Sukor – an arranged marriage “love confession” – Episode 9

Hi I’m very happy the story is liked by u all ???.

Recap: What to say love n romance is all I can tell u ?. So bith r at the balcony n trying there best to make the other one to confess first.

Suraj – I know u want me to confess first but no this time its ur turn -. Chakor looked at him – u always makes the first step y r u waiting today don’t u love me? ? – Suraj – what happen to her y her smile vanished does I say something wrong? -. Chakor – tell na u love me -. Suraj; comes closer n hold her face what happen y r u looking so sad? just a moment ago u were smiling madly n now u make a sad face… u know it breaks my heart to see u sad smile ?. Please for me. Chakor – how can I say no to u – She smiled for him ?.

Suraj n Chakor were ready to Suraj bought Orange juice n Toast but Chakir doesn’t wanted to eat alone she liked it to have the family around n her friend Riya is here too it won’t be nice if she will have breakfast with “strangers”. Suraj was fine with it he drunk the juice n ate the toast on his way down.

Bhagya felt the difference both couldn’t take off the eyes of each other. On the dining table Sukor held hands under the table. Bhagya picked Arjun n signals him th weired behaviour of Sukor. Arjun smiled n did something very unusual he let his spoon fall ?. Bhagya n Arjun both leaned down to pick up the spoon but it was just a trick to see the two love birds ?holding hands.

Riya was sitting next to Chakor. Riya; Chakor she whispered. Chakor; turned to her with a big smile yes. Riya; Jiju ka haath chordo / leave the hand of BIL. Chakor got red ? n left Suraj hand immidiately. Suraj was pissed he wanted to hold her hand for the rest of his life – y she took her hand away ? -. Suraj looked around n saw how Arjun n Bhagya were talking abt them – oh so that’s the reason -.

Naina couldn’t believe that she has no place in Suraj heart anymore – how can he forget those moments we had together? -.

She sitted next to Aryan who saw the
pissed face of Suraj – oh man what happen to him in the morning -. Naina saw the face of Suraj too – this is a gud opportunity -. Naina; Arjun Bhai, Bhagya Di u remember how we used to go out for a picnic? Won’t it be fun to have a picnic?. Bhagya; Haan n it’s Sona’s first picnic it has to be grand n after the picnic… Suraj; hear her voice n the way she stopped talking? What after the picnic? Arjun started to say but Bhagya stopped him  We have to go back my in laws would like to see their granddaughter… I hope u understand. Suraj made a face. But Aryan; try to cheer or better say tease him up Suraj this is now the best reason all looked at him. Aryan; to start ur own family. Uff he made a face Suraj punched him in his stomach. But Chakor got read n very shy ?. Arjun; took it as a great prank n said right now we will come back after u announce us that u r expecting. Chakor got red ?. Bhagya; yes that’s perfect. Aryan; with pain in his voice afterall I want to become an uncle too. Ouch. Riya; hmm even I want to become an aunty Suraj Jiju give me a promise to make as all happy asap ?. This time Suraj got red n shy ??.

Naina stood up in anger n left Aryan – hmm we have to do something against her I will talk to Riya maybe she will help me -. Riya was thinking the same – this stupid Naina ruins everything we have to do something I will ask Aryan -. Arjun; ok so it’s done today afternoon we will go for picnic. Suraj; y we have to go out we have a huge garden let’s have picnic here? All talked abt it n agreed as it’s easier for Arjun n Bhagya before leaving.

Chakor n Suraj were back in their room…

Aryan thought how to start thus conversation with Riya he went to her room he was abt to knock on the doir when it opens. Riya; happy to see him great I just was abt to meet u. Aryan; really? Riya nodded please come in. Aryan n Riya were sitting on the bed. Riya n Aryan started to talk at the same time. Aryan; lady’s first. Riya; Thank u. I wanted to talk to u abt this Naina. Aryan; me too. Riya; really now it was her who was surprised. Aryan; yes. I mean she should stop dragging in Suraj marriage life he moved on n she should stopp chasing him. Riya; exactly what I was thinking. Y is she doing this he clearly said he doesn’t love her anymore. Aryan; yes. But I don’t know y she is still thinking she might have a chance. Both thought; It’s an arrange marriage. We have to make them confess their love infront of all.
Bith made a plan.

Chakor was looking her clothes – for a picnic I should wear something else something… – Suraj came from the back n gave her a present. Chakor; took it n turned what is this? Suraj; open it. Chakor open it n it had a dress in a rose coloured neckholder summer dress she wore it on Wow thank u it’s very pretty. Suraj was happy seeing her smiling made him calm. 

They all met in the garden. Bhagya n Riya; wow Chakor u look gorgeous. Is it a new dress? Chakor smiled n nodded Suraj gave it me. Naina heard it – what he gave her a dress -. Bhagya; I never thought he would have such a great taste. Riya; please don’t underestimate my Jiju. Aryan; what don’t interesting my Jiju he made gestures with his hands. Please he isn’t the best. U shouldn’t underestimate my Bhabhi. Arjun n Bhagya got suspicious but didn’t say anything. Riya; oh please. I know Chakor n she can’t do anything. Aryan; what u mean? If I’m not wrong she is great in business, she got better marks than Suraj n is a sport woman m won a few marathons. Riya; yes but Suraj could have done this all too but he choose another way he is more sensible he has his foundation for helpless children n woman. Aryan n Riya were abusing Chakor n Suraj infront if all. Just to get one thing.

Sukor; stopp what is this kind of behaviour? How can u say something like this abt her/him. I just can’t believe this u hurt her/his feeling n my too. Don’t u dare to say another word against her/him. I will beat u up.

All looked at them. How they both reacted n talked synchronous n defending each one. Sukor saw the looks of all n were red again. Bhagya; Now I’m sure when we return we will here a happy news. Arjun; hmm maybe double need. KN n Teju; matlab / what u mean. Arjun; twins won’t be that wrong.

Sukor ? ?. Chakor run inside in shyness n Suraj followed her.

Aryan n Riya gave a high 5 ? to each other. Arjun; hmm it was a plan of u both. Aryan; yes to make them confess. Bhagya; well u hit the right target. Riya; finally. I hope even the rest of the others see how much they r in Love saying it she looked at Naina who was wildly angry but yeah she knew it no Suraj for he has moved on.

Suraj comes in n Chakor was sitting on the bed looking at her stomach. Suraj; moved forward Chakor r u fine? Chakor turned to him n nodded I… Suraj; 2. ✌…

Hope u liked it. Naina will leave on the next update n i may start to write abt Aryan n Riya a new couple ?.

  1. thanks di for long and cute sukor so much.Are chakor pregnent?

    1. Sukorian

      hopefully ? she is ? but it’s too soon. Thx happy u liked it

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved sukor’s romance at the breakfast table. Brillant plan by aryan & riya, loved the way sukor defended each other. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u next update will include a little bit Aryan n Riya romance ?

  3. Amazing update! Loved how Sukor held hand at breakfast and how everyone teased them. Sukor getting shy about having babies was so cute. Looking forward to the next part.

  4. Amazing update sukor r so cute

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