Sukor – an arranged marriage “Start of romance” – Episode 8

Hi Thank u for ur encouragement n support today it’s the day the romance starts ?.

Recap: They had a fun night with the family. Naina tried to creat a riff but Suraj stands for Chakor. Chakor revealed her past to Suraj.

Chakor was crying but Suraj holded her face n wipes the tears away he got closer to her n she closed her eyes. Suraj kissed her eyelid. Chakor open her eyes both were lost into each other they had an intense eyelock.

Suraj caresses her cheek she touched his hand with hers. Her lips were shaking but not of scare or fear but of excitement n happiness. Chakor wanted a kiss but coukdnt ask for it n Suraj wanted to give her a kiss without forcing it. Both were sure abt their feelings but unsure abt the feelings of the opposite.

Suraj stroke her lips with his thumb very carefully n softly. Chakor got a shiver n goose bumps she smiled shyly. He didn’t kissed her but his lips stroke her lips n it gives her lips a shake kind of vibration. Suraj made her lie on the bed he comes closer to her n was on top of her his hands were on the bed n his body didn’t touched hers.

Chakor was breathing slow n deep. Suraj was looking at her innocent face he put all his courage together n cones closer his lips didn’t touched her a baby voice from the door disturbed them.

Some1 knocked the door. Sukor were embarrassed ? suddenly both were at each corner of the bed n not looking at each other.

Again a knock. Suraj went to the door doro n opens it.  Bhagya was standing infront of him with Sona who wasn’t stopping crying. Bhagya; Suraj I’m so sorry to disturbe u at this hour but she isn’t stopping crying I don’t y but last night she stayed with maybe she misses u. Chakor; comes from the bach ouii I will take her. Bhagya; r u sure. Both nodded.

Suraj was thinking – I think we should spend as much as possible together who knows when they will leave -. Do she can sleep here. Bhagya; no…?. Chakor; what I don’t have a problem. Bhagya; she stopped crying ?. I think she wanted to say gud n8 before sleeping. Suraj; wait?. Chakor n Bhagya; what. Suraj; she hasn’t said gud n8 to me. First I will take her n then u can take her back. Suraj; took Sona from Chakor n started to talk with her U missed me I know afterall I’m ur only maamu n there is no1 else who loves u more he made or tried a baby friendly voice. Chakor giggles hihi so cute. Bhagya;when she Was in me he did the same. He comes near my stomach n started to talk to her in different kind of voices she us so used of them. Chakor – I wish to fullfill ur dream of an own family ? -. Suraj ??; u have to leave but don’t worry ? maamu will play with u tomorrow! Sona was laughing… Bhagya n Sona left.

Suraj n Chakor were standing infront of the closed door. Suraj – oh what now I… hmm – Chakor holds Suraj hand she comes closer n rested her head on his shoulder. Suraj was overwhelmed by her touch she looked up n smiled at him. Suraj smiled back he lift her face up n comes closer again this time he nor she hesitated an innocent with love filled kiss happen.

Chakor feeled a sparkle n Suraj too felt a tingle. The kiss ended softly Chakors eyes were closed but she slowly opens them just to see her husband who was looking at her deeply with love not lust.

Suraj n Chakor had again an eyelock this time no1 interfere n they spend a love filled not together… (u can image whatever u want but for me the story line is so innocent that I won’t write intimate parts ?)

On the next morning Suraj woke up first he was lying next to Chakor who was still sleeping he head was resting on his chest n he feels the warm breath of her. He carefully puts her head on the pillow but Chakors peaceful face become restlessness. Suraj get up of the bed but he felt the change in Chakor he looked at her n saw her she we abt to wake up. Suraj looked around n found his shirt he just that it might he put his shirt on her n she took it with a smile n her restlessness was gone.

Suraj got ready he went down n took Orange juice n Toast secretly n went up to surprise Chakor but when he entered the room she was gone….

Suraj searched for her – is she playing the game again hmm balcony -. Nop she wasn’t there she comes out of the washroom n Suraj was watching at the sunrise. Chakor felt Suraj presents n went to the balcony with her wet hairs she shook her head n Suraj got the drops on him. Suraj; Chakor what’s this. Chakor; it’s like rain n I love rain. Suraj; really u love the rain. Chakor nodded ?. Suraj; thought n asked the rain has his own fun. But the sun that gives real peace right. Chakor smiled n looked down ?? u know the best sun I know is the sun/Suraj next to me who cares n protects me from evil. Suraj; but u don’t love him? Chakor; hmm if the sun could speak would he say he loves me? Suraj – smart I won’t to make her confess but she is trying the reverse -. I’m sure he would reply if he got an answer. Chakor – hmm I’m not stupid to confess first Mr. Suraj ? But yeah I love u -. Suraj – I know what u r thinking baby I love u too -.

Who will confess first ?

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved sukor romane. Waiting to see who confesses first.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u. Let’s see ?

  2. I am just loving it…It’s so pure bliss…. Cutest ff…Who will confess first eagerly waiting…

    1. Sukorian

      thank Thank u many times thank u ?. u have to wait ?

  3. Wonderful episode! Loved it! Their romance was sweet, their first kiss was awesome. Loved their awkwardness when Baghya knocked at the door, and how Chakor was restless when he left the bed in the morning. Suraj has been the one making the first moves so far, but I’m not sure who’ll confess first. Eagerly waiting for the next update

    1. Sukorian

      ???????? thank u. We will see I have no idea yet ?

  4. Amaxing update cant wait for next episode sukor have feelings for 1 another

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I’m trying my best ?

  5. Amazing as usual. N Thnku

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