Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with (Episode 3)

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Hi I know it’s hard but I want to write something else as usually…

Recap: Suraj blamed Chakor for all n has given her a punishment to do the whole housework. Bijli is the only one who knows abt the incident.

Chakor goes to the kitchen Bijli; goes ahead Chakor Di please u don’t need to work i will do it. Chakor; No Bijli I can’t let u work alone. I don’t trust Suraj he could do anything. Bijli; I’m sure if u will tell Baari Malkin she will help. Chakor shook her head. Chakor n Bijli made the breakfast, they served to everyone n didn’t eat.

Suraj; Chakor u will be the personal care taker of imli n the unborn Child which belongs to me. Imli n Vivaan both get angry as Imli cleary said it’s now Vivaans child n Vivaan doesn’t want Chakor to be close to him, imli or the unborn Child.

Vivaan; there is no need. I can take care of my wife n child. Suraj; stood up too ur child no it’s my. Imli; No Suraj it’s not I’m Mrs. Vivaan Mohanlal Rajvanshi n this is not ur child. Suraj; Imli! the who village knows it’s my. Ranjana; what’s wrong with u all . There is no need to fight for this unborn Child.

Chakor didn’t care much as she wants to be close to her sis. I will take care. Imli; I told u before n I will say it again I don’t need ur help.

Imli left the place n was back in her room.

Suraj n Teju n the rest of the family left too. Suraj order was a hard task she did all she was asked for n more. In the evening she finally had done all the housework Suraj gave her to do. Bijli; Chakor Di u need to take rest please have some food. Chakor; Bijli thank u. But u haven’t eaten too. Bijli; So what we will eat together.

After having food Chakor was scared to enter the room. She stopped herself the nightmare was still in her mind. She left the Mansion to find to herself.

Chakor was crying – how I could let it happen? I was strong, confidential n safe well I thought I was safe. Suraj has never done this before n y would he but he did he ruined my life he hurt me he destroyed me – She fell on her knees.

Suraj was waiting he wanted to punish Chakor for her deeds but she didn’t show up. Suraj went down n called her but no response Bijli; came Chote maalik. What happen? Suraj; where is Chakor n don’t call me Chote Maalik I’m the only Maalik KN is gone. Bijli; yes, Baare Maalik but Chakor Maalkin… Suraj; shut up she is not ur Maalkin she is just my Bandhua Biwi. Where is she? Bijli; I don’t know.

Suraj looked around – the main door is open dies she run away oh no u won’t survive -. Suraj went out to look for her.

Chakor – I’m not a normal girl. I’m Chakor the marathon runner 501 no one can defeat me even not a beast like Suraj no he can’t win over me I won’t let it happen he has done wring n he has to payback n he will – Chakor was feeling weak n it was heavily raining she fell down n lost her consciousness.

Suraj who was looking for her abt an hour finally found her. Suraj – to die in rain I won’t let it happen u will die u der my tourtue – Suraj lifted her up n brought her back home.

Suraj; Bijli! he called n she comes running to him. He wanted to let Chakor fall on the ground but he stopped n put her on the couch. Suraj; I want her to be fine she has to do the work with u n care for Imli. Bijli nodded.

Chakor woke up in the morning in the strange room next to Bijli who cared the night for her. Chakor; Bijli how… Bijli; Cho… no Baare Maalik brought u back home. He told me to care for u as U have to work. Chakor; y he saved me. – He wants to punish me but I will be the one who will survive all his torture n will take revenge, no I’m not some1 who takes revenge but I will make him suffer -.

Chakor went up to her bedroom Suraj was awake he didn’t sleep the night. Chakor didn’t say a word she went to her closets n took out her clothes n went to change.

Suraj – Imli I want u n my Child. But after the night with Chakor it won’t happen she ruined everything –

Imli was sleeping next to Vivaan. She loves him but he doesn’t love her but the innocent child in her womb. Imli woke up thinking of her dream a peaceful life with Vivaan. – if I will carry this Child Suraj will never leave me, but what should I do? -.

Some1 knocked on the door it was Chakor who entered the room. Ino I hot angey; what the hell r u doing here? Chakor; being ur older sis n SIL it’s my duty to take care of u n ur unborn baby. Imli; I told u I don’t need ur help. Chakor; Imli I know but… i have to otherwise Suraj will harm Maai Baapu n the other villagers. Vivasn; she said she doesn’t need ur help n I refused too. Get out. Chakor; Vivaan… Suraj comes in. Vivann; Suraj take wife we don’t need help.

Imli had a dirty plan in her mind…

Imli; wait fine u can take the responsibility but if anything’s happens I won’t spare u. Suraj; nothing will happen, right Chakor. Chakor; looked at him I’m doing this only for the villagers n the unborn child her passion n anger was back she stood infront of him with full confidence. Suraj was surprised but what else he could expect Chakor is a fighter nothing can stopp her.

Sorry but next part could be bad too…
I would never do this but it’s the character of Imli…

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  1. Amazing chakor got her will power bk will imli abort thr baby nd blame chakor will suraj do something in anger to chakor plz update soon!

    1. Sukorian

      right guess. Thx n I will try

  2. Nice update! Hope Chakor realizes Imli’s truth soon. I can guess Imli’s plan, she’ll try to cause a miscarriage (fall off the stairs for example) and blame Chakor. she’s a monster, hope Chakor doesn’t fall in her trap. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      yes something like this will happen absolutely right guess. Thank u.

  3. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Chakor got her fighting spirit back. Glad that suraj realized that he can’t go back to imli after what he did. Hate imli, she will harm her baby & blame chakor. Hoping that chakor realizes it & punish her as well. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      yes fighting Chakor is back ?. She will punish n only she… thx.

  4. Bidisha Karar


  5. when r u going to upload more

    1. Sukorian

      I hope wendsday. Sorry u have to wait a bit.

  6. i love it

  7. awesome episode yarr . I’m really curious to know what will happen next

    1. Sukorian

      hey u back thank u?

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