Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Yuvraaj to keep the money as his birthday gift and he can buy any latest phone. Suhani goes to office. Yuvraaj drinks water and asks Ramesh about Suhani. Ramesh says she went to office. Suhani says Yuvraaj did not come till now and goes to see. She leaves and he goes there. He says where did everyone go. Ramesh tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is finding her, he went towards office. She says fine and sees Saurabh and Rags coming. Suhani asks how is she now. Rags says I m fine, every wife gets fine after spending time with husband, you will not understand this.

Saurabh asks Rags to rest. Rags says come on, let Anuj and Yuvraaj work, come with me. She says she is lucky to get husband like him, he took doctor’s appointment in 2mins by calling the minister. Suhani looks on. Yuvraaj comes to the room and switches on the AC. Suhani comes to him. He asks why is she angry. She sees him on laptop and says he is playing game, he is busy and does not care for anyone. He says come, I have to show something.

He shows he was working and smiles. She says sorry, I felt you are playing game. She says we have less time and Menka and Rags are troubling me, they are not letting Anuj and Saurabh work, I need your help. He says tell me. She says do something that Anuj and Saurabh like to work. He says fine and thinks.

Lalita asks Rakhi to get vegs from market and Rakhi refuses. Soumya comes and looks on. Menka and Rags smile seeing Anuj resting. Rags says great, I will go now. Suhani comes and asks Menka about Anuj. Menka says he is sleeping, don’t disturb him. She laughs. Suhani looks at the keys. She tells Yuvraaj that Anu slept. Yuvraaj says I will try. Suhani sees Dadi in the office. Suhani says I still have an hour and does not give keys to Dadi.

Rags tells Saurab that she wants to go for movie. Dadi calls Suhani and shows her the time. She says you lost the bet and ask her to lock her office by her hands, and return the safe keys to her. Dadi drags Suhani to the office and is shocked seeing Yuvraaj. Anuj and Saurabh also come and they all smile. Anuj says he took good sleep and can work in office all night. Saurabh says lets start working. Suhani says yes, but I need to show something to Dadi. Saurabh asks what is it. Yuvraaj asks him to wait, he will know.

Suhani says they have gifts for everyone. Rags comes there and asks Saurabh why is he not ready till now. He says movie is not imp, I have work here. Menka says I will get my gift first. Dadi asks whats this new drama. Suhani says I just want to show I did not lose till now. She shows Anuj Birla, Face of Birla and says she got this idea from Menka, Anuj can be model for us, he is fit and Menka will take care of him.

Pratima smiles. Suhani shows the next one, Saurabh Birla name board and he is Head of PR. Saurabh gets glad. Suhani says Rags told Saurabh that he has good PR, so I got this idea. Saurabh says yes, I have good connections with media and politicians, I can arrange any event, I will take Birla company good will to new heights. Suhani says now its Ragini’s turn and shows her post Business head. She says we need someone who can control Saurabh and Menka, and she does this well, so she is the best for this post. Saurabh says yes.

Suhani looks at Yuvraaj and shows his post Head of Marketing and Sales. She says when Dadi gave her necklace to Yuvraaj, he has sold it in double price, then I came to know he has this talent. Suhani says she is not Birla, so she will not be any head. They all hug. Pratima says its happy day today. Menka says they have sidelined too, its not a good day. Dadi says its unlucky day and scolds Suhani. She asks Rags to come along, she needs to talk. Suhani still stays strong and smiles.

Rags says she will work but on a condition, she needs a secretary and asks Suhani to become her secretary. Yuvraaj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dnt understand…….pura brila kandan pagal ha………suhani wrkng fr their company bt those stupids r…….trying their best to fail her……wat is this rubbish????plz dnt drag…..end ths bussines track…… gods sake……..

    1. I agree with you! This shows people that its more important to prove somone wrong than fight for your company! That’s a terrible storyline and its giving wrong ideas

  2. Whats wrong with you dadi???

  3. hi there

  4. you are A TOTAL FREAK

  5. Very nice ? episode!!

  6. hai fathima,,,,


    1. wht

  8. Nice epi……

  9. I think rags purposely is making suhani her secretry she has some plan!

  10. Birlas have money but no brains….Suhani you should not hesitate..taunt them more..also Pratima..plz spoke up to support Suhani..dnt be silent now..

  11. Nonsense..I Seriously dont understand why rich ppl dont work..Do Ambanis or Tata or any other Rich ppl also sit ay home and hire managers for their work. They do it all themselves right? What kind of attitude are they showing in this serial which is so foolish..not working and just passing time at home…do the directors think viewers are fools watching such nonsense.

  12. ssel yuvani song saaware…i searched for it bt dint get that song…which is that song actually

  13. ???????????????

  14. why do everyone say yuvraj yuvani

  15. Yuvraj nd suhani together called yuvani.yuv frm yuvraj nd ani frm [email protected]

  16. i lv this drama

  17. yeah its gud frnd based 1

  18. yuvani going to unite this month wohoo 3cheers for yuvani

  19. dumb storyline. three educated guys who have no idea of business???!!! not at all believable!!!. the most unbelievable scene was when the three birla brothers entered birla company and the staff asks who are you people. where is our owner saxena. when birlas organize beauty pageants every year, the staff would have seen them at least on such ocassions na? or didnt the birlas invite their staff for any of their family events/ marriages etc.? how rubbish.

  20. true vidya all just watch for yuvani nothing more than that

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