Sukor – The beast I fall in Love with epi. 5

Hi wow the response is great ? on request here a fast update but now u have to wait with an arrange marriage ?.

Recap; Suraj isn’t as bad as thought. His contract is whey better than Raginis. Imli lost her child by propose now her chances to become a mother is very less n at last Suraj got unconscious.

Teju n Chakor took Suraj n went with him to the hospital. Chakor; Teju ji please I’m sure it’s just the stress n the sorrow of the loss of his child. Teju; No it has to be more my son changed I’m meant he isn’t the same anymore. Chakor; yeah u might be right but a beast is a beast. Teju; Chakor what r u saying he never hurt u. I agree he used ur fame to get a better reputation but he never hurt u. Chakor; u don’t know anything what ur son has done to me. Chakors eyes were filled with tears. Teju shocked n unsure what to say or do. Teju; moved forward to Chakor what has he done to u… Chakor couldn’t n doesn’t wanted to talk abt it.

The doctor; came out Mrs. Rajvanshi both looked up to the doctor n nodded. The doctor; we have to make more test something is not right with him. Teju; what u meant what is wrong with my son?. Chakor; I’m sure it’s his habit to drink. The doctor; No it’s something else. Chakor; what please tell us. She got scared n touched her Magalsutar (wedding neckless). The doctor; please have patients I need to do some more tested n I will inform u asap u can meet the patient if u want to.

Chakor n Teju entered the patient room. Suraj was lying on the bed he saw Chakor n was ashamed he turned his face he tried to hide his shame, anger n tears. Something happen to him n he doesn’t know what. But he remembers what he did n what had happened so far.

Teju; walks to him she sat on the bed corner Suraj mera beta (my son) how r u feeling now n what happen to U? Suraj didn’t say a word he was lost on his thoughts – Chakor I can’t face u after what I did to u I wanna die. My unborn child had to pay for my deeds before arriving it dies. Chakor I can’t ask for forgiveness there is nothing u can forgive I’m ur culprit. My mind is clear I remember now how I blamed u n forced u. – Teju; Suraj she shook his body but he didn’t react.

The doctor; came in with the final results. Chakor; Sir whats wrong with him. Can we take him home? The doctor; Mrs. Rajvanshi r u his wife. Tejy; what’s wrong. The doctor; I think it’s better if talk to her. Teju; Chakor??? Chakor; nodded ok Sir.
They left the room n Suraj still didn’t talked.

Chakor; Doctor what’s wrong with him? The Doctor; Would u please answer me some questions? Chakor confused abt the request but agreed.

The doctor started with his questions
Did ur husband behaviour changed in the past couple of months? Chakor thought he wasn’t the beast before he was angry yeah; selfish but he never hurt me Chakor nodded. The doctor; hmm did he become aggressive?
Chakor thinking of the past she got a shiver n holded herself n nodded again. The doctor; I know it must be painful for u. But does he forget his acts? Chakor; yes he does she couldn’t hold her tears back. The doctor; I’m sorry but ur husband went hisself. Chakor; looked at him unsure abt what the doctor said what u mean he wasn’t himself. The doctor; after we did the test we also do a drug test n e found a specific drug in his organism. Chakor; got shocked what I life with him I would know it if he would take drugs. The doctor; Please listen he told us never took drugs n i asked if he drinks a lot n if this habit is know by the others bcz the amount of the consumed drug is huge no1 would take this kind of mount. Chakor; u r right… The doctor; what. Chakor; startes rethinking everything Suraj started to drink more n more when Imli rejected him. He got so angry his actions wasn’t himself it felt like sone1 is doing it. Then he stopped drinking n started to rethink but he never accepted but I saw a change with the kids. But when Imli lost he child he started to drink again. The doctor; so it’s for sure some1 has manipulate his alcohol he has been given drugs. Do u know who would do that? Chakor shook her head she said it could be any1. The doctor; he is clear I mean his mind is clear n he remembers everything. Chakor looked up – is this the reason y he wasn’t talking or looking at me -.

They returned n Teju asked 8f everything is ok. Chakor said yes they want to keep him for a night here to check his vital parameters. Teju; is there anything to worry abt? The doctor; No, just keep him away from alcohol. Teju; Sure I always told u it’s a bad thing I will destroy all. Chakor u stay here the night n I will go home make arrangements from now on no more alcohol.

Teju left Chakor was left alone with Suraj….

U have to wait for the next update till weekend.

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved the twist. Suraj was given drugs, who is the person, is it ragini or someone else. Suraj remembered everything & is guilty. Let see how sukor’s relationship develops after this revealation

    1. Sukorian

      thank u hmm there r a few option n in the next update it will be a long one it will be revealed ?

  2. super perfect and super I like suraj so much and feel very sorry for hos condition.don’t know who do this to him?
    plz di update soon love u dicided.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ? don’t worry on weekend I will write a long update n the person will be revealed ?

  3. Sukorian

    I forgot to write it probably The last:

    Suraj comes in n Chakor was sitting on the bed looking at her stomach (butterflies?)  Suraj; moved forward Chakor r u fine? Chakor turned to him n nodded I… she hestiated but Suraj; felt the same n cut her off by saying 2✌…

  4. Rehmat

    interesting twist. can’t wait weekend post soon pls

    1. Sukorian

      I will try my best thank u

  5. Interesting update! Will that change Chakor’s view? Looking forward to the next update.
    Happy Eid

    1. Sukorian

      khair Mubarak thank u let see it won’t be easy

  6. Sorry for late comment but i love the twist amazing so sad suraj was given drugd it eas either imli or vivaan

    1. Sukorian

      it’s ok no sorry I’m happy u liked it ?

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