Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Pratima that Yuvraaj will marry Soumya. She leaves. Suhani asks Pratima to have food and medicines. She leaves. Yuvraaj says have food, I will explain you everything later. Suhani thinks what did she do, what was Yuvraaj saying Maa, is he saying truth. Yuvraaj comes to her and asks her to come to room, he has to talk to her something imp, he is waiting. She comes to room and he closes the door. He asks does she feel he was acting all the while. She says no. He asks why did she say so. She says don’t know, I don’t understand anything, I trusted you before, I felt you will never do wrong with me but….

She says but Dadi’s birthday, whatever you said, everything changed after it. He makes her sit. He explains her the truth, she has kept all relations well and she got cheated by her dad, best friend Soumya and him, we three have hurt your heart, but trust me Suhani, what I m saying now is truth. He says I know you can’t trust me, but if you regard me yours, then trust me, I m not lying. He says its true I loved Soumya, I wanted to marry her and I wanted to tell you before marriage, Soumya promised she will help me, I did not know she will run with Krishna, she cheated me before you.

He says situation got bad and I had to marry you, we needed the bank loan, I did not wish to cheat you as you did not know all this, we were victim of situation. He sees the marriage pic kept on table and I know you never lie, when you said Dadi planned this, I knew it you can’t bear this and I tried to hide it. He says Soumya used me again, she said she is missing Krishna and I tried to help her being friend, I did not know Dadi and Soumya will fool me, I told all that so that Dadi feels I m with her and she stops troubling you.

He says I don’t want to marry Soumya, I want to make Dadi realize her mistake, I can’t do this alone, I need your help. She thinks. He says he will wait for her answer. Sharad comes and asks what did she say. Yuvraaj says he did not say anything, just heard me and went. Lata asks Pankaj not to do anything, if Yuvraaj and Suhani did not call them, it means everything is fine. Pankaj says I can’t think so. Lata asks him not to go there and promise he will not take any step without asking her. He says fine.

Dadi shows a beautiful necklace and says your Dada ji gave this to me on our 10th anniversary. Menka thinks its for her. Dadi praises Rags and says this necklace is for Soumya. Rags and Menka get angry. Soumya smiles. Menka laughs seeing Rags upset. Dadi asks Soumya to come and makes her wear the necklace.

Sharad tells Pratima that Yuvraaj will not marry Soumya and makes her have medicines. She says she is worried for Suhani. She says she is glad that her sons understand her. Rags bumps into Anuj and he falls. Menka and Saurabh help him. Menka says Rags is angry, Dadi gave her fav necklace to Soumya. Saurabh asks how can Dadi do this, Rags is her fav bahu. Rags says not now Saurabh. Saurabh says I feel bad, you are my wife and my brother fell. Rags says you want to make fun of me right.

Saurabh says yes. Anuj and Menka look on. Pratima asks what if Suhani does not agree. Sharad says he is your son. She says you are also my son, I m happy that you are supporting Suhani, I was angry on Yuvraaj, but today I m proud of him. Sharad says truth and Suhani’s love will win. Saurabh asks Rags how is she feeling now, she might be angry. Rags taunts her. Saurabh says he would have got it for her, and she would have left Suhani in peace, its just beginning, leave all this else Lord will teach you a big lesson. Menka worries.

Suhani thinks about Yuvraaj’s words. Yuvraaj comes to her and she turns. He asks what did she think. Suhani says she loves Soumya a lot, she can’t do the same as she did to her. He asks whats her problem and holds her. She moves back. He says she did so much with you, will you forgive her. She says if I also play games like her, what will be difference, I can’t forgive her but I will not become Soumya. He says we are making her life better. She says I can’t lie. She says lie with benefit is equal to 100 truths. He says if we rectify her mistakes, maybe she will do something good I her life. He asks her to do this for Soumya and him. She looks at him.

Soumya hugs her mum and thanks her. Madhuri slaps her and says she is ashamed to call her daughter today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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