Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj telling Soumya that someone else gave her the anklet and leaving. Soumya sees her and thinks he lied seeing Suhani, and smiles. Suhani tells Sharad that she felt Soumya was returning the gift to him, and he refused. He asks did she hear it. She says no, but I felt so. Krishna asks her dad why did he give 20000 to mum for shopping. His dad says I just gave 10k. He asks him to ask how did she get more money and asks her. Rakhi comes and argues with Krishna. Lalita says you saved me today and they leave.

Sharad tells Pratima that he does not know why Soumya did nto wear anklet and they see Suhani tensed. He says her doubt would have gone if she saw her wearing it. Soumya tells Dadi that her anklet broke. Dadi asks her to get it repaired and wear to show Yuvraaj. Sharad says what will Suhani do when she gets to know the truth. Pratima says she will understand it, she is strong, we are there for her. Ramesh comes and Sharad asks him to do his work. Ramesh says I have something to make her mood good. Pratima smiles.

She says don’t trouble her. Sharad says yes, see how I make her smile. She leaves. Sharad goes to Suhani. He shows the samosas and tries to divert her. She says even I like them, but I promised that I will not eat samosa, to show Yuvraaj that I love him more than samosas. He says then you can’t fail so soon. Dadi says we have to plan and Soumya will do everything so that we kick out Suhani, I will plan for her.

Menka says it means we are useless, you don’t value us. She fills Rags’ ears. Rags gets angry and leaves. Menka goes after her and says stop, see how Dadi showed your place. Rags says both of us. Menka says I m used to this, but you get habitual to get kicked out. Bhavna packs gifts and they are happy. Pankaj packs more gifts and Lata says she is giving us a good news, so she deserves this.

He says lets go and meet Suhani now. Bhavna sees the sweet boxes and shows them. Sharad reminds Suhani what all Soumya did, and she should find the truth. He asks her not to trust Soumya. Soumya wears the anklet and shows Yuvraaj. She says thanks. He asks why thanking me. She says fine sorry. Sharad asks Suhani to clear her doubt. Yuvraaj says he is confused by Soumya and she asks him to relax and she will not say anything now. Ramesh asks Suhani to come, as her parents came. Suhani goes to them. Soumya asks Yuvraaj to make her wear the anklet, and shows him how to tie the loops. Menka comes and asks him to come, as Suhani’s parents came. He leaves. Menka asks Soumya to listen to Dadi and do as she says. Soumya leaves. Menka smiles and praises herself.

Suhani hugs Pankaj and they get glad. Suhani says she is fine and happy seeing her family. She asks Pankaj why did he not call her. He says he was busy in work. Pratima comes and greets them. They all come and sit. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to give some sweets and gifts to them. He does so and gives Pankaj.

Pankaj says he is feeling weird to take gifts form son in law and Dadi taunts them badly. Pankaj keeps the gifts back and Yuvraaj stops him, saying its fine if Pratima wants so. Dadi says as you wish, and continues taunting Pankaj as he has made Yuvraaj do what he wanted. Yuvraaj says even I want this, as mum wants this. Soumya likes the colors. Dadi says she will not bear the colors and she will not ignore the rules for Pratima. Rags says we don’t plays colorful Holi, so please take everything back. Pankaj says sorry, we did not know, else this mistake would not be done. Dadi taunts Pratima, and Suhani defends her.

She says all evil ends in Holi and new morning starts. Rags says why to spoil faces for it, Dadi once had rashes by color and holi is banned in this house. Dadi asks Soumya to throw the colors outside. Suhani looks at Yuvraaj.

Suhani asks Sharad why is he going in Soumya’s room. He says to find proof. He starts finding and she stops him. She sees something and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No progress in the show

  2. huh no progress!!!

  3. move it fast

  4. Waited so long for such a disappointing update.

  5. Why does Sharadh not want Yuvraaj to see the DVD? If he watches it won’t it prove that Soumya has not changed? And wouldn’t he then kick Soumya out of birla house? Such a stupid storyline. This could be a really good serial if the writers wake up and realise that their audience is not stupid.

    1. yes verosha u tell the true why does sharadh not want yuvraaj to see the DVD???!!!!!!!!!!! really it getting boring i cant wait antill suhani see the true and plz stop it make the movie interesting

  6. Getting boring. Hadd hai suhani ko janbujkar bevkuf dikha rahe hai taki show ko aur khichne lage. Abhi abhi to show top10 me enter hua tha aur nikal bhi gaya.writter iss sudden and unexpected success ko handle nahi kar paye lagta hai.!!! I am also leaving this show from today .will only read it.dont want to waste time in watching this trashhhh.

  7. Hey guys! &tv channel programs are very good. Plz go and watch it.i personally liked it.

    1. i know right..i started watching begusaraay..

  8. Wat was gng on this s not gud very bad show this dadi s iratating idiot

  9. this show is moving along soooooo slow… Really enjoying Ye Hai Mohabbatein now…

  10. Hi everyone

  11. Getting irritated by this Suhani. I have not seen what favour her friend has done for her to believe her blindly. Her friend tried an attempt to murder on her and she is ignoring it and looking for some silly proof of wearing a payal. It is the height of stupidity. And is the friend going to get away with such a serious charge? What about the account of Pratimaji and Sharad, who always stood by her. Does that not mean anything to this blind fool?

  12. Hello Friends U guys need to stop watching this show! And stop commenting on this show.I can see how much u effort u guys put to this show.N till now nothing is moving! Same bullshit! I have stopped watching this show.I go online once in a while to read abt it. Sometimes I don’t even read it I just scroll down n read the comments! So guys they is a lot more shows better than this crap!

  13. really boring episode..!!!

  14. kab tak yahi chalega yaar, story line aage hi nahi badh raha hai…. I wish yuvraj ko us soumya ka evil side jaldh hi dikh jaaye…I want to see good chemistry between yuvaani…. hope director ye comments par ghaur kare…

  15. I think Yuvraaj is pretending to be nice to soumya to show Sushani her true Color.He didn’t wanna go up to her just like that and confess the truth to her because she would have never believe her best friend soumya could betrayed her.So he left with no choice.He had to pretend to be nice to soumya.Yuvraaj will never betrayed Sushani.And it seems like sharada join hands with Yuvraaj.This what I think! Lol I’m not too sure.

  16. Hey guys forget this tired boring old show! !!! You should watch Yeh hai overwhelm and Diya Aur Baati. ….fast moving shows with interesting story lines. Producers put an end to the show. …We the viewers have given you many chances to improve but you refuse, and now we refuse to watch your show with poor actors such as Neha Yadav (Souyma).

  17. Should be Yeh Hai Mohabattein

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