Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Soumya that he has forgiven her, and its fine now, else he would have not seen her face and he just had dinner with her. She smiles. Its morning, Sharad, Saurabh and Anuj have a talk. They joke on Menka’s foolishness. Saurabh gets a call and leaves. Yuvraaj comes and says everyone got fever when it came to drop Pratima, I told her not to go this time, as its Suhanu’s first new year. Yuvraaj says you should have woke me up, Pratima went to pray for Suhani. Saurabh comes and asks him about his date night with Suhani. Menka says yes, and asks about the food. They tease him. Rags comes and asks Menka to come to her. Saurabh asks how was your date. Yuvraaj says what are you asking and smiles. Anuj says Yuvraaj is shy and Suhani is sleeping.

Menka and Rags are shocked and drop a glass. Yuvraaj says it was not a date, when I came back, Suhani was sleeping, and Soumya was awake and served me food. Sharad asks what. Yuvraaj says I had food and slept, don’t find any headlines, let me go, there is nothing here. He leaves. Saurabh says I thought they spoke romantic and they will gift each other, but the scene is something else here. Lets go and prepare for party. Sharad gets worried.

Yuvraaj wakes up Suhani saying samosas have come. She opens her eyes and asks where are the samosas. He laughs. She says its my happy new year, as I have seen your laughing face. He says yes, but I m laughing on my intelligence. She says I can run for samosas. He says he is angry as she slept and did not wait for him for dinner. She says sorry Yuvrraaj. He says I had to bear all this. She asks is he angry. He says no, very happy, I was chilling with my friends and you called me here. She says I told Soumya to wake me up. He says you were sleeping. She says I had allergy and took medicine for it, and got sleepy. He says don’t make excuses, if I did this, you would have created big issue. She says sorry.

He says next time I will not make dinner plan, it was good Soumya was awake, else I would have slept hungry, she served me food. She says how was she awake, she told me she is going to sleep being tired. He says maybe in your dreams, she gave me company. Suhani apologizes to Yuvraaj. He says no, I won’t forgive you. She talks innocently and convinces him finally. He shows her face in the mirror and says you look Sadu more than me, I don’t think I looked more Sadu than this. She says yes. He asks her to smile, he was joking, he is not angry. They smile. She says it means you are in my effect now, and says Amitabh’s lines. He says its too much. She says I m like this. They see Soumya hearing them.

He says Soumya you lost, I told you no one can handle jokes better than Suhani. Suhani asks why. Yuvraaj tells her that Soumya had bet with me, and I said no one is better than Suhani. Soumya says I came to see you, fine, I will come later. She leaves. Suhani says I forgot to say bye to Pratima. She asks why did he not stop Pratima from going. He says because of you, Pratima went to seek prayers for you to get you some sense, how can I stop her. She says she is doing good work, once I get senses, I will donate it to you, as you need a lot, and it will give me peace. He twists her hand and says say sorry. She says sorry. He says no, first tell me, you will not tease Yuvraaj Birla the great. She says fine, leave me. Music plays……………… He leaves her. She says fine, but when you get angry and swell your nose, I will just smile and I will donate some sense to you. He says I won’t leave you. She says even I want this and smiles, locking herself in washroom.

Dadi tells Soumya that Suhani is coming in between, Yuvraaj loved you and still does. Soumya asks how to confirm. Dadi says if you tell him everything, we can know it. She says yes, he was very comfortable with me yesterday night and we spoke a lot, I feel he still likes me. Dadi says I m sure of it. Suhani comes to them and thanks to Soumya for giving company to Yuvraaj for dinner. She says the old bangles have come from jeweler shop. Dadi says its not old, but ancestral. She sees the bangles.

Dadi goes in hall and says I have to give something to Suhani. Yuvraaj talks to driver and Soumya comes to him. She says our choices match, its so strange. He says whats so strange, many people have same choices. Dadi gives Suhani the party arrangements responsibility. Suhani says I will not let you complain, and do my best. Dadi says Rags and Menka will help you. Soumya says I want to tell something to you, its strange. He asks what, say. Sharad looks at them and tells snoopi that Soumya is after Yuvraaj, she blamed you and now she is after Suhani. Soumya says I know its very late, but I have to say it, I….. Snoopi barks at Soumya and she falls on the ground.

Sharad asks what are you doing snoopi, did you take revenge for fish incident. Soumya asks is this dog mad. Yuvraaj says please don’t say him anything. Sharad says yes, he is close to Yuvraaj, snoopi is everyone’s friend except you, it looks like he is annoyed, forgive her Snoopi. Soumya says I m fine and goes inside the house. Dadi talks to Rags and Menka. Rags and Menka agree to keep Suhani away from Yuvraaj and bring Soumya close. Bhavna tells Suhani that its six month to her marriage now, and we have told I love you for the first time. She says Amit has said me I love you and I m very happy.

She asks Suhani did this happen with you, I know he might have told I love you to you before marriage. Suhani says yes. Bhavna says don’t be shy, we will meet in party and talk. Suhani ends the call and says he did not tell me till now, he is always busy in anger and even I could not say.

Soumya gets ready in Yuvraaj’s fav color saree. Suhani says I should tell Yuvraaj. Soumya says I should tell him that I love him too.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i love suhani……………………………….

  2. soumyais so selfish. first she avoids yuva and now she feels for it. because of her suhani,is also affected

  3. idiot soumya really hate her now a days suhani lukng cute ven talkng with yuvraj d way she clng yuvraj is cute lyk child

  4. Sowmya go back to your house .yuvraj is only for suhani.rags frist see your life.

  5. everyone has their own options in case of’s a piece of cake.what’s there on it?

  6. sa, don’t crack such jokes.soumya! can she be matched with beauty? oh kanha………….

  7. @gaurav
    Tum bilkul sahi hi lekin ek chiz hai ki woh fashionabke dikne ki koshish zaroor karthi hai lekin dknee me toh ulti aa jaati hai

  8. hey sa,yuvraj ‘once’ loved soumya, not now.okay?just think-beauty can get spoil on any time.clear????

  9. Oh hello!!!! soumya and beautiful??!!
    Good joke ha..ha…ha. has anyone noticed her clothes and fashion sense janbujkar fashionable dikhne ki koshish karti hai.

  10. yes right. beauty is nothing. soumya is a dot in front of suhani’s personality.

  11. dear sa, beauty lies within ones heart.plz realize soumya is wrong.she is after money & not after yuvraj.

  12. but soumya loves yuvraj. he also loved her once. she is beautiful.

    1. Beauty is nothing….. Happiness and peacefulness is more important

  13. i think yuvraj will not accept sowmya. he very happy with suhani.

  14. iam afraid that yuvraj may accept soumya.if it’s so then it is better to stop watching the show

  15. yes they are adorable,so cute love them

  16. Suhani & Yuvraj scenes are so cute…….

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