
Chakor was shocked seeing the man and the man as well!!!

Precap : Man revealed. Vimli’s Engagement Date fixing.

So how’s my first episode. By the way coming to the story!!! Who’s this weird man with Rani that knew Chakor????

To know just stay tuned to my story. Keep following, vote and comment.

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