Sukor – an arranged marriage “Hidden Love” – Episode 6

Hi thanks a lot to all who liked the story so far. I hope to keep u enjoying.

Let’s start

Recap: Bhagya delivered a girl Sona. Suraj maamu is angry no1 called him… Sukor r at Chakors place.

Chakor was wearing the with dress with laces n Hugh heels which were too high for her n she couldn’t walk in them Suraj saw n react he catch her before she got hurt. Both shared an eyelock which showed the love of both increasing every moment.

The scream of Chakor was a call for Bhuvaan n Kasturi too but after seeing them in eacg others arm they let them stay alone n closed the door.

Chakor; Thank u. Suraj; it’s ok. He helped her out of the heels but the pain on her ankle was still there. Suraj; it seems like u twisted ur ankle right. Chakor nodded with a painful face. Suraj lift her up n lay her down on the bed. Suraj looked at the ankle he touched her feet softly his hands were cold but the touch was warm. Suraj; Suhj Gaya hai / it’s swollen. Where is the first aid kit. Chakor; at the cupboard she showed with the finger. Suraj went to the cupboard n opens the door. Chakors clothes were everywhere he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to see as it is her privacy but Chakor wasn’t watching him she just said it’s on the right corner. Suraj put his hand in n tried not to touch any private things of her. He found the aid kit n comes back to her. Chakor made a face as she wants to cry. Suraj couldn’t bear it. He took her feet n put it carefully on his lap. Suraj; ok it will be cold now but don’t worry. He took the cooling spray n sprayed it on her feet. He took a gel n put it gently on her swollen ankle n put a bandage on it. Chakor was mesmerized by his soft side she know him now only 3 days n she doesn’t know y she had this feeling of thousand of butterflies in her stomach – could it be loved? -. Suraj thought weren’t different – I hate it to see her in pain it feels like I’m suffering through the same pain as she does could it be love? -.

Chakor smelled food; Suraj let’s go for food mom n Dad must be waiting for us. She stood up forgetting the pain she screamed out ouch!. Suraj jumped up to hold her. Suraj relieved that he could catch her on time he took her in his arms n carry her down. Her eyes were sticked on him n her hands were around his neck.

Bhuvaan saw them n pinched Kasturi he signals with his eyes – look our new wed couple – Kasturi looked at bith n was more than happy that the decision to agree for this arrange marriage wasn’t wrong. She always wanted her daughter to marry the men of her choice but… (guess what some secrets remain or reveal someday). Kasturi; saw Chakors feet Chakor did u fall #well she knew what happen but…#. Chakor; I wore my high heels n twisted my ankle. Bhuvaan; is everything fine #of course it is I mean they saw the eyelock#. Suraj; all is fine I hold her on time but madam ? loves food n so she forget the injury n jumped up… I know u can imagine the rest of the story. Chakor made a face ?. Leave me. Suraj – what is this kind of behaviour -. Chakor; I said leave me. Suraj; r u sure. Chakor; yes I am. Suraj; ok fine don’t say I didn’t warn u. Chakor; what? Suraj left her n she fall on her backside (butts). Chakor; SURAJ! she hits his leg. Kasturi n Bhuvaan were surprised abt the act n react n started to laugh.

Suraj n Chakor were confused both were expecting anger n scold but no nothing. Suraj helped her up n helped her to walk to the table. Bhuvaan n Kasturi were sitting n filling their plates. Suraj whispers in Chakors ear sorry to say but r ur parents mad?. Chakor; what r u saying. Suraj; no no don’t take is seriously it’s just I let u fall n u hit me n they just ignored it laugh at us n left for breakfast. Hmm ?. Chakoe; what now? Suraj; u r a foodie r ur parents too. Chakor; no. Suraj; I was expecting that they will hit or scold me. Chakor; me too. Suraj; what’s this. Chakor; don’t know?. They eat on their chairs.

Bhuvaan; Suraj…
Suraj – Chalo beta ready ho jao daaht kahne keliye/ ok be ready for the scold- Yes Uncle.
Bhuvaan; give me the butter please.
Suraj; I’m so… what…?
Kasturi; Butter it’s infront of u.
Suraj saw it n passed to Bhuvaan.
Chakor; was losing the patient n asked her parents what kind of behaviour is this. y were u laughing n not shouting at us? he let me fall n I hit him. Kasturi n Bhuvaan looked at each other n said should we tell?
Chakor; yaa

Bhuvaan; did u hear the opposite is the biggest attraction.
Suraj n Chakor were confused.
Kasturi; U never fight before but if u fight u do with love.
Chakor; what do u mean.
Bhuvaan; he let u fall instead of getting annoyed u just gave him a clap n shout his name.
Kasturi; yeah n we went to sit he lift u up n helped u to walk. As ur feet is hurt.
Bhuvaan; Suraj please don’t mind it but does it hurt.
Suraj; what?
Kasturi; the way Chakor command u to let her down.
Suraj nodded yeah it does I helped her n care for her. N she shouts at me.
Chakor; but bcz u said I’m a hungry monster.
Suraj; oh madam it’s the true n btw it doesn’t mean anything.
Kasturi; wait beta. I’m not finish n Chakor control over urself. Chakor sitted with filled air in her mouth.
Kasturi; Suraj what hurt u more the way she talked or ur reaction.
Suraj looked at Chakor. She had turned her face n Suraj put his fingers on her chin to turn her to him.
Suraj; to let u fall hurt more.
Chakor; blow the air out I’m sorry. U can call me foodie.
Suraj; I don’t ok.
Bhuvaan; u both don’t know but we can see how much u like each other.
Sukor were looking at each other ignoring the others.

Kasturi; See like yet u r lost into each other. Bhuvaan; no reaction. Let them have ur breakfast.

Bhuvaan n Kasturi left Sukor alone both were lost. Suraj phone rings n both were back in sense. Chakor looked around – where r mom n dad? -. Suraj saw the number n disconnect it. Chakor looked at Suraj who was trying to ignore her glance n serving her food. Suraj; how is ur feet? still hurting? Chakor hold his hand she looked at him with a puppy face. Suraj; was more than confused he hold her face with his hand Chakor what is? Chakor; please serve me the pancakes. Suraj?; Sure here my princesses have ur pancakes.
Chakor smiled n was holding his face thank u for tolerating me n my madness. Suraj smiled at her.

They had their breakfast n Sukor were back in their room Suraj lifted Chakor #her feet wasn’t hurting any.ire?#. Chakor; Suraj…. May I ask u something. Suraj; sure but let me put u he looked around on the bed. Chakor nodded n smiled ?. Suraj put her carefully on the bed n looked again at the feet. Suraj holds his ears n said sorry. Chakor took his hands away she felt bad too she hugged him tightly n said I over react I know u were joking but I didn’t liked it. Promise me no more jokes abt my food habit ?. Suraj ? sure no more jokes abt ur food habit he touched her nose with his index finger. Chakor smiled n pulled him next to her on the bed. Suraj was kiting over her not next to her but she hasn’t any problem she trust him. Chakor tell me who called U? Suraj made a sad n angry face #sad face he was expecting another question, angry abt the person who called# Naina he said.

Chakor oh I understand may I ask abt the old relationship? Suraj I think u heared everything. Chakor nodded but was it really all? Suraj; yeah but I

… Chakor; what? Suraj; I asked to marry. Chakor doesn’t know y but this fact hurt her alot. Chakor; n what was her answer. Suraj; she said yes but before we could marry or get engaged she left for a 6 month tour saying she needs to find herself. In Europe she got an offer of a model agency n she stayed there it’s been 2 years now. What was she expecting I would wait for her after breaking my heart without a reason. No n besides that I think No I’m sure I made a gud decision afterall mom n dad’s choice is a…. Chakor; what??? She was excited to know. Suraj; a food queen. Chakor; Suraj!! she hits him with the pillow n he was laughing. Suraj turnover n lied over her the pillow between them but he put it away. Chakor got shy n looked away. Suraj hold her chin he put his palm on her lips she got scared she didn’t know know what he was abt to do he kissed her forehead she closed her eyes n he kissed her eyelids she formed a smile n Suraj felt it he kissed each cheek n he kissed his hand. Chakor kissed his palm as a reaction. Suraj removed his hand n was lying next to her they were holding hands.

They stayed quietly at the room n returned home at the evening. Suraj lifted her again but Chakor demanded to walk alone she feels better now n doesn’t know how the family would react but Suraj didn’t care abt it he took her n lifted her in. Chakor ?; Suraj please he shook his head. Chakor fine but u will explain. Suraj nodded I will. They enters the house n Suraj put her carefully on the couch.

The whole family was shocked ? that he carried her not that she is hurt they didn’t saw the bandage. But Suraj took a pillow n put it under her feet to give her a softer ground. Full family ?… n Suraj ? – really u guys r too much. I never undrstand what u want -. Teju n Bhagya; Chakor what happen. She explained it all n Suraj; where is Sona?. Bhagya wasn’t sure how to explain is up but. She is not alone. Suraj ok. Jiju is with her. Arjun; no I’m here. Suraj; then who is with her? Bhagya; Suraj please don’t get angry. Arjun; I know u will but she is family. Suraj; Naina…?. She is ur cousin he said to Arjun ur family not my. Chakor was sad to know abt his ex gf who was now at her home.

Suraj; she won’t stay here!. KN; Suraj try to understand. She will stay but not for long. Suraj was argueeing with all was ready to fight this side of him scared her but still she understood (U got a hint before). Chakor holds his hand n asked him to bring her up to their room. Suraj u want me to lift u up he whispered in her ear n she nodded. Suraj cared for her alot. Suraj putted her on their bed n Naina; enters the room Suraj.

Suraj anger came he was any to shout but Chakor put her palm in his lips n shook her head Sona she formed with her lips. Suraj nodded n understood he turned n smiled. Naina waa happy abt Suraj smile she wanted to come near n was any to enter the room but Suraj stopped her he showed on Chakor n her feet. Naina stopped Suraj asked for Sona n she gave it him. Suraj smiled n turned to Chakor who was smiling at him. Suraj thx. He turned back to Naina. He smiled n closed the door n locked it.

Chakor was speechless he come with Sona. Suraj; u know what I’m sure she wanna stay here. Chakor nodded n smiled she knew she can’t say no to his request.

On the side Naina was fooled by Suraj n was so angry. – Suraj this wasn’t right u made a mistake how could u do this to me. I won’t forgive u this u insulted me. I’m ur true love not that stupid what was her name… chm… Chakor… I will ruin ur married life u belong to me no1 can snatch u away. –

Chakor caresses Suraj head who was sleeping on her lap Sona was next to him n Chakor was lying no sitting on the bed.

Chakor – I know what u want n u can’t tell it me bcz u don’t know me. But Suraj I’m sure I won’t deny u. Sona brings a smile on ur face n I won’t to do it too. I know we are not in this stage of our relationship but I know we will reach it soon or later n then I will fullfill ur wish of having ur own child ? – Thinking of it made her smile shyly.

Suraj wasn’t sleeping he had the same thoughts of having an own family. – Chakor I will wait as long as u wish but I will never hurt or force u. Chakor I think I love u -.
Chakor – I can’t bear Naina here I know she gives u pain n ur pain kills me. I want to see u happy n smiling. The anger in ur eyes scared me but ur soft smile made me realise how easily u can forget if u got a reason to. I’m happy that Sona can bring ur smile back -.
Suraj – Chakor I don’t know how u feel right now but I will do my best. Not to hurt or harm u. I know u said u don’t care abt my past but every1 has one n it hurts. who knows maybe u have too. Someday when u feel it’s right tell me I won’t be angry -.

Chakor – Suraj even I have a past but I can’t tell u it n it yet… –

A tear dropped on Suraj face. He wasn’t sure what to do but I thought its better not to do anything she should cry if she wants it’s the best medicine. But Chakor didn’t cry she gave him a kiss on his cheek n rested her head/ face on his n fell asleep like him.


  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. The breakfast part was nice, loved sukor’s cute fight. The way kasturi & bhuvan tried to make sukor understand their feelings towards each other was nice. Sukor had a past. Suraj’s past is revealed waiting for chakor’s past. Hate naina. Loved how chakor understood suraj’s feelings towards naina. Loved how sukor understand each other’s wishes.
    Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      oh thank u I’m very happy u liked it. Haan Naina kabab main haadi… ?. Don’t worry she won’t come between them ?

  2. Missed ur ffs for long time…try to upload all ffs regularly dr…

    Awesome epi…loved sukor cuteness ..kiss was so cute…waiting for next eagerly…

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ya I’m trying n I hope to upload earlier. Im happy u liked it.

  3. Amazing update! Loved Sukor scenes. their eylocks, how Suraj catches Chakor and their sweet kisses, they’ve started to fall in love. Loved how Bhuvan and Kastori reacted to Sukor closeness and their talk with Sukor. Both are thinking of starting a family ???. Love how Suraj can’t stand Naina and Chakor’s understanding of his feelings. Looking forward to reading about Chakor’s past.

    1. Sukorian

      yeah I’m trying to write this ff in a different way n I won’t stop this time a baby will come ?. Yeah n only Kasturi knows abt it.

  4. It was so good and nice.I loved it.??

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    plz update it soon.

    1. Sukorian

      my pleasure ?

  6. Loved all ur updates at once heart connection was amazing please dont end that soon and sorry i couldn’t comment on that page cuz of exams but thier finally over and this is my fav ff so much emotion everyweek the breakfast and the kiss was amazing and loved how sukor care for one another i wanna know chakor past and naina is bk what she doesn’t know is that suraj hates her and loves chakor cant wait for next update please update soon

    1. Sukorian

      thank u so much heart connection is going on but love happens might end soon. Thank u again.

  7. Tiippu

    Waited all week for this love how sukor bond is developing and how sukoe understand 1 another without having to express much emotion sukor realised they love one another and care alot for one anothee please update soon i wanna know chakor past amazing ff keep going!

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