Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam asking someone to come and help. He can’t manage things alone. Krishna collide with him. He asks her to see and walk. Yuvraaj smiles seeing everyone celebrating. Suhani thanks him for bringing light. He asks her not to let things spoil becuase of Saiyyam, its not her mistake. Saiyyam sees them and drops the diya oil on the floor. He thinks he will not leave Kumar for calling him a mistake, and ignites fire in the ghee to hurt Yuvraaj. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to come. Yuvraaj goes to ignite crackers and Suhani stands near the fire. Bhavna asks Suhani to come. Yuvraaj sees the fire and pulls Suhani. He leaves her seeing the kids. He asks are you fine. Yuvaan asks are you fine Maa. She says yes.

Yuvraaj gets worried seeing the fire. Saiyyam looks on. He goes and meets a detective. He gives Yuvraaj’s pic and says he says he is Kumar, a music teacher, I want all his details soon. The man leaves. Yuvani thinks of Yuvraaj and Suhani. Saiyyam comes home. She asks are you coming from party. He says yes, any problem, this is my house also, I can do anything I want, none knows about that master ji.

She says maybe, who says master ji in this age. He says master ji is also old, I will find his truth at any cost. He goes. She thinks my brother does not agree to me, but Saiyyam’s thinking matches with me. He says wow, it was easy to convince her that our thinking matches, good job, Suhani’s happy family pic is going to break soon.

Its morning, Yuvraaj comes for breakfast. Suhani recalls their old days. Bhavna stops Suhani from going to him. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to come and have breakfast with them. Suhani says Yuvaan drinks this juice after jogging, what will you take. Yuvani says song, I mean he will sing a song for us first, then we will have breakfast. Kumar Sir you are music teacher and were in college with Papa and Chachu, give us privilege too. Pratima and Suhani say let him have breakfast first. Yuvani says fine sorry, I was saying as Diwali got spoiled because of Saiyyam, everyone’s mood is bad, I thought things will get fine if Sir sings a song.

Saiyyam looks on and thinks wow she is my sister, she knows to convince people. Yuvani gets guitar and gives to Yuvraaj. Bhavna thinks what is Yuvraaj doing. Sharad closes eyes. Saiyyam and Yuvani smile, when Yuvraaj can’t play guitar. Yuvani says Maasi, your music teacher does not know playing guitar.Yuvraaj keeps guitar and says yes, I don’t know playing any musical instrument. Sharad thinks is Yuvraaj going to say truth. Yuvraaj says you need to sing by heart and do not need music, I promise you that. Saiyyam thinks master ji will be master ji, he is giving lecture before singing. Yuvraaj says this is my, your dad and Sharad’s fav song, whenever your mom was upset, your dad used to sing this.

Yuvraaj sings Chukar mere mann ko…… Suhani smiles. Everyone clap. Saiyyam thinks master ji thinks he is very intelligent, I will see him. Yuvaan talks to Krishna about Kumar Sir, and says I m confused. She says he is Yuvraaj’s friend, and Suhani gets her memories revived. He says when he could not play guitar, I had a doubt. She says explain Yuvani not to doubt. Saiyyam gifts walking support sticks to Krishna. She gets hurt and angrily takes it. Saiyyam comes and says congrats, you got the gift, you are not able to walk well by this walker, I will help and show how to use it. Yuvaan asks him not to be smart, get lost. Saiyyam asks will you call music teacher to beat me. He says Krishna to control her boyfriend Yuvaan. He leaves. Yuvaan says Krishna you did not do this right and leaves angrily.

Pratima calls Krishna. Krishna says I kept flowers and prasad. They leave for temple. Saiyyam asks Yuvani why are you annoyed. She says Krishna is always with Dadi, I feel like stranger, you can understand this feeling. He says yes, I m not scared to tell my feelings to anyone, you should also try. She says its no use, thank God, Rags and Dadi are with me, you should also have someone like that. He thinks you are with me, you started feeling bad for me.

Kinners come and say there is a boy born in this house. Bhavna says stop, who told you. Kinner asks Suhani to give them money as she had a son. Sharad says you are mistaken. Saiyyam says why are you lying, I m the new son and none accepted me, anyways have this money, Maa should do this, I will do this, its same. Yuvraaj looks on. Saiyyam says Lord save my mum from all bad sight. Suhani says you came in my life, what more bad sight will catch me. She gets sad.

Suhani says how can they blame a mum, I went to orphanage, I asked for my son, they said someone took you, I did not know Yuvraaj that he will become a devil like his father. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dragging. Precap from two days ago shown today. Maybe truth will come out this week but who by? Saiyyam or yuvraj & Suhani? Yuvani already has doubts and saiyyam is influencing her. Who did saiyyam call though to come and help him? Will the family break?

  2. Stupid writers just dragging…. no sense… now they can know the truth…. saiyyam n yuvani r together….. stupid thinking…. pls tell the truth to the kids….nonsense writers

  3. Guys, any of u noticed………??????

    Sahil looks r something changes….. he became fatty…… or I’m only1 to notice…. firstly he so thin now he too became fatty as rajshri……. but rajshri is okay….. but sahil is fatty…… they r doing competition…???
    Kon banega mota n moti…?? ….. I really love rajshri as a sweet person than the sahil….

    1. Lol somi??…kaun banega mota ya moti….juz boring yaar…me too love rajjo a lot …shez pure at heart…

    2. Ya really she is not selfish….. she is good from heart

  4. Wow , don’t know what to say about this episode … Feeling?sad couldn’t see this episode… Seriously Yuvani seemed more like Sayyam sister(at least) …. Just wish just like Sayyam said Krishna Yuvaan as couples that should happen … Today Sayyam seemed sadistic… And just like he called Suhani ‘maa’, she should call him ‘son’ too..

    1. Aqsxxh

      I need to see him calling his mother maa- it would put a smile on my face x

    2. I need to watch it too…

    3. It is sad, I know people are upset with me, for not able to take suhani, for being a rape victim.

      But how can I, I know mother out there that have child from rape. They lied to that child, in order to protect them. They never tell them the truth, of what happened to them.

      Suhani is handing things badly, saiyyam has that right to be angry. Suhani should have understood this, because she chose to give birth to him.
      You you need to understand this, you have asked yourself how would you feel if your mother abandoned you.
      The way suhani is acting right now, it like the only person that would have loved saiyyam, is his rapist father. Think about it.

    4. Aqsxxh

      True mo I agree- Suhani should be the mature one- but Sayyam has to also control his anger.

      Anger is breaking his ties even more- if he maybe calms down a little Suhani will accept him, but Suhani must also understand his anger- he was dumped in the orphanage when he still had a mother who was capable of providing motherly love!
      Sambhav would’ve gladly raised his son- but it would’ve been in a very bad way.
      Tbh they messed up Sambhav’s character- he was such an amazing character, instead of breaking YuvAni, he could’ve brought them together in a sensible way like Rohan did.

    5. Amalina

      i agree… this suhani’s behavior is only influencing sayyam to become a devil like his father. suhani is the reason for sayyam’s hatred. suhani, at least think, what would you have done if u found out that your mum killed your dad and threw u in orphanage??? u will obviously hate her, and be sympathetic towards ur dad and feel sad for him. dis suhani should tell sayyam the truth asap. at least sayyam if she’s not gonna tell yuvan and yuvani.

      btw guys do u like yuvan-krishna and sayyam-yuvani as a couple???

      really missing yuvani-krishna bond!

    6. True only Sambhav could have loved, but Sambhav didn’t deserve to live.. & Suhani should tell Sayyam that she returned for him, then may be something could have happened…

    7. To mo & Aqsxxh, Sayyam is having a spoiled teen mentality… He just needs to know Suhani returned for him. Maybe his mind will change…

  5. Stupid writer,where is it heard in the world where a woman will get raped and then becomes pregnant through rape,and then decided to keep such baby. This is unbelievable and cannot happen in this world . Writer you have lost it completely.

    1. I agree….. the writers r fool n making viewers fools

    2. Aqsxxh

      I wouldn’t have the guts to abort my child- even if it is through rape. I don’t know I would feel guilty- but that is just me…

  6. Whats happening…daily ders fire on sets…aagh se holi khelrahe ya diwali manarahehai ye log…ultra boring track..daily my rajjo is crying…missing cute smile on her face…

    1. Literally boring…. no yuvani charm nowadays…. they r really acting as a old parent….. we already lost saraj n now yuvani too….. from last 9 months they r separated….. nothing progress…. boring..

      Credit goes 2 writers for the stupid leap after leap

  7. How stupid is the serial .writer seems he lost track or not able to tie the ends.when yuvraj went to jail children were 6/7 years old.and sayyam was not born at all. But children were not able to recognise yuvraj when he returned from jail but the boy who was sent to orphanage the day he was born knew who his father was,and yuvraj and cane to take revenge.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly- I am questioning on how Sayyam knows who his parents are!
      I don’t think fake Dadi could’ve raised him!
      I highly doubt it!
      well knowing the writers it is possible.
      The writers have lost the plot.
      And you are absolutely right.

  8. Aqsxxh

    Guys- you know what I found really funny.
    They make SuhBhav’s child really good looking, and YuvAni’s child- ermmmm well I can’t say ugly as it is a bit rude, but not as goodlooking as Sayyam.

    Sorry that just makes me laugh- they make the “devil Spawn” the better looking one- the one that was supposed to be messed up! XD

    1. I heard devils look look better … Sayyam’s face suits his personality… Doesn’t matter about face , it only about the character’s personality.. Sayyam’s personality is the best…??

  9. Why dragging so much.suhani should tell truth n end this nonsense.yuvan yuvani looks doubtly to suhani n this crap u show.cvs r senseless n mad.yuvani doubts on her mothers caracter it is so cheap.n plssss suhani ko dark makeup karke uske beauty kam karrahe ho.saraj looks so cute than new cast.plsss unite yuvraj n suhani asap

    1. I agree…. just dragging make no sense

  10. we need YuvAni reunion no scenes bw them lasts for more than 5 mins bt really yuvani n sayyam look like bro n sis, cute

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