Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi waking up Suhani for puja. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to hide. She opens the door and asks what happened. Dadi asks her to come for puja, she has done all preparations for bath. Suhani says there will be cold outside. Dadi says but you do this always, to take bath under the sky, is there anything, will you not keep fast today.

Suhani recalls doctor’s words and says I will do it, I will get late if you keep talking. Dadi says sorry, I will tell Babu ji too. She calls out Babu ji to come. Suhani says you go, I will get him. Dadi asks is he angry with me, you don’t annoyed with me. Yuvraaj plays Sharad’s voice on mobile. Dadi goes. Baby say there is no drama here. Yuvraaj says I recorded Sharad’s voice yesterday. Suhani says we got saved. He says there is much cold outside, no need to do puja. Suhani says I know, but Dadi will think I m annoyed with him.

Everyone come outside the house. Yuvaan yawns and signs Krishna did it. Saiyyam moves Krishna and says Yuvaan was signing towards Baby. Dadi scolds Baby. Suhani, Bhavna, Yuvraaj and Sharad come there. Dadi asks Amma mai to come. She asks Pratima to put water on Amma Mai’s head. Pratima says its cold water. Dadi asks her to do as Amma Mai says. Suhani says its fine, I have to do puja. Pratima puts cold water over Suhani. Suhani shivers. Saiyyam gets angry seeing this. Baby smiles.

Pratima and everyone worry. Saiyyam asks everyone why are they not saying anything. Dadi gets a bucket of water. Saiyyam says stop, can’t you see she is shivering, temp is 12 degrees here. Dadi asks him to be quiet, who is he to say. Krishna stops Saiyyam. Dadi asks is he also a servant. Suhani says we shall end the bath. Dadi pours bucket of water on Suhani.

Yuvraaj gets a towel for Suhani. Sharad acts and asks him to give towel. Dadi takes towel and covers Suhani. She takes Suhani inside home. Its morning, Saiyyam asks Krishna not to interrupt and stop him next time. She says you would have not listened to me. He says you say you care for Suhani, where did your love go when Dadi was making her do foolish things. She says it was bath for puja, which is done by devotion. He argues and asks her not to touch his cupboard. She says fine. Suhani comes to call them for aarti. He refuses and goes. Suhani asks Krishna not to trouble her son much. She signs Saiyyam is listening.

Krishna says Saiyyam has kept clothes in cupboard. Suhani says he got my habit. Krishna says I got Yuvraaj’s habit to keep things clean. They both argue. Saiyyam says Krishna is lying, I was not troubling, I was stopping Dadi as she was troubling Suhani. Suhani says Saiyyam was stopping Dadi and Krishna was just supporting me, Dadi is family member, when bad time comes, we have to help family member. Baby acts sweet and tells Dadi that today Suhani and Sharad should do aarti together.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj to go and get items from storeroom for Chappan Bhog. She sends him. Sharad smiles. Dadi asks Suhani to do aarti with Babu ji Sharad. Sharad asks what. Dadi says yes, come Babu ji. Yuvraaj looks on. Suhani gets some idea and smiles. She asks Sharad to come. She says today we will do aarti together, entire family together. Everyone smile. Dadi asks them to do what Amma mai said. Everyone do aarti together. Suhani asks Suresh to come and do aarti. Dadi says Amma mai, you hate servants right. Suhani says yes, but Lord loves us. Yuvraaj smiles and joins them. Suhani asks Baby to come as well. Suhani does aarti with Yuvraaj and Baby. They smile.

Dadi says I got all items of Chappan bhog. Saiyyam asks what will Suhani make it. Dadi says yes, Amma mai will make it. Saiyyam says its not easy. Dadi says nothing is tough for Amma mai. Suhani coughs and asks Krishna to get water. Baby stops Krishna and says Dadi said Amma mai is keeping nirjala fast and she can have food and water after keeping bhog for Dadi, sorry I was just saying… Suhani says don’t act smart, I know its my fast and I will complete it. She goes. Yuvraaj says this is not right. Suhani can’t cook in this state. Baby smiles.

Suhani starts cooking. Krishna asks Suhani not to worry, I will give you company, you won’t get bored. Saiyyam asks Pratima and Bhavna would they not help Suhani, I would have not seen such thing happening with anyone. Yuvaan is my step brother, still I would have helped him. Baby says Krishna is helping Amma mai. Dadi asks what. Krishna asks shall I sing for you. Yuvaan says that’s old song, we will sing new song. Suhani talks to them.

Yuvraaj comes there. Krishna says I will just come and goes. Yuvaan says I will also go, Baby called me. He also goes. Bhavna says I don’t understand what you mean to say, i have no brother, whom shall I help. Saiyyam says I m sorry to ask you two. He goes. Pratima says I have a way to end Suhani’s problem, we will get bhog from outside, Lord is happy with devotion, he does not want us to put ourselves in problem. Bhavna agrees. Saiyyam hears this and goes. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to rest. Suhani says I have to make everything, it will get late. She feels unwell. She faints. Yuvraaj calls her out and holds her. Dadi comes and gets shocked. He asks Suhani to wake up. Dadi asks Yuvraaj how dare he hold Suhani, leave her. He lifts Suhani and asks her to move. Dadi says keep her down. He gets angry.

Baby says Suresh is eyeing Maa badly, he wants to become rich. Dadi says I will trap him. Dadi asks Suresh to marry his fiancee. Yuvraaj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarti32

    Such a disaster yaar.. Dis Dadi..I’ll kill her..???? she’s dancing on Amma Mai’s head..N y can’t Suhani say no to anything..She’s d head of d house..So y does she listen to all nonsense wat Dadi says.. Pathetic yaar!!

    1. Shaani

      I agree with u Aaru…

    2. Esther

      exactly,,,,,Amma mai is the saas….still dadi is ruling……

    3. Dadi is unwell, this is what Dadi mother in law did, when she was a live.

      I personally never liked Dadi, but she is sick. I know when she remember, Dadi well go back her old ways.

      Anyway I am enjoying now, the show has improved.

  2. Aarti32

    The yawning scene was hilarious ???? I luvd how Saiyyam saved Krishna n blamed dat evil Baby..Well done Saiyyam..????

    N at d end, by seeing Yuvraj’s face, I was so sure dat today he’s gonna slap dis disastrous creature named Chandrakala Birla aka Dadi..

    N which fiancée wears mangalsutra n applies sindoor..In which world is dis Dadi!! But actually I’m sorry to find logic in dis serial..Here nothing makes sense.. NOTHING!!

    N Suhani looks too funny in dis Amma Mai avatar.. Hilarious ????

    N wat is dis yaar..Again Kriyyam fight..It’s a msg for d CVS..

    1. Laavanya

      Hey, u want to become my partner in jail…..trying to find logic ;p ;p

      1. Aarti32

        Sure..Y not!! We’ll together bash d CVS.. Lolwaa ??

    2. we don’t have to worry abt that fight Aarti.the reaction of krishna has been changed for those fights.earlier,krishna’s eyes were filled with so much hatred when she was fighting with sayyam.but today it was like nok jok type’s like a normal fight between husband and wife.i can’t see any hatred in her eyes now.but the thing i am worried the most is we are not going to see their love moments soon because of this dadi’s stupid memory loss track.i want that tiger back least we can see kriyam moments like yesterday.

  3. Aarti32

    Vry fast update..Too good..N yippiee I’m d first one to comment ??

  4. I agree with u aarti &such a boring epsiode all is done by baby plz writters dont done with this drama with yuvani

    1. Aarti32

      Today when baby reminded abt Suhani’s fast..Yuvraj n Saiyyam were eyeing her wid so much anger..I felt like they’ll eat her then n there..????

  5. Can anyone kill this baby and dadi!!!! They both just make me go angry and poor suhani had to bath in cold water. ..hey I have one question.. Who is the saas?? dadi or amma mai??? becauz suhani is doing everything what dadi says….Now because of this baby yuvraj will have to marry bhavna…..

  6. Arshi123

    Oh god !! Dadi is getting intolerable day by day.

  7. Shaani

    I hate this daadi n baby…err… No kriyam scene today ??

  8. Esther

    There were some cute moments in the epi,,,but still,highlight of the epi was Dadi’s stupid drama
    Amma mai is Dadi’s saas,so she’ll be an oldie….Dadi is suspecting amma maai to have a reltn with servant of the house….lol….and now ,even after the memory loss,nothing changed…still Dadi is ruling the house….she is the one who is taking decisions…
    Dadi shud hv considered Sayyam as her FIL,,,he knows how to play the game….he would hv made her suffer for everything she did till now…..

    1. Aarti32

      It wud hv been epic shit for Dadi!! Saiyyam wud hv made Dadi dance to his tunes..It wud hv been gr8 fun ????

  9. fantastic episode! yuvani scene was amazng! it reminded me when suhani fell on yuvraj, hearng amit’s accident… saiyyam, my darling, he s such a cutie, hav so much luv towards his mom… everybody were superb! precap, hell again… tis baby idiot..

  10. Rockstr

    Guys check out ssel on location on youtube…and listen to the dialogues of suhani..shes going to stop yuvraj and bhavnas wedding,and throw dadi out of the house…dats wat i understood…plss somebody check and tell me…

    1. Rockstr

      Suhani si ek ladki marriage twist fight drama scene..thats the link

  11. kriyam is awesome well Krishna stopped saiyyam saiyyam kehta hain beach main Bolne ki jaroort nahi hain tumhe Krishna se aur krishna kehti hain to meri baat nahi mante. ek Yeh wala scene jab yuvaan jmai leta hain aur apna haat krishna ki taraf karta hain aur saiyyam uska haat baby ki taraf kar deta hain saiyyam krishna ko dadi ki daat se bachata hain so cute scene bhaut Acha laga i love kriyam scene

    1. Aarti32

      Yeah..It was a cute scene which shows Saiyyam’s concern for Krishna??..N his hatred towards Baby n his presence of mind too??

  12. Laavanya

    Someone has rightly said “insan thokar khaane ke baad samal jata hai”, this line truly applicable to SSEL after losing slot they r showing something interesting (if dadi is not faking her partial memory loss).
    Coming to the episode, I like it when Saiyyam moved Krishna when Yuvaan was signing towards Krishna and also his concern towards his mother… was so sweet <3
    When Suhani was saying to Saiyyam "ki Krishna ka haq hai tumhe bolne/rokne ka, I thought she would say bcoz she is ur wife, but koi nahi jo writer ji ki marzi.

    1. Aarti32

      Suhani Sahi kaam krti kahan h!! Kaash bol deti yaar..Kya chala jata uska??

  13. why writer only not focus kriyam pure episode main dadi baby irritate karti rahi hain pata nahi wo din kab aayega jab writer kriyam par ek Acha track likhege kriyam scene thora hi tha but i am always enjoy kriyam scene

  14. yawning scene was i told you in my early comment i am not going to worry too much abt sayyam and krishna’s will make them closer.but today i miss there moments.sayyam was always ready to stand for her mother.even yuvan didn’t do such a thing for his mother. we haven’t seen this side of siyyam so far.he was very concerning abt his mother… need a big slap.

    1. Aarti32

      I totally agree wid u..N slap!! Baby needs to be beaten up..Slap is vry less

  15. Precap is horrible.. I don’t understand dadi pagal toh pehle se he thi ab andhi v ho gaye h unhe bhavna ka sindoor aur mangalsutra nhi dikhta..

  16. Jessica Agarwal

    Sorry guys can anyone tell me if SSEL is going off air?

    1. Esther

      Nope,it is not going off air

    2. No it’s not

      1. Jessica Agarwal

        Thanks hibaa and Esther. I was freaking out. Thanks once again girls.

  17. ya abi u said ri8.yuvaani scéně remind mě when suhani fell on yuvraaj hearing Amit’s death.suhani and kriyam scéně nice.

  18. Wow wow wow just amazing episode because of my sweet YuvAni scene
    Last scene was superband suhani sayyam krishna scene also nice
    Suhani is looking so beautiful poor suhani i just love her she is my darling
    Want to see more YuvAni scene and also cute kriyyam scene
    Hai abi happy to see your comment
    Where is other YuvAnifans somi saritha sselfan suhani etc.. guys aap log fir se gayab ho gayi every one please comment here. please please..its my request iam waiting please comment…

  19. it shud go off air

  20. farina hossain

    today episode was superb. kriyam cute nokjhok.guys somebody told that sayam does not love krishna only cares her.but is this different things.I mean to say jaha pyar hota ha ohito care hoti ha.what do u guys think?

    1. Aarti32

      Sahi baat h!!??

  21. sarita sharma

    hi somi where r u? today epi was nice.suhani and kriyam scéně accha tha .and my yuvaani scéně was superb.after 20 years leap first time cvs saw yuvaani lifting scéně.

  22. sarita sharma

    hi yuvaani lover i m not anywhere .i m always here but last 2days i m busy so i m not commenting i m free.

  23. I agree, why writer still showing dadi ruling the house? I have a feeling dadi may be faking memory loss as she’s not asked about the kids, only asked about saiyyam today. Yes, someone please expose baby.

  24. Baby’s mind reflects on her outer appearance, ugly!!!!

  25. Are they going to start illicit relationships in this show now. Seriously, I don’t care how much stupid Dadi has memory loss, but if Suhani is supposedly be the head of the family why the hell is Dadi still in control by her actions. And if she is pretending, then she is a sick lady to play such disgusting games with husbands and wives. Matching them up with each other’s partners…sick old lady…though there are some funny scenes. Why don’t she teach Baby a lesson more than torturing the rest of the family with her memory loss

  26. Aarti32 and Arshi123 thank you guys so much for your comments about my comments which TU did not deem fit to publish as i said i will continue to comment i do not have the time right now to comment on today’s episode because i have to hit the books i have a case early thursday morning i hope i win it thanks again

  27. Pehle to dadi saas ban kar suhani ko torture karti ti aur ab wo bahu ban kar torture kar rahi hai lolllllz

  28. Syedul

    The yawning part was funny ??I wish there was more Kriyam scene . Like something really romantic .

  29. Yayy, even tho KriYam scene itta sa but still we got to see them ?

    Loved when Yuvaan yawned and blamed Krishna but Saiyyam moved Krishna and blamed Baby ?

    Coming to Logic, this show proved Logic doesn’t exist in this show, like Baby is the servant and she is wearing Mangalsutra and Sindoor? Why didn’t Daadi question her about her husband? ? And especially Bhavna, her Mangalsutra and Sindoor are clearly visible and still she’s classed as Mangetar? Is Daadi gone blind? Oh gosh, even tho Suhani got the Amma Mai avatar still Daadi ki manmani chalti hai.

    This Baby, oh gosh, someone do something to her? When Suhani said let’s do the pooja as a family, then why didn’t Daadi ask who KriYam and Yuvaan were? And why was Daadi just standing there??

    RIP Logic ??

    Loved KriYam and hope to see more of their scenes.


    Hiiiii everyone

  30. How dadi cn think suhani iz her saas? Aaine me apna muh dekh ke pata nhi chala hw old she is? Usse kya apne saas sasur ke chehre yaad nhi? Then hw she recognize Pratima ma? Kuch bhi.

  31. satie singh jee

    Another good epi with Kriyam only watching for them KriYam rocks Daadi is getting on my nerves also Baby

  32. hello friends this week ssel trp is 1. 6 main to chati hoo kriyam and yuvani dikhaye aur ssel ki trp 2.6 ho jaye aur ssel top 5 main pohuch jaye

  33. Hi everyone, I stopped watching ssel long back and now I restarted it again due to kriyam but one doubt that is in my mind is sayyam very much younger to krishna

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