Sukor dard ka pyaar episode 10 (last episode)

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recap; sukor stop bhavan and kamal from fighting ranjana informs kamal that sukor are secret lovers…

The sun shines on chakor…chakor yawns and wakes up…chakor olv I cant wait to see my suraj shining on me chakor smiles and feels shy…kamal;suraj naryan rajvanhi get up right now! Suraj;why what crime have I committed now? Kamal; I have had enough of the laals I want you to go to lucknow to get new information about the gun factory plots u r my successor everything im doing is for u ur my only child now get ready and go and I won’t take no for an answer…suraj olv yh right u treat me like crap and have never shown me any respect instead u raised the manhoorlaal family and gave all ur time to them! Suraj gets ready and leaves the haveli but feels angry and frustrated…
Suraj; work work work!! Im fed up with this i cant be a ghulaam for kamal naryan anymore i dont care if he hates chakor i love chakor and today i will marry her i dont care if the whole world turns against me.
Chakor; i cant believe that budoo loves me!! Suraj walks in chakor’s house. Imli; suraj babu aap yaha? Surely he is here for me!! Suraj lifts chakor in his arms and leaves. Imli; suraj babu taking didi?….vivaan; enough of kamal narayans torture i need to confess to chakor and then we will get married I can’t stay without her and chakor to is a successor of laal industries I can still gain 2 things at once.
Chakor stares at suraj (flashback scene kamal orders suraj to shoot chakor but suraj was not able to and instead confesses he loves chakor) suraj let me go what is this. Suraj carries chakor to the mandir. Suraj; do you love me yes or no.chakor; more than anything in the world suraj your my love my life my heart beat my world.
Tears drop down suraj eyes he grabs chakor and hugs her. Suraj kisses chakor forehead chakor hugs suraj. Suraj; this is my world my life i dont want anything kamal narayan can stuff his property chakor is a diamond worth more than anything in the world my chakor is priceless. Chakor i want to marry you right now! Suraj lifts chakor and goes around the fire 7 times he then puts the sindoor and maglasoothar on chakor. Pandith; your marrige is now complete.
Chakor; suraj what have you done! I cant beleive… suraj; you cant believe ur chakor suraj rajvanshi well you better get use to because I will never let u escape from my heart now. Chakor; laughs suraj i cant believe this… your so… suraj; so what?? Chakor it was now or never. Chakor hugs suraj and kisses his cheeks. Suraj; mrs rajvanshi what are you doing. Chakor smirks mr suraj im kissing my husband for his brave act in which he ignored everything to get his mrs rajvnashi. Suraj holds chakor hand and takes her away from azaadganj he takes her to his apartment. Suraj; for now and forever we will live here im not going back to azaadganj and ur not going to. Chakor; but suraj… suraj sits by chakor, chakor do you love me? Do you trust me. Chakor; of course… suraj puts his finger on chakor lips then trust me. Chakor; i trust you….
Kaustri and bhavan; chakoria chakoria where are you?? Imli; mai suraj babu took chakor he seemed pretty angry. Kaustri; where has he taken chakoria . Vivaan comes; what where has suraj taken chakor. Papa never ordered chakor to be in the haveli where have they gone? Bhavan; she destroyed everything and left with her lover fine she shall stay with my enemy if chakor returns I will kill her with my own hands she has put my head to shame going with a rajvanshi! Imlu kastri if u keep contact with chakor I will disown u both 2….kaustri olv oh no my betiya is stuck in a war that she will never win….
Chakor; suraj im hungry!! Suraj; mrs rajvanshi why are you worrying lets go to the kitchen. Suraj takes out some lentils. Chakor; you know how to cook? Suraj; obviously after mummy’s death who else would cook for me if it was upto that witch ranjana she would kill me. Chakor; so mr suraj theres alot i need to learn about. Suraj; yes mrs chakor. Chakor; i feel bad let me do somthing wait il nead the dough. Suraj cooks the lentils and chakor neads the dough. Chakor; wow the aroma i didntknow my suraj can cook. Suraj finshes his lentils.suraj; iv finshed cooking the lentils and ur still neading the dough.. chakor; its becoz of my hair i forgot to tie it and you dont have long hair so you dont know what its like… suraj comes towards chakor he slowly ties her hair and holds her waist in between her waist suraj puts his hands in the dough and helps chakor nead it moore piyaa plays… chakor opens her eyes. Chakor laughs suraj you have got dough all over your face. Suraj rubs his cheeks against chakor’s. Chakor; what have you done!!! Suraj; dont you find it funny now!! They both smirk. Suraj lays out the table. Chakor is wiping the dough of her face suraj grabs chakor from behind. Suraj; boo chakor; suraj you scared me chakor turns around and hugs suraj. Suraj holds chakor’s hand and takes her to the dining room.
Vivaan; i need to tell papa about this… vivaan rushes to the haveli. Papa papa suraj has taken chakor somewhere. Kamal narayan is filled with anger how dare he how dare disobey me thats it he knows what kamal narayan can do. Ram singh give me my pistol and take my car out. Everyone gets worried… kamal leaves by himself but the rajvanshi family follow in the car behind.
Chakor; suraj the food smells so good i dont know where to start! Suraj; obviously it will smell and taste good mr and mrs rajvnashi have cooked this. Chakor giggles. Suraj olv this is my life which is complete i wanna see you smile like this your whole life… even wen i leave from this world i wanna see you happy… suraj; today i will feed you. Suraj takes the spoon and feeds chakor. Chakor takes the spoon and feeds suraj they both have an eyelock. Some lentils drop on chakor’s face suraj comes towards chakor and licks the lentil of chakor closes her eyes. Suraj slips ontop of chakor chakor feels suraj breathe as he is so close to her… suraj grabs chakor waist.. chakor; suraj atleast finsh your meal then you can make your suhagaaraat…. (chakor;oh shit what have i said) suraj bursts out laughing..Chakor lays down on suraj lap… chakor; now that we are married what will happen in the future. Suraj; obviouly we will work earn money buy a house travel the world and then have kids. Chakor; kids! Chakor gets shy and red… suraj; yes i want kids i want atleast 2 chakor… chakor gets shy and changes the topic… chakor olv; ( mr suraj even i want to have kids with you..
chakor blushes and turns red)chakor; that meal was amazing i wanna kiss the hands of the chef who made such tasty lentils. Suraj; well then kiss them. Chakor grabs suraj hands and kisses them… suraj gets up and gives his hand out to chakor…
Chakor holds suraj hand but suraj lifts chakor. Chakor; suraj why do you always lift me. Suraj; becoz i always want to carry mrs rajvnashi in my arms. chakor; suraj where are you taking me?? Suraj; (goes close by chakor’s ears and whispers) now i wanna have my suhagraat with you mrs rajvanshi somthing you mentioned early… chakor blushes Suraj takes chakor upstairs. Chakor gets shy and closes her eyes. Suraj; so how do you like your new bed room? Chakor slowly opens her eyes.. suraj its amazing. Suraj puts chakor on the bed. Suraj locks the door and starts to take his clothes of and walks towards chakor. Moore piya plays the wind howls across the room.
Chakor’s heartbeat gets fast suraj sits besides chakor and touches her hair. suraj slowly takes chakor necklace and earings of he grabs her waist tightly (mahiya plays..) Suraj moves foward towards chakor and kisses her cheeks. Chakor closes her eyes and stands up. Suraj pulls chakor back from the waist and lies ontop of her Suraj unties chakor dress. Chakor hugs suraj… suraj lays chakor back down and goes towards chakor’s lips he kisses chakor. Chakor grabs suraj tightly… and closes her eyes, chakor; suraj… yeh thum… suraj; sshhh mrs suraj not today… suraj kisses chakor neck and slowly makes his way up. (Sukor consumate thier marrige)
Its morning. The sun shines ontop of sukor… suraj and chakor are laying in each others arms. Chakor opens her eyes and smiles seeing suraj. Chakor remembers last night incident and gets shy. Chakor touches suraj hair and glides up to kiss his cheek suraj wakes up and quickly makes chakor’s lips touch his.
Chakor; suraj… suraj; what cant a man kiss his wife good morning. behind the bed there was a desk suraj pulls out red roses. Chakor; red roses i love them… suraj; thats why i got them what makes my love happy makes me happy… sukor wiggle thier noses together and laugh..chakor tries getting up but suraj pulls chakor. Chakor falls on suraj chest chakor smirks and pushes suraj Chakor gets up and wears her robe. She walks towards the shower. Suraj comes and grabs chakor’s waist. Chakor; suraj! Have some shame! Suraj; shame whats the shame in having a bath with your wife. Chakor; first of all you are roaming around with no clothes and second of all no. Suraj; so what you are my wife.. suraj turns the shower on and takes chakor robe of. Chakor; suraj!! Suraj; what. Suraj pushes chakor against the wall and water droplets fall ontop of them chakor hugs suraj. Suraj holds chakor and kisses her…
After the bath chakor runs out to wear her clothes she dries her hair. Chakor discovers love bites all over her neck and tries covering them. Suraj comes from behind and grabs chakor waist. Chakor smiles.chakor tries covering her love bites but suraj stops her and sees the marks… they both get shy… suraj; how do you like my love confession look at my deep love for you that its left a mark on your body suraj smirks and winks at chakor.suraj kisses chakor neck. Chakor; mr suraj your so romantic iv never seen you like this now stop. Suraj; how will a man ever stop romancing his wife and thats becoz this side was only to be seen by mrs suraj… suraj ties chakor’s doori and fills her maang with sindoor.
Chakor turns around and hugs suraj. Suraj kisses chakor forehead. Suraj; so chakor i noticed yesterday you never answered my question how many kids do you want. Chakor looks up at suraj but suraj keeps chakor close to his chest. Suraj olv (today my heart has met my actual heart who is laying inside my arms) Chakor gets shy i want 2 kids. Suraj; what was that speak louder normally ur so loud. Chakor pushes suraj. Chakor; (blushes )stop it stop teasing me i know u heard me i said 2 kids. Chakor cantstop smiling and looks down suraj grabs chakor waist and holds her chin. Suraj; your eyes were made to look at me directly you belong here ontop not on the floor. Sukor have an eyelock. Suraj; i have a suprise for you. Suraj goes by his cupboard. He tells chakor to close his eyes. Suraj puts a pendit on chakor with a letter s on it. Chakor slowly opens her eyes. Chakor; (confused face) letter s? But my name starts with a c… suraj; chakor you budoo my name starts with a s and this pendit is for you to remind you that you will always be mine and i will always be urs.
Kamal; where can this suraj go. Obviously his apartment. Ram singh take me to suraj apartment. Kamal narayan reaches suraj apartment and smirks. Suraj your time is up. Suraj; chakor we need to leave the apartment its not long before kamal narayan finds out we need to leave sitapur and we will head to delhi where we will start our new lives.suraj holds his suitcase and chakor they both walk downstairs. Kamal narayan bags the door open and sees suraj. Chakor hids behind suraj hearing the bang. Kamal; so there you are what are you doing out here and why isnt my work complete. Kamal olv that idiot vivaan was lying chipkali aint here no way suraj loved chipkali a man like suraj doesn’t even know what love is kamal smirks. Beta suraj your my successor come home and obey me. Suraj; shutup shutup i dont want you and your money all i am to you is your ghulaam i don’t want anything to do with you. You live your life il live mine. Kamal notices someone behind suraj. Kamal; suraj your just confused come bk with me and everything will be fine and suraj who is behind you and whats with the suitcase. Slowly chakor still holding hands with suraj walks infront. Kamal; chipkali?
Kamal laughs but then he sees chakor with sindoor and a magalsoothra. Kamal gets shocked. Suraj; her name is chakor suraj rajvanshi not chipkali. Chakor suraj rajvanshi echos through kamal 5 times. Kamal; nooo how can you i should have known that you have fallen for her from the day she came back you fell for a laal my enemies u have been supporting her ur were with her my businesses got destroyed because of yous 2. Suraj; fallen? I havent fallen iv loved someone chakor is my life and if anyone will try to harm my life i will kill them and kamal naryan there is nothing you or your money can do about this. Suraj grabs chakor and hugs her.Kamal strangles suraj. Chakor; let go of suraj leave him. Kamal pushes chakor and takes his gun out. Kamal; lets see how this thutha mela will live happily ever after kamal shoots chakor but suraj pushes chakor and gets shot. Chakor; suraj!!!! Chakor grabs suraj and lays ontop of him. Chakor busrts into tears. Suraj no you can’t leave me no!! Suraj; i took this bullet for me not you cuz if i saw you taking that then i would have been declared dead anyways… kamal carrys on shooting chakor gets shot. Suraj; chak chakor… suraj starts sweating.
No chakor you cant leave me suraj holds chakor hand and kisses her forehead they both hug. Chakor; im not leaving you im coming with you… they both start fading. Sukor; (turn to each otherand say) i … love you….. both close thier eyes. Kamal shoots 5 times before opening his eyes and sees sukor dead on the floor but they were still hugging each other. Vivaan and the rajvanshi family were shocked. Vivaan feels sick and runs out. Kamal closes his eyes and leaves the place. Ranjana grabs kamal. Ranjana; (is happy) kamal jee you killed your own son… kamal walks of. Imli creeps up and sees vivaan in shock. Imli; vivaan babu what happened. Vivaan stays quiet imli goes in and sees sukor. Her eyes bleed… suraj babu didi!!!! Imli rushes by chakor and sees her maang with sindoor and manglassothra on her neck. Imli notices chakor neck has some bruising, she moves chakor hair and sees the love bites. Imli cries loud and runs out.
Sukor were laying down in each others arms as if they were sleeping peacefully as innocent souls….
Guys I hope u enjoyed this ff despite the sad ending of sukor I wrote this as a one of before but I decided to do a series on it it’s the same as before but I added more bits in it hope u guys continue supporting me

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. I remembered you posted this as os before. The ending was sad but loved your story

    1. Thank u i wrote a one of epsiode but alot of people liked it so i decided to do a series on it adding more episodes of how sukor fall in love

  2. Beautiful update, even death couldn’t separate them. What a sad ending! I remember your other story. I’m glad they got to spend some happy time together. Thanks for the story, loved it.

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it i decided to write a whole series on that epsiode so i used my first epsiode as they last?

  3. Sukorian

    oh this is same ending u wrote on ur 1 part right? I remember wow nice ?

    1. Yep alot of people liked it i jus wrote as aone of so i continued and also explained this would be my last epsiode but i added more to it?

  4. Rehmat

    awwwww what a ending come back soon another ff

    1. Thank u and im gonna update my other ff soon?

  5. It was very sad.

    1. I tried to show sukor left together from thw world of violence ?

  6. Awesome episode. Its true even death can’t separate two lovers. Loved it. Waiting for your next ff

    1. Thank u il update my other ff soon?

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