Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the event being a good hit. Saurabh gives Saxena the choice. Dadi says Soumya is like our family, and Yuvraaj chose her. Menka asks Rags why did Dadi not choose her. Rags says leave it, lets see what happens there. Soumya sticks to Yuvraaj. Pratima asks Suhani to be with Yuvraaj. Lata talks to Bhavna and they think about Suhanu being worried. Bhavna says I will meet her. Lata says I will not tell Pankaj till we know everything, else he will worry. She sees Pankaj and he asks why did she get shock.

She says she was talking to Bhavna. He says he is busy working for his promotion. Soumya thanks Yuvraaj and tells Suhani that she did not know that she is claustrophobiac. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to go home. Suhani asks wil she not come. Yuvraaj says Dadi told me to go with Soumya, you go home, Sharad is there, talk to him. Suhani sees grease in Yuvraaj’s hand and says why will he stop the lift, no, I should think what is he planning for me with Sharad’s help.

She sees grease on Soumya’s hand too and thinks whats happening. Suhani comes home and meets Sharad. She says she is excited to see the surprise, Yuvraaj told her. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to take them to market, as she wants to gift Soumya, as she performed well in event and she did profit for us. Yuvraaj thinks he will be late for Suhani’s surprise, but how to refuse Dadi.

Sharad asks what did Yuvraaj say. Suhani says he told me how you both… Sharad says then why did he tell me and smiles. He says when he told you, then come with me. Rags comes and says Yuvraaj called, he will come late, he went to buy a gift for Soumya. Suhani recalls Soumya’s words. Suhani gets sad. Sharad takes her pic and says he will show her children this pic that she also became Sadu being with Yuvraaj. She says delete it. He says then smile to show a happy pic to your kids.

She smiles and says she did not know about surprise, but she was trying to know from him. He says so you learnt to be clever, don’t be with Rags else you will get spoiled. He says he will not wait for Yuvraaj, they will see picnic DVD alone. She asks when did it come. He says lets see come. She says she will give medicine to Pratima and come. He plays the DVD and smiles seeing the family dancing. He sees something and gets shocked.

Suhani comes to him and says play the video. He says I also want to see this video. Yuvraaj, Soumya and Dadi come home. They talk about Soumya not buying the anklet being unsure. Menka laughs on his joke and Dadi asks her to have some manners. Menka asks Dadi to explain Anuj that they are grown up and its their age to have kids. Yuvraaj laughs. Suhani asks Sharad to say why did he get serious. He asks her to see DVD. Yuvraaj tells Soumya that its good she did not buy DVD as confused decisions are not right. Suhani goes to see him, and sees him and Soumya laughing.

She thinks so much happened in event and they are laughing as if nothing happened, I will ask them. Sharad stops Suhani and says I need to talk something imp, I want you to see the DVD now itself. Lalita shows the list to Rakhi. Murali gives her the money and she asks him not to stop her from shopping. She leaves for shopping. Suhani smiles seeing the DVD and says the song was good. Sharad asks her to see it again. She asks what happened. She plays the video. Ramesh tells Soumya about the jungle way and how Soumya has sent her there. Sharad says Soumya has sent you to the swamp intentionally, as Yuvraaj was with me, I did not imagine Soumya did this.

Suhani cries and asks why will Soumya put me in danger. Sharad says Soumya lied to you, Ramesh has told her that its danger swamp and she has sent you there, what proof you want. Suhani says she has saved me. Sharad says as she wanted to become hero infront of Yuvraaj and everyone. Suhani says this can’t happen and cries. Sharad says don’t cry, sit. She says Soumya can’t do this with me.

She says whats all this and why, she is my friend, she is with me since childhood, like friend and sister, she can never do this with me. He says I understand, but she changed now, her marriage broke and she came to stay here, she got affected seeing you and Yuvraaj together. He says you know Yuvraaj is so great, he knows Soumya is your friend and is doing everything for her to make you happy, as your happiness lies in her happiness. She says you can’t see anything wrong in Yuvraaj as he is your friend, you don’t know whats going on. He is stunned.

Sharad tells Suhani that Yuvraaj will not know about video, once you say yes, I will expose Soumya’s true face. He asks yes or no. She thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode…………
    Suhani now be brave & start ur game against that devil

  2. finally a better episode and good precap

  3. OK episode not to much interesting

  4. Suhani dayavu cheythe expose the video infront of yuvaraj…………coz tat is gud for ur life…………plss pinnem pottatharam kanikaruthe…………..

    1. but soumya aa serialil illenghil oru stuffum undaavilla….athondu athu aavashyam aanu

      1. Yaa I knw it …..sowmya serialil ninne ponamenne njn paranjilla….bt her true face should be revealed

  5. The day wil come soon when she will expose hate you soumya you dadi, rags and menka go to hell

  6. Ok today episode.i expected sownya andd yuvraj love true reveld by sharadh infront if suhani.when did this episode tellycast?can we see some lovescence between suhani and yuvraj.we are bourded by dadi and sowmya evil plans when suhani teach good lesson for all 4,dadi,sowmya,rags and menka

  7. WOW wow today episode and Sharad u just like u very much u are very wonderful and good

    1. sharad ur character is so good and we love u

  8. gud episode .. but even yuvaraj must c da video
    suhani time begins souumya game ends 😀

  9. plz suhani…now get active.ur friend is ur enemy.don’t sit dump……and love u sharad

  10. Suhani be a lion now and fight against darkness devil Soumya and don’t lose ur hope and if u feel u are alone seek Sharad help ok and u Sharad and suhani I love u guys very much ok in waiting for tomorrow episode

  11. pls wake up suhani and see what soya do with ur life.hate u somuch

    1. Wake up ,wake up,its a brand new day ,wake up suhani .

  12. I’ve one doubt.who shoot that video?,when sowmya speaking with ramesh. even sharad also not there

    1. video cam is in somya’s hand
      she took it from sharad when he was mocking her.
      she accidentally recorded it…thats why we can only hear her voice in it.

  13. K.sharad is the real hero in this serial.

  14. improvement in the show! now suhani…..plz don’t spoil our happiness by being stupid

  15. sharat is ur friend suhani, not soumya

  16. Adet…suhani iniengilum ni manasilakku a a Soumya vrittikettaval aanenna

  17. Come on suhani it high in now u fight against ur so called friend soumya she is ruining ur life she is taking over ur husband so starting acting brave and fight back n expose her infront of yuvraaj before it too late

  18. Please suhani dont ruin our happiness this time… I wish everyone should have a friend like sharad.. Sharad you real made my day… finally am so happy…Yeeeepppppiiiii

  19. Suhani might be able to expose them all but they will be forgiven for all the pain they put poor Suhani through instead of getting a taste of their own bitter medicine. At least with Suhani being aware of their evil plots against her, they story should now have her always 2 steps ahead of the 4 idiots.

  20. Hi ami r u malayalee

  21. hi iam malayali

  22. iam also from kerala

  23. i dont feel like watching i just read updates……plz aurkitna der sacchai chupoge
    jaldi batao yaarsuhani ko koi……


  25. Ya frm kerala

  26. hii guyssss

  27. Fight make thngs ok n leave.

  28. Just say Yes

  29. suhani, girls shouldn’t be like this. plz become active

  30. im from kerala

  31. hi navya ur from which district???

  32. I am malayali

  33. from plkd hi malyalis…;-)

  34. Hii…iam also frm pkd

  35. pkdyil evde??

  36. Kongad nd u?

  37. otappalam

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