Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj resting in Dadi’s lap and talking to her. She says she will make all the problems easy. Rags asks Menka what to wear. Menka says this black saree and Rags scolds her, as Dadi does not like black. Menka says she is showing truth to Rags, her good days will never come back, as she hates Suhani and Soumya hates her. Yuvraaj says we know each other’s heart. Dadi says as he love each other and kisses his forehead. She asks him to get ready.

Suhani tries to make Soumya realize and shows the costly beautiful necklace Dadi gifted her, she likes it. Soumya says yes. Suhani shows the bridal lahenga, like she wanted since childhood. She says she should wear this if she gets happy. Rags and Menka come and take their pics. Rags taunts Suhani and Menka laughs showing the pics. Rags says Suhani’s life will change now. Suhani says yes, I will always remember this day.

She gets sad and looks on. Yuvraaj brings Soumya to the temple. She asks why did we come here. He asks why, is there any problem, come. She recalls marrying Krishna in the same temple. Yuvraaj asks her to come. Soumya recalls her marriage and asks Yuvraaj to come. He asks why, its so peaceful, whats the problem. Lata cries and asks Pankaj why did he not say that Soumya is marrying Yuvraaj, Suhani’s life is at stake. He asks her not to worry, as Yuvraaj promised him. She says why did Soumya do this. He says I m worried as the marriage is today and they did not call me, don’t know what does Yuvraaj want to do.

Yuvraaj makes Soumya see Krishna. He asks Soumya to come and she stares at Krishna. Krishna gives dakshina to pandit and says now this marriage won’t happen. Soumya says he cancelled his marriage. He says so what, who will marry such man. Krishna says he values marriage and knows he can’t marry anyone if he does not love, I will always love Soumya. She looks on.

Soumya comes home and Rags asks her to get ready, pandit ji will be coming. Pratima takes Yuvraaj with him. Rags and Menka have a talk. Soumya gets ready and Suhani makes her sit. Suhani says she missed her a lot when she married. Soumya says I was starting a new life with Krishna.

Pratima scolds Yuvraaj and panics. He says Soumya will refuse, as she came to know Krishna broke his marriage and still loves her. She says if she does not refuse then… Dadi comes and asks Pratima not to make Yuvraaj say anything. She asks Yuvraaj to come with her. Dadi says she has done all this for him, as he loves Soumya. Pratima says but he does not love her now. Dadi says I don’t care, and makes him swear on her that he will marry Soumya for her sake.

He recalls the promise given to Pankaj. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to think about marriage. Dadi asks him not to think about Pratima, he will be getting his love now. Yuvraaj asks Dadi not to worry, marriage will happen today in this mandap. Dadi gets glad. Suhani is in house temple. Pratima comes and says she will not let her go anywhere. Suhani asks her to accept it.

Pankaj calls her. Pratima asks her to take the call. He asks Suhani shall I come there. Suhani says no need to worry, as Yuvraaj is with me, I m sure he will make everything fine, he did not lose, he will fight till end and win too. Soumya recalls Krishna. Suhani asks her what is she thinking. Soumya says nothing. Suhani says you are ready for the marriage, come.

Yuvraaj says we have to wait. Sharad says he has one solution and asks him to run away. Sharad lies to Dadi and she says there is the sehra, and he gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i m first

  2. is it necessary to show the birla boys r too dumb to handle a old hag…??
    please don’t stretch the wonderful show..

  3. so what
    shld u be given wid a medal now?????????

    dnt watch if u dnt like d shows

  4. ya nic episode…

  5. Hope all tis repeats to that heartless stupids rags and menaka and let them to b punished in de same way

  6. Offo alteast the marriage ‘ll drama end tis week or they ‘ll drag tis for a month! ???

  7. I read in the spoilers that suhani leaves home and than while walking on the road she imagines yuvraj saying those 3 magical words to her in a filmi style and then she heads home and she hopes that her dream comes true and then she finds out that the birlas r having some business problem so she goes to help them and yuvraj gets happy seeing her bc he wanted suhani to come home and here I’m like if u wanted suhani to come home then why didn’t u go to get her instead of waiting for her to return and suhani she’s so stupid that whatever yuvraj is saying he means it by his heart yuvraj loves suhani it’s not that hard to understand but she has no brains to understand that omg but I also heard that when suhani will come home to help with the business problem yuvraj will realize that he actually loves her and he will say the 3 magical words to her and suhani will then decide to stay with yuvraj in BH and make dadi accept her by heart and she will give her marriage another chance so in waiting for that episode it’s upcoming episode in so happy!!

  8. Exactly,@rams,hope thesame happens to rags.

  9. Guys read tat i given above

  10. Very bad episode I hate this??

  11. Yuvraj and suhani u guys show some spice between them once in 15 days…..and then it all goes slow dull, it seems the serial hasn’t moved since beginning…. Very lazy story line…… Yuvraj and suhani can do so much better… Plz don’t waste talent….get some speed guys

  12. How dumb can the cast get man…. Dadi menka saurabh anuj soumya….. Birlas are always at home… Now work nothing…. Dude what was the story writer thinking of?…. Yuvraj and suhansi its only bec of them I see… Plz do something

  13. Yeah @suchi..but still that rags and menaka should b shown punished very badly…it such a bad way of insulting othrs feelings..tat too being a women..

  14. this storyline sucks!!!! waiting for a gud epi. that dadi, menka, rags are all stupid jerks. HATE THEM. waiting for yuvrsj and suhani to come together.
    FINGERS CROSSED……………………..

  15. Yuvraj have to go against dadi….instead listening to dadi,,,,he has to tell her he loves suhani very much….if she don’t agree with dat…he has to move out of the BH house with his wife and mother….then dadi,will understand that he loves suhani not soumya ….if its not changed this serial will not have any meaning….actually this kind drama should be like lesson …to the public….if its Continues like this…every person will take a advantage of it….

  16. Its very slow and dumb episode …but the characterizations are good. My all time fav.suhani …she is a peacock such a beautiful lady
    Rags is Rabbit
    menka is funny monkey
    Dadi is cunny fox…huh…hate her

  17. Everything revolves around Dadi. Yuvraj needs to stand up this is his life. Not do what Dadi wants him to do. I also don’t understand this Dadi how can she break a marriage.

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