Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 8

Hi I won’t say much just start ?

– A new Suraj –

Recap; Suraj n Chakor r back from hospital n Suraj hate toward Chakor has changed to friendship or maybe love he isn’t sure. No1 know but the real culprit is Vivaan. Ajay falls for Chakor n Suraj is jealous.

Suraj slept on the bed next to Chakor she allow him to sleep next to her as the doctor advices him to take rest.  In the next morning Suraj turned to Chakor n his hand was resting on her waist. Chakor woke up first n felt something on her she looked down n saw Suraj hand she got angry n wanted to shout she turned n saw a peaceful sleeping Suraj who wasn’t aware of his act. Chakor – even if u weren’t urself u took everything from me Suraj I can’t forgive u it -. She put his hand away n got up to get ready.
Chakor was taking a shower n screamed loud Suraj woke up n rushed to her. Suraj; Chakor! I’m coming in he enters the bathroom there was alot of steam he searched for Chakor, who was naked n lying on the floor. Suraj took a towel n wrapped her in. He lifted her up n took her to the bed. Suraj went back to bathroom – y is the water so hot -. Even he burns his hand while putting if the shower.

Suraj looked at Chakor n then he did the only right thing he called for Bijli n Teju. Bijli; came first Baare Maalik what happen?. Suraj; take care of her. Teju enters the room too n saw the burned hand of her son. Suraj; mom it’s ok please look after her I will call a doctor. Teju saw the marks Suraj left on her – what happened to her? -. Bijli made a paste of ayuveda she mixed Turmeric with water n put it as a balm on her burned body.

Suraj comes with a lady doctor she checked Chakor n confirmed she is fine n the burning marks won’t stay for long coz of the fast reaction of Suraj the burn isn’t much. Suraj; Doctor what we should do? Doctor; nothing I’m writing u some medicine give it her the pain n a balm against burning marks applied on her daily. Suraj dropped the doctor n bought the medicine.

Chakor got her conscious back. Teju n Bijli made her wear her cloths. Teju; Chakor how u feel now? Chakor; better but what happened? Bijli; I’m not sure but Suraj babu called us immidiately to take care of u n he headed out to call a doctor. Suraj returned with the medicine. Chakor; Suraj called u n Teju ji. Aah! Chakor moved her hand felt the pain Suraj; rushed in what happen? Chakor; my arm it’s hurting. Suraj; Chakor it’s better if u won’t move u got injured. Chakor; Suraj tell me what happened? Suraj told her abt the shower n the scream. Chakor; but I didn’t change anything on the setting no actually I turned to the cold side. Suraj; Bijli Mom here the medicine. Suraj went out n thought – what’s this how could this happen some1 is trying to hurt us but who this some1? -.

Chakor came down with the help of Bijli n Teju. Bijli arranged the breakfast n all ate besides of Chakor, Suraj n Teju. Chakor – Oh no anything could have been mixed in the food -.
Suraj took Chakors chair back so she could sit on it properly. Chakor; thank u. Suraj nodded. Bijli served them the food but Chakor still had a bad feeling. Suraj; what’s wrong oh right ur hand he said calm n soft. He made a bite of food with his hand n served to Chakor. Chakor looked at him n his hand which was filled with food – he is feeding me with his hand y? -. Suraj; ur hand still hurts na here eat I will feed u. Chakor shook her head. Suraj; I know u r angry with but don’t put ur anger on the food or ur health. Chakor took the bite n said gud u feed me first let’s see if I got mad at u. Suraj thought what she was saying n remembers. He didn’t took a bite n waited Chakor opens her mouth again. Suraj ? seems like it was just the drinks. Suraj feeded her. N eat in the end.

Imli came down n saw the happening around Sukor. – Suraj how can u forget what she has done to me -.

Vivaan was behind her – let’s see how much fun he will have with u in future I won’t let u survive the shower was just a trailer look what will happen next -.

Imli made a sad face n said my baachua has gone n this all bcz if my own sister. Chakor heard it n felt sad – Imlu please don’t think like that I would never harm u or ur baby -.

Suraj; saw the change on her face n his blood started to steam in his inner Imli how can u make her responsible for ur mistake. Chakor looked at him in shock. Suraj; u walked alone the star is coukdnt u use the handrails u knew u r pregnant n I’m sure u rushed again just to be close to Vivaan don’t blame others for ur mistake if u will repeat this I’m gonna kill u. Chakor stood up to hold Suraj back. Chakor ouch. The burn marks were hurting Suraj carefully lift her up n carried her back to tgeir bedroom n made her lie on the bed.

Suraj; I know u can’t forgive me n I’m not asking u to do. But I swear to u no1 will harm or hurt u ever again enough is enough. Whoever wants to try has to fight with me first. Chakor; Suraj please calm down. She just lost her child her anger n hormones r playing with her mind n feelings u shouldn’t take it seriously. Suraj; No Chakor this house us filled with cheap n greedy people no1 cares for the other one only u n mom does. Mummy is trying her best to apologies to Vivaan but it’s not easy I understand n u. U r jagatmata u always fight for the right thing but I’m a bad person ur life is in danger if u stay here I want u to go n leave Azaadghanj go n train for the Asian Marathon ur real destiny. Chakor; Suraj even if i can’t I wouldn’t left u. Yes u r bad but not that bad… u r right the people we go lives under this roof r selfish n greedy but u r not. I mean u were influent by the drugs n still ur contract was nice it was before u got drugs it means u have a heart. The most important question is who gave u drugs n y. We have to findout when it started. Suraj; u still want to help me. Chakor nodded. Suraj; ok fine.  let’s findout who did this. Chakor; smiled yes we will…

? Maybe a friendship can start now ?

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved how suraj feed chakor. Loved their conversation in room, both care for each other’s well being. Hate imvan. Vivan is so evil, hoping that sukor will find about him before he tries to harm them again. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I’m very happy u liked it n next epi will be bit heartbreaking spoiler

  2. Amazing update. Loved how Suraj took care of Chakor and how he reacted to Imli. Vivaan is very evil here.

    1. Sukorian

      yes I still don’t like Vimli n for me they r bad. Happy u liked it

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