Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Yuvraaj what is he doing with Suhani by staying in loveless marriage. Yuvraaj is shocked and says Suhani… Dadi says she is clever, she helped you to remove Soumya and stay here. She speaks against Suhani. Suhani comes and says she is still trying to solve that problem, and brings her bag. Pratima stops her and asks where is she going. Suhani says she is going her home. Pratima says this is your house. Suhani says no, I was brought here without wish, and I tried to make them accept me, but this could not happen. She says she is leaving this house.

Pratima says no, this is your house and everyone accepted you, so you are still here after so many plannings of people. Suhani says dad says I m lucky to get a life partner like Yuvraaj, even I believe my fate is good, but it does not mean I make my good fate Yuvraaj’s bad fate, and if I want to stay with my love, even he has full right to stay with his love. She says when we love someone, we see his happiness, not our selfishness. She says so I m leaving for his happiness, and I m going far from him. Pratima asks what is she saying, and asks Yuvraaj what did he say to her.

Suhani says no, nothing happened, we have corrected mistake by uniting Krishna and Soumya, I want to go from here and rectify my dad’s mistake, I don’t want him to bear the punishment all his life. Sharad says but Suhani… Suhani nods no and cores. She starts leaving. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to stop her, why is he standing. Yuvraaj says Suhani and she stops holding her dupatta. She turns and sees snoopi holding her dupatta. She says no snoopi, let me go.

Dadi says its good this girl is going, we can have a peaceful breath. He holds Suhani’s hand and stops her. She asks why, do you love me. He is stunned and looks at her. He says Suhani….. and leaves her hand. The thread also falls down. Pratima cries. Dadi says she does not care if Soumya is here or not, but she can’t see Suhani here. Ramesh cries and gives her phone. She asks why is he crying. Ramesh says Suhani is going. Dadi thanks Lord that Suhani is leaving by her own.

Suhani comes out. Dadi takes the call and a man says the new cream consignment got rejected and they faced a big loss. Dadi says what…. (Suhani – Ghar’s Laxmi is stepping out and Birla’s face a huge financial loss) Dadi asks what nonsense. The man says I m saying truth, we have got bad name. Dadi says I will call later and calls Saxena. He sits counting money and she asks him why did the loss happened. He says I will manage everything, its hyped. Dadi says no one should call me and trouble. Saxena says no one will trouble, don’t worry.

Rags and Menka come to Dadi. Menka says Suhani left and no one stopped. Rags says it did not matter to anyone. Menka says its fun. Dadi says she is tired and going to rest. Rags says yes, now it will be everything good after she left. Dadi leaves. Rags says why is Dadi upset. Menka says as Suhani and Soumya left from here, her life will be boring.

Suhani is on the way and recalls Yuvraaj, and looks at the pearl. The driver stops the car and says engine got hot, it will take some time. She says she will be at tea stall and asks him to call her when engine gets fine. He says fine. She sits there and cries. Yuvraaj comes and holds her tear in his hand. She smiles seeing him. He opens his arms and she realizes its her imagination. She turns and sees him drinking tea sitting beside her. The driver says car is fine, come. She smiles seeing Yuvraaj and leaves. She turns and does not see him.

Yuvraaj is at home and smiles recalling Suhani. He stands at the window and says Suhani…. Suhani comes to her home and opens the gate. She sees lock at her home and says where did mum and dad go at this time. Sharad asks Pratima to have medicine. Pratima says how did I let her go, I should have stopped her. He says its not your mistake, everything will be fine. Saurabh and Anuj come home from shopping and ask Sharad to call Suhani, first gift is for her. He asks why is mum crying. Sharad says Suhani left home. Saurabh asks what, but why. Sharad says she feels Yuvraaj does not love her, Pratima tried to stop but.. Saurabh asks her will she just try to stop him, if he leaves the house, I did not expect this from you.

Pratima says he is right, if she is adamant that she will not stay here, its my decision to get her back. They all smile and hug her.

Lata and Pankaj come home from outing and say will Yuvraaj like the watch. He says you don’t know him, he loves relations, not money. They are shocked to see Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvraaj is an ass.

  2. Nice episode …and when will be suhani changing accprding to her grandmas opion ….why she is vry ziddim…if she her love and that family listen to grandma…she knowing also she cant do it..

  3. Hey yuvraj dnt u hav mouth or un vaikulla kolakataya iruku,yaar open ur mouth n say tat u love her,cnt u c her feelings,pain,tears huuuhhh,disgusting i sure u feel vry bad in absence of suhani n confess ur love anyways lov u dr :-* love u yuvani <3 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 B-)

    1. Hey suchi.. U tamilian??

      1. Yes i am

  4. Suhani really broke. …
    I think yuvraj will miss suhani and realise his love for her and he will go to take her ….
    More and more loss will show tht dadi tht these bad hapenings are coz of suhani’s out of birla house ……

  5. Nice episode yuvraj fells her absence wow ? ?????

  6. Atleast yuvraj should stop her but he is realy behave like a *** . I hate that old hag

    1. Accrdng to serial yuvraj is vgn so he is ashamd to express his feelng infront of pratima bt soon will do it give time to practice himself b4 tellng suhani coz its not small thing to express feelng to someone

  7. Laging

  8. S ayisha im tamilian pa n u

  9. so sad suhani!

  10. Very good suhani

  11. suchi u tamil onaku hindi poriyuma

  12. Nice episode bt yuvraj u shud stop Suhani! I dnt like ur attitudes towards Suhani! U r acting like a dumboooooooo

  13. S hello puriyum 1 or 2 words puriyathu

  14. Nice episode!

  15. Yuvi & co do not even have the courtesy to drop the namesake wife/friend in her house. So illogical.

  16. Guys calm down I read in the spoiler that suhani will return to BH bc they r suffering don family loss and yuvraj will be happy to see her but suhani will make it clear to everyone that she’s only here to help and then she’ll leave so yuvraj feels hurt listening to that and he decides to say those 3 magical words to suhani and he will say I love you to suhani in the upcoming episodes so guys relax and enjoy it bc the moment we r all waiting for is about to come in the upcoming episodes btw today’s episode was amazing the part when suhani and yuvraj miss each other that was so cute!!

  17. He will realize his mistake wen suhani leaves

    1. zeysha sinha

      i hop so!

  18. NSad episode

  19. Guys sum1 is misusing my name so i put d sympol in my name u can find its me suchi old comentr

  20. zeysha sinha

    criously suhani

  21. zeysha sinha

    criously suhani???.aur yuvraj wk up plz.

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