Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with (Episode 4)

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Hi I’m very happy that u liked the storyline n I hope to make it as gud as possible.

– An unforgettable act –

Recap: Chakor has found her selfrespect n confidence back. Suraj told her to take care Imli n the unborn child. Vivaan n Imli were unhappy but now Imli agrees with the decision.

Chakor; Imli just tell me when or what u need. Anything n I will bring it to u. Vivaan; I said before n saying it again we don’t need u. Suraj; she is not here for u. She is here to take of Imli n MY Child. Vivaan; ur Child? Did I hear right it child. U were the one who rejected Imli n her child in first place to get married to Tina then u swapped the bride’s to punish all of us n now u r saying this is ur Child. Hell no this is my child it will carry my name not urs. Suraj was getting angry but Chakor; interfere Suraj ur behaviour n anger will affect the baby don’t forget the baby learns, hears n feels what the mother n the environment shows. Suraj; turned I said Chakor will be the care taker of Imli. Imli; I said it’s ok Vivaan Baby I will be fine please. Vivaan; Imli if u say so. Imli nodded – now I will get rid of u Chakor n the baby n the blame will be on u Chakor -.

Chakor was downstairs she was preparing for the breakfast while Suraj was in his room. Suraj – the baby feels n hears everything is it true? -. Chakor; Bijli u can call every1 the breakfast is ready. Bijli; Of course Chakor Di I’m very happy. Chakor; y? Bijli; seeing u smiling again. I will call every1. Chakor – Oh Bijli this is just a fake how can I smile when my life is destroyed but I will fight back anyhow -.

Every family member was downstairs for breakfast. Suraj – I know Chakor will take good care of Imli n the baby I don’t need to worry. She did alot of Imli before y would she do anything wrong? -. Teju; Suraj beta have some food. Suraj nodded Chakor was serving to Imli n then to Vivaan but he stopped her. Vivasn; Suraj said u should care for Imli n the baby but not me I don’t need u. Chakor got hurt but didn’t say anything she served further n Ragini who was enjoying the confusion was trying to make it worse. Ragini; Suraj Bhai do u have a name for the baby? Every1 looked at her n Imli stood up this is my n Vivaans baby no1 has a right to give the baby a name. Chakor; Imli please calm down ur anger affects the baby. Vivaan; Imli please sit she is right. Calm down. Suraj; Ragini don’t u dare to say or do anything which makes Imli angry or tens u heared it affects the unborn baby n I don’t want to harm the baby but trust me I will harm u. Chakor! he said. Chakor looked at him; yeah. Suraj; today we r going to visit the villagers. They haven’t signed the papers yet. Chakor; Suraj they won’t become ur Bandhua. Suraj; hmm we will see. Imli; but… All looked at Imli. Vivaan; what?. Imli; but… if… Chakor comes with u… who will take care of me n the baby. Vivaan; I will like always we don’t need her. Chakor; Imli after my return I will come directly to u.
U just tell me what I should bring for U?. Imli – She had to be always miss perfect – Imli put a fake smile on her face bring me some unripe mangos. Suraj; Shikhu he called n Shikhu was present. Suraj get some unripe Mangos for Imli. Shikhu nodded to get some. Imli – what the hell. Y hd has called Chakor for my care taker if she isn’t taking care for me -.

Suraj n Chakor left with the papers. Chakor was silently sitting in the car. Suraj – I hate her but what should I do she is the only way to get the villagers on my side but if she doesn’t play my way there is no use of her -. Suraj stopped suddenly the car. Chakor; ouch. Suraj  y u stopped. Some kids were playing on the streets n Suraj stopped thinking – how can he hurt an innocent child while he is becoming a father too -. Chakor looked at him thinking – how can a beast like him look so innocent? these kids can it be possible that he has a heart for kids? But what does it mean it won’t change anything he is n will always be a beast -.

The kids went off the street n Suraj starts to drive. Ragini was there too she reached the village before Sukor n was trying to convince the villagers to sign her contract. Suraj; what the hell. Ragini! what r u doing here? Ragjni; Suraj Bhai I’m offering he villagers a new work like u wished. Suraj; like I wished? Who’s contract r these? Ragini; Suraj Bhai these r my contracts. Chakor; Ragini that’s great but g didn’t inform us or at least me. Chagan; Chakor r u jealouse bcz some1 else helped us to get rid of ur husband’s trick of new Bandhua contracts n u couldn’t save us. Chakor; Chagan what r u saying. Bhuvasn; don’t say a word. Ragini we will sign ur contracts. Suraj got angry. Ragini smirked – u fools now I will become the new ruler of Azaadghanj -. Suraj; wait before u sign the contracts compare it. Chagan u r well educated here, he gave him a contract of his to compare it with a co react of Raginis if u don’t trust me then u shouldn’t trust her. We have the same bloodline don’t forget that. Kasturi; Chaganwa compare it. Ragini; Kasturi kaki… Chakor – y he did this? – u don’t need to compare anything just sign on Raginis paper. Chagan; this is the first time u said something right but I will check first.

Ragini got tens – oh no if he compares it he will findout that they will just got 5 rps. a month -. Suraj – she is getting nervous I knew it she is hidding something big but what? – Chakor – y is she sweating what is she hidding finally this idiot did something gud. Thank God Chagan is comparing damn I did a mistake in trusting Ragini something is fishy -. Suraj; patient comes to an end Chagan! r u done. Chagan; Ragini maybe u did a mistake. Ragini; was sweating even more than before Ch..Chagan what r u s…saying?. Suraj; yeah Chagan what th saying?. Chakor – what’s going on? -. Chagan told every1 abt the earning in Raginis contract n the contract breaking means they would have to pay to be freed. Ragini; it’s all a lie. Suraj has changed my contract. Suraj; y would I n btw I didn’t knew u were having ur own contract. Kasturi; Chagan what’s written in Suraj contract. Chagan; it’s written that we will work in his company which will supply water of 501. Chakor was surprised. With the earnings we get in addition food n water. But we have to work more hours if necessary. Without payment. Suraj; yeah without payment but… every1 was looking at him. Suraj; the payment u would get if u do the overwork I would like to invest in a school for ur kids. So they could get education. Chakor – what is wrong with him how can he change from a beast to a nice person there is something fishy -. Suraj don’t play with emotion of others. R u really going to build a school. Suraj; yes. Don’t talk to me in a high voice stay low he said with anger n fire in his eyes his whole hate is only on Chakor. Chagan; I think we should accept Suraj Babus contract at least the kids will have a future.

All agreed n signed on contracts. Ragini we burning in anger – damn we us ruining everything but not anymore. I will make u cry trust me u will lose the most precious in ur life -. Chakor n Suraj drove back home n Chakor went to Imli to look after her. Chakor – hmm I think he really cares for children as he is waiting to become a father has might change his view but still the anger n fire in his eyes for me y what I have done? He is the one who… I don’t know what to do -. Imli was in the garden eating keri / unripe mangos – how can I put all the blame on Chakor she isn’t here n I know as long as I have the child in me Suraj will try to get his right. But I don’t want him too neither I want this Child anymore I want to start a new life with Vivaan n I want to carry his baby… What should I do -. Chakor was calling for Imli – where is she? -. Chakor saw Vivaan looking at the sonogram of the unborn he was had decorated the room. Chakor – it seems like that Vivaan moved on too. it’s just Suraj n me who r living in hell -. Ragini saw Imli n thought to do something but she can’t risk anything right now as Suraj knows how angry n hurt she is he will accuse her for the lost – I have to put the blame on Chakor -.

Chakor was back in her room with Suraj who we holding a sonogram too – oh no he has to forget otherwise Imli n Vivaan ant become a family – She moved to him. Suraj looked up tearfull eyes he felt on his knees n asked for forgives. Chakor was more then surprised – what is he doing n y? -. Suraj; I’m sorry Chakor for what I did to U. I was drunk it’s not an excuse oh God no it is not n I blame u for it but as u said the baby sees, feels n hears all I don’t my baby to think wrong abt me. Chakor saw a heartbroken beast she coukd never imagine but she could never forget what he did. Chakor; I can’t forgive u Suraj she made a fist n was trying not to cry.

A big scream every1 was shocked to see Imli lying on the ground of the stairs no1 else was in the near. Vivaan; Imli!!!! he shouted he took her to hospital but all help come too late the baby died unfortunately Imli had to go under an operation the possibility to become a mother again is by 25 %.

It took Imli a week no1 was allowed to meet her she was suffering a shock. Suraj who had lost all happiness in just one accident has changed back to a drunken beast. Chakor was worried abt the whole situation but she needs to be brave for her n Imli.

Vivaan n Imli returned. Kasturi n Bhuvaan heared abt the miscarriage n came to meet her in this point they couldn’t stay angry anymore. Vivaan; it’s all over. Ragini; Vivaan bhai don’t say that. – I wonder how this happen but this was the best -. Suraj comes down he wanted to hug Imli but Chakor; stopped him where r u going? Suraj; Chakor our of my way I lost my child so did Imli I have to be with her. Chakor; y don’t u see it. Suraj; what? Chakor; Vivaan is with her if u go there pain won’t decrease it will increase to the unknown. Please Suraj she needs rest n nor Ur fake love n compassion. Suraj; fake?! u think it’s all fake. He got n angry n raised his hand. But Chakor didn’t move but Suraj stopped his act. – What the hell is wrong with me? -.

All eyes were on them n Imli stood up she went to Chakor n Suraj n stopped infront of them. Imli gave Chakor a tight slap n looked at Suraj didn’t u tell her to look after me she was care taker n look what happen I lost my child I lost ur child just bcz of her. Suraj wasn’t sure what to say. Ragini; put oil in the fire well that’s true Suraj Bhai gives Chakor bhabhi the responsibility of Imli n the unborn child. Chakor; I was looking for u. But… Kasturi; shut up. U did so much too ur younger sis couldn’t u bare it that she becomes a mother with ur husband’s child or bcz she become a mother before u. Chakor; maai y r u thinking so low abt me. Kasturi; don’t call me maai I’m not ur mother. Chakor was shattered.

Vivaan took Imli up to their room. Vivaan was caring for her a lot. Imli was crying – what have I done j wanted to lose the child not the ability to become a mother now I will never have a peaceful n happy married life -. Vivaan; I told u not to take the help of Suraj n Chakor. Imli; Vivaan babu please don’t be angry with me. Vivaan; what I’m not angry with u how could I but I won’t spare Chakor. Imli – now Vivaan completely belongs to me no1 can take him away -.

Chakor n Suraj were back in their room. In the room where he took advantage of her n apologies to her. Suraj was speechless he was sitting on his seat n thinking – y she blamed Chakor for it. Chakor was with me. Aaah my head -. Suraj fell down Chakor; Suraj!!!.

Teju heard the scream n runs into the room. Suraj beta what happen? Chakor; I don’t know?. Teju; we have to take him to the hospital now. Chakor n Teju took him to the hospital.

The mystery continuous ?.

Well not only 1 but many acts were unforgettable.

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  1. Wow what an epsiode surah has a heart and he does regret what he did to chakor seeing every1 blame chakor he doesnt feel its right as chakor was with him is it possible after that bad incident with chakor she falls pregant and imli dies with jealously pleazd update this much sonner i reallu cant wait for next update this ff is going way better than whata happening in serial pleaze update!

    1. Sukorian

      U guess so right ??? thank i will try ?

  2. Amazing update please update by tommrow!kaustri is so cheap how can they all love imli hate imli i want sukor to move on to imli cheap suraj is starting to express his feelings he understands what he did to chakor was wrong i understand why chakor can never forgive suraj for his act

    1. Sukorian

      oh I will definitely try but can’t promise ?. Thanks for liking it. Imli got her punishment n don’t worry more will happen

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Suraj regrets what he did to chakor but it will be hard for chakor to forgive. Hate imli she deserves whatever happened to her. What happened to suraj. Waiting for next, it is getting intersting

    1. Sukorian

      thank u some1 took revenge on him… that’s all I can tell u now ?.

  4. Amazing update. Finally a good side to Suraj’s character. Oh someone took revenge on Suraj? It must be Ragini. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ?

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