Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying Krishna and Saiyyam are not in room. Krishna gets scared. Saiyyam says nothing will happen if we get scared. He throws a stone to distract the tiger. He asks Krishna to come fast, the tiger is not interested in eating you, we will go outhouse come. She falls down. He asks her to hurry up and lifts her. Her dupatta falls there. Sharad and Yuvraaj go outside the house to find Krishna and Saiyyan. Yuvraaj calls forest officials and asks them to come fast, there is a tiger around.

Sharad gets the fire torches. Sharad finds Krishna’s dupatta and shows Yuvraaj. He says it means they were here. Yuvraaj says tiger has run away, but where are they. Saiyyam takes Krishna to outhouse and locks door. Se asks him not to do this again. He says I can do anything to save you, because I can’t let you die, I mean if anything happens to you, Suhani will never forgive me. Sharad and Yuvraaj look for them. The power goes. Saiyyam asks Krishna to wait, I will go and see. She says no and cries. She calls him out. He says I m here, coming. Saiyyam and Krishna see a table moving, after the tiger passes. Saiyyam sees she got worried and says its me, I m coming, wait.

Yuvani says Dadi and Pratima are sleeping. Suhani says Shraad and Yuvraaj did not get Krishna and Saiyyam. Krishna gets shocked seeing the tiger. Saiyyam shuts her mouth and asks her not to shout. They hide. Saiyyam says tiger is here, be here, I will just come. She asks how will you manage, you have no gun. He says I will manage.

Yuvraaj says what’s happening, there is no tiger, Saiyyam and Krishna. Pratima says this tiger made us mad. They all get fed up by the tiger. Yuvani thinks where did Yuvaan go when everyone is here.

Its Yuvaan in tiger costume. Saiyyam goes to see tiger. Yuvaan makes him fall and angrily throws the shelf on Saiyyam. Saiyyam gets hurt. He tries to lift the shelf. Krishna goes to Saiyyam and rushes to help. Yuvaan hides seeing Krishna. She pushes the cupboard towards the tiger. Sharad and Yuvraaj hear the tiger. Yuvraaj says outhouse…. They rush. Krishna moves off the shelf from Saiyyam. Yuvraaj and Sharad come. Yuvraaj helps Saiyyam and asks are you okay.

Sharad sees the tiger’s tail and tells them that tiger is there. Yuvaan tries to get away, but the costume tail gets stuck under cupboard. Krishna says he was attacking me, so I made cupboard fall over him. Sharad goes to see. Yuvraaj asks Sharad to be careful. Yuvaan struggles. Yuvraaj says I will see. He goes and sees the tiger gone. Saiyyam says he was sitting behind curtain. Sharad says we have to do something. Yuvraaj asks them to come. They come home. Suhani takes care of Saiyyam and asks him to come.

Bhavna says forest officials went to catch tiger. Krishna sees Baby coming and asks where did you go. Baby recalls hitting Yuvaan on his head to injure him. Krishna asks again. Baby scolds her. Suhani asks but where were you, knowing there is tiger outside. Baby says I went to find my husband, you all don’t care for him, did anyone ask where is Yuvaan, everyone is just worried for Krishna and Saiyya, its my duty to think about Yuvaan, so I went there. Bhavna says we thought Yuvaan is sleeping, you should have told me. Baby says you should thank me. Bhavna asks did you get Yuvaan, was he in problem. Pratima says Baby should have told us about Yuvaan. Saiyyam says we will go and find Yuvaan, we can talk later.

Yuvraaj asks him to rest. Police gets Yivaan home in injured state. They all get worried. Suhani asks what happened. Inspector says Yuvaan has beaten the tiger, he is very courageous, he fought with tiger so well, it did not look like a human and tiger fight, it looked like two animals fight. Krishna says how can a human fight with a tiger. Pratima says its enough that Yuvaan came back. Baby says I agree, I was scared for him. Suhani says Yuvraaj, I did not know our son is so brave. Dadi comes and asks whats happening, why are you all awake. She sees Suhani holding Yuvraaj’s hand.

She asks Suhani why is she holding servant’s hand. Suhani says I was falling down, he saved me, I m fine now. Dadi says I did preparations for your puja. Pratima says we will not do puja tomorrow, the night was hectic. Dadi asks her not to talk between them, everyone has to come in puja. Suhani agrees. Dadi asks what happened to them, why did police come.

Sharad asks her not to get into outside matters, go and do puja preparations. Dadi goes. Sharad thanks inspector. Police goes. Dadi does preparations at night. Baby comes and asks why did you wake me up. Dadi says fine, pack your bags and leave. Baby says sorry, I will help, what are we doing. Dadi tells about Suhani’s bath and fast. Baby says we will go and wake her up, I m maid, I can’t go, you go. Dadi goes.

Yuvraaj sees Suhani sleeping and says no need to do puja, our life is like roller coaster ride, I wish Dadi gets fine soon. Dadi comes and calls out Amma mai. Suhani and Yuvraaj worry.

Dadi and Pratima put water on Suhani. Suhani feels cold. Saiyyam argues with Dadi. Krishna asks Saiyyam to stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshi123

    Oh!!! That lift ???
    Loved it.Hope Krishna won’t be upset with Sayyam.

    And, SSEL not going off air confirmed by Karan jotwani and Kabir Mridul. So, Kriyam and YuvAni fans,no tension ???

    Just enjoy the show ???

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx for d info..Made my day??

      1. Thanks arshi now we can watch ssel without any tension….. but for YuvAni fans let me tell u bhavana and yuvraj’s marriage is gng to be fixed by dadi. This is because she hates d closeness between amma mai(suhani) and suresh(yuvraj)

    2. Laavanya

      Yayy I was right, btw thanks for the info 🙂

    3. Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai Wiki :

      Synopsis: The popular TV channel called Star Plus is soon to begin a new show called Koi Laut Ke Aya Hai . The show has Sharad Kelkar, Surbhi Jyoti and Shoaib Ibrahim in the lead roles, while it will be aired at the prime time of the said channel for six days. The show is a family drama which will replace another called Suhani Si Ek Ladki. The title of the TV show seems very much interesting and has made the audience intrigued about the same making them getting the best of the attention for the same. The is show is currently garnering a decent buzz in the media, which is likely to hit the next month on 27th of February 2017.

      1. Arshi123

        Hello,and plz see the link,I have given it below.
        Never mind,I’m not giving news without checking.
        So,no tension and enjoy the show 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Mystery

    Wow …so soon the written update get uploaded….. Today’s epi is nice…..

  3. Aarti32

    Awwwww wala episode..D way Krishna was holding Saiyyam’s hand n protecting him..I’ll die blushing..Even Saiyyam, for once, looked at Krishna’s hand on his shoulder..

    N Dadi!!!! Oh god!!!! She’s too irritating..Jab dekho Amma Mai Amma Mai krti ghumti rehti h..

    I found three things vry funny..
    1- Suhani praising her bahadur beta..Who apparently fought wid a ferocious animal like another ferocious animal ????(as said by d forest official.. Stupid)
    2- D way Krishna, bhavna n pratima took d veil on their heads as soon as Dadi came..As if she’s their saas..Lol????
    3- Amma Mai is dadi’s saas but Dadi always questions her..Who’s d saas man!!????

    1. Shaani

      Those 3 are really funny…? ? ? ? ? ??

    2. Laavanya

      Hehehe…..even I thought that dadi ques Amma mai so much, who is the saas

    3. Arshi123

      Ya…. three of them r truly soooo funny 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. farina hossain

    it seems Sayam has already fallen in love with krishna .In today episode he said to krishna I can do anything to save you.he always ready to protect krishna from danger but he can not understand his feeling yet.

    1. Arshi123

      Yup…. Sayyam has fallen for her.Just need time.I guessed it.

  5. Aarti32

    D complete outhouse scene was a bliss?? how he said tumhe bachane k liye main kuch bhi kr sakta hu..Main tumhe Marne nhi de sakta..
    Dis proves dat Saiyyam has feelings for Krishna but he’s not accepting d fact!!

  6. Arshi123

    Sayyam’s feelings was seen a bit today. I wish there will be no clash between Kriyam as the spoilers.
    plz…. writers make their bond more stonger.

    Thank you …..

  8. Read in spoiler that dadi will try to get yuvraj a and bhavna married and baby will plot something. But is dadi acting to separate yuvani?

  9. I just loved today’s episode…. But I was wondering dadi has given everybody a name but why she didn’t ask about identity of yuvan yuvani Krishna and sayyiam….
    I guess after this memory loss she should do something to unite kriyaam…. By giving drug to yuvan baby has done atleast a good thing in her life ?

    1. Esther

      I too was thinking the same,,,,,why she is not bothered about all those extra members lyk -Yuvan-Krishna-Sayyam-Yuvani….and btw who is Prathima here……..and as Aarti said,even after memory loss she is trying to separate YuvAni…..can’t trust Dadi…

      1. Aarti32

        Dadithinks of pratima as bittu.. her daughter..

  10. again an awesome episode! concern of yuvraj n suhani towards saiym is beautiful n felt proud of their son yuvaan… yuvaan shud tel everythng to his parents.. it was funny when dadi asked suhani n yuvraj holding their hands… baby, wat is she made of, hittng her husband… kriyam scene is superb and finally such a cute scene of yuvani in their room… precap, feeling sad for suhani…

  11. Lol… The funniest part was saiyam told krishna” the tiger is not interested in eating u”. Hahaha! Loved today’s episode! I hope we get to see lots of kriyams scenes in upcoming episodes. I hope amma mai track ends soon.. I just hate it…love u sayyam and krishna!!!!?

  12. Aarti32

    I think it’s dadi’s plan to separate YuvAni..Otherwise y wud they show Yuvraj n Bhavna’s marriage?? Ye dadi ko memory loss mein bhi chain nhi..??

  13. @ani – yeah she didn’t ask who they were, even rags. Why only baby? So is she acting to lose memory?

  14. Becauz of this baby and her hubby Mr sher we are getting to see kriyyam moments….YuvAni fans will be also happy…but I must say the past two episode were quite satisfactory….

    1. Shaani

      I agree with u…??

  15. Arshi123

    Where is Esther,Halima,Swetha,Laavanya,kriyam fan,Rockstr and others, previous two episodes r so good,where r u guys??

    And, YuvAni fans also seems missing.We got two beautiful episodes,hopefully u’ll also get more YuvAni scenes.Keep supporting and commenting.

    1. Esther

      Halloo Arshi,,,yea,previous two epis were too good….bt was nt able to watch 🙁 will watch it asap…..coz Kriyyam scenes were toooooo good….and they showed some cute Yuvani moments too……btw I too have a doubt whether Dadi is acting

      1. Arshi123

        Yes,do watch it.otherwise,u’ll miss two loveliest epi.

    2. Laavanya

      Hi dear, from many days I was thinking to write kriyam ff, but do not have much time to do so. My schedule is tight. 🙁
      Coming to the yesterday n today episodes, they were awesome. Hope we may get these type of episodes in future also.

    3. Hi Arshi, I watched this episode and it was amazing, Saiyyam lifting Krishna was awesome and what he said “You’re falling habits haven’t changed” some thing like that and it was awesome ???

      Lol, mein peeche reh gayi, I’m late and need to catch up on the episodes. Ever since college re-started, I’m left behind on SSEL.

      Going to watch the net episode but in this episode KriYam rocked ?❤️

      Hi everyone

  16. Yesssss loved today’s episode

  17. Esther

    Kriyyam story is moving forward 😀 can’t believe Sayyam said all these to Krishna……by now can’t decide whether he is in love with her or not,but I want him to confess first

    poor Yuvan…..he did a mistake by falling in love with Baby and he’s getting punished for his mistake….Yuvani has some doubts..maybe she’ll find out Baby’s truth

    1. Aarti32

      Exactly..My cousin says, dis Yuvaan has got such ugly wife.. Baby!! But Saiyyam is lucky, he got beautiful si Krishna..He is lucky indeed

      1. Let me tell u something u will laugh baby the actress paulomi is actually the runner up of indias next top model

      2. Laavanya

        Baby is ugly, not Poulomi

      3. Aarti32

        I didn’t mean dat..I was not saying abt her colour..Jst wanted to say dat Yuvaan is cursed for his stupidity of not marrying Krishna..NO OFFENSE TO POULOMI..She’s a super model man!!

    2. Actually we hate her character.but in real life she is a good example for girls who are discouraged by a dark skin. she won that challenged and became a top model.she proved the world that being dark is not a problem.she even got a role in a serial.i know it is a negative one but it not easy get a role in a serial.every person around her is so fair but it doesn’t matter to her.she looks very comfortable and does her job well.she would have try on bleeching or something but she didn’t.i think she is unique…….

      1. Aarti32

        I completely understand..Bcz I’m also dark skinned..So there’s bashing to Baby..Not poulomi

      2. I knw dat she is a very friendly woman offscreen u can see it on srishti’s insta profile

  18. Laavanya

    How can Dadi make Bhavna marry Yuvraaj. Bhavna wear MS n sindoor this indicate she is already married. Is Dadi blind ?
    Stupid CVs

    1. Aarti32

      U’re under arrest!! For trying to find logic in an ‘illogical CVS driven’ show..

      1. Laavanya

        Hehehe :joy:
        Show me the arrest warrant first

    2. Mystery

      I was also thinking the same

    3. Arshi123

      Star parivar awards should include a new catagory :
      Cvs of daily soap with most abnormal & illogical thoughts.
      No doubt,SSEL will win this award.

      1. Laavanya

        Hehehe………in this case there will be so many competitors, but we will make our SSEL to win this award.

  19. Rockstr

    Heyy guys,i actlly missed todays epi.;i know..kill me…i just watched it now online..loved it to the core..sayyams so much in love..nd krishna too..the way she held on to him..feeling protected with dead..
    I loved the way sayyam looked at her holding his hand..and also wen she clutched his shirt,he looked at her..gosh..they are so much in love..i wonder wen they ll realize that

  20. @esther I hope yuvani does and brings it out in front of all family.

  21. ahhhhh!!! Kriyam Overload!!!!…i couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot…the way he held her face and said nothing will happen…and he was teasing her also…he said “the tiger won’t want to eat you”…he was soooooo protective today… I think he’s definetely starting to like her 😀

    i think this track is just to expose baby…dont know why they’re making dadi look like more of an idiot than she used to be before…pointless…died laughing at her “amma mai’s”

    loved sayyam in the precap…

  22. Kriyam rocks……sayyams loves kishna doubt abt that.the thing is he doesn’t want to admit that.may be he thinks that he doesn’t deserve a girl like krishna.i think there will be a confession at the last moment scene.most probably after kicking the baby out of brilla house yuwan will fall for krishna.krishna will love sayyam but she will wait for sayyam’s confession.sayyam will confess his love when kishna and yuvan in the marriage gut feeling says so but I may be wrong…….today yuvaan’s tail was traped.he will be completely traped with his loving baby soon…….suhani thinks that his son yuvaan is a hero.but real hero is sayyam.he risked his life to save ktishna….another clash of sayyam and krishna is ahead guya.but I dont mind abt today, it will also show jow sayyam loves krishna.

    1. Aarti32

      Yes, he does love Krishna..But I don’t know y, when Yuvaan’s tail was trapped, I was continuously laughing..I was like, aur bano sher!! Poonch marwaegi ise aaj to????

  23. Not guya.its guys.

  24. Hi guys
    Aap logo ko kriyam scenes chahiye na.I mean wo log cute scene kare,fight scene kare,ya big fight scene kare usse aap logo ko problem nahi hai na.kal mujhe lagtha hai Krishna aur sayyam ki beech fight hoga. jaise spoiler main kaha waise.

    Main tho jithni yuvaani fans aur kriyam fans ko ye bathaunga ki apni favorite Jodi ko support kijiye show tv pe dekhiye.
    Main ye show ko abi dekha hai kriyam ki wajah se.main aap logo se ye poochna chaatha hu ki yuvraj aur suhani ki love story kaise thi? kithni time laga hai start hone main?kya kriyam ki story bhi waise hi start ho rahi hai?
    Mujhe yuvraj aur suhani ki love story kaise thi patha nahi iss liye poocha hai.please answer me

    SORRY agar mera QUESTIONS zyada ho gaya tho?

    1. Agar dekha jaaye toh unki luv-hate story thi ur shaayad se 1 saal laga unki luv story ko atart hone mein kyuki yuvraaj pehle suhani ki dost se pyaar karta tha toh bhulane mein waqt toh lagta hai na… aur beech mai jo nok-jhok rehti thi usse bhi bahut maza aata tha..aur compare kiya toh kriyam ki stori yuvani ke story se alag hai inki story unki tarah slow nahi hai.. aur abhi abhi unko ek doosre ke liye pyaar mehsoos hone laga hai unke story main jyada farak hai..
      So i hope u got the basic idea abt their luv strys?

      1. Thanks hrn
        Ek aur question…yuvaani ki love story start hone ki baath unki love scenes acha tha na main ye iss liye poocha raha hun ki agar unko achi romantic scenes dethi tho aage jaake kriyam ko bhi milengi na?.. I mean wo log romantic scenes achi banathi hogi na?….

      2. Haa bahut romantic hote the..matlab dekha jaye toh they were the ustads in romance. Aur same waisa hi kriyam ke saath hoga toh bahut accha hoga. Yuvani is still an ideal couple

  25. Arey iss botox faced buddi ka chapter khatam karo aur hamari pyari krriyam ka pyar shuru kijiye na.. How dare wo kaali Billi (baby) meri Krishna ko daata, Hope yuvaani will find secret and teach kaali billi a lesson… USS botox buddiya ko bardaash nahin kar sakthe yaar..

  26. I think if dadi sees the tiger she will remember what happen to her n I hope baby get caught

  27. Syedul

    Wow . Yesterday’s and todays episode was the best of all

  28. thank you soooo much for not publishing my comment TU apparently you are biased when it comes to commenting never the less a big thank you ………you prefer comments wherein persons are bashing each other well done that will not stop me though it will only make me more stronger

    1. Arshi123

      What happened? TU didn’t publish ur comment????
      U can complain them via email.
      And of course,No way of stopping to comment 🙂 🙂

    2. Aarti32

      Don’t get upset plzz..N don’t stop commenting..

  29. hi arshi main exam main thori busy thi isliye late comment kiya but today episode i am full enjoye i am always support ssel beautiful kriyam scene

  30. why friends you are not vote karan jotwani aka saiyyam please vote maine to vote kiya hain karan jotwani aka saiyyam ko

  31. two days episode are amazing i love kriyam scene

  32. i am totally agree aarti and arshi

  33. which site arshi please tell me ssel not going off air karan jotwani and kabir maridul says

  34. satie singh jee

    KriYam rocks only watch SSEL for Saiyyam and Krishna 2 days episode was awesome
    want to see more of Kriyam in up coming episodes

  35. Arshi123

    Check the comments,karan says : it’s fake.

    For those,who r not believing ,SSEL not ending
    , koi laut ke aya he is a weekend show.

  36. Jessica Agarwal

    Is SSEL going off air? Because if that happens I will have an heart attack. SSEL SALE is my favourite show, and now with sayam and Krishna this is going well. PLEASE THIS SHOW CAN NOT GO OFF AIR.

  37. thanks you so much arshi

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