Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having coffee. Yuvraaj takes black coffee. Suhani says the coffee is not good without sugar. She laughs. Menka and Ankit talk about Yuvraaj. Ankit says if someone likes black coffee, he can’t leave it, not everyone likes it. Menka says if we see Yuvraaj, it looks like Yuvraaj won’t leave black coffee. She asks Ankit what type of coffee he likes. Suhani says he likes light coffee and sweet, like Soumya likes, they used to order same. Soumya says no, I like black coffee. Suhani asks when did this happen, you don’t like dark coffee. Soumya says time changes choices and priorities, it does not mean I like things which Ankit likes. Menka says yes, as she likes things related to Yuvraaj. Rags looks at her. Menka says Soumya is right.

Yuvraaj says anyway, I m tired, and going to sleep. He asks Suhani to come. Suhani says Ankit, I will go, I have much work in morning, you talk to Soumya. Ankit smiles. Rags looks on and makes coffee fall on Yuvraaj. He asks what did you do. Rags says sorry. Soumya gives him tissues to clean. Yuvraaj says I don’t know, I m going to change. Suhani says give tissue to me too, my dress is also spoiled. Yuvraaj says levae it, lets go to room and change. They leave. Soumya tells Rags that Yuvraaj got angry on her seeing Ankit, we have to do something. Rags suggests her an idea.

Lalita and Rakhi talk about taking Krishna’s sign on the divorce papers. She says we have to steal the papers first and asks Rakhi to forge his signs by seeing it on the other signed papers. Soumya thinks to talk to Ankit directly, than making any plan. She knocks the door and its already open. He sees her and asks her to come inside. Soumya says I need to talk something. Ankit says yes say. She is shocked seeing Suhani there. Suhani smiles and says she knows why she came, to find out is Ankit fine and dies he have any problem. She says see Ankit, I told you Soumya will come to ask about you, you guys did not talk well in hall, sit here and talk, I will leave. Suhani leaves. Soumya asks Ankit to rest and she will leave. He asks her to say for what she came. She says nothing, we will talk tomorrow. She leaves and says I will agree to Rags, atleast plan will work.

Someone comes to Ankit’s room at night and sees him sleeping. Its Soumya. She gets inside the room. Rakhi sees Krishna sleeping and tries to take the papers from cupboard. Soumya holds Ankit’s neck while he is asleep. He wakes up and says Soumya you. He opens the lights. Rakhi gets the papers and shouts seeing Krishna. Krishna asks what is she doing now. Soumya says I m here and whatever I m dong is right. He asks what is she saying. She starts beating him, and asks him to go from here. Ankit says stop it. She says I won’t let anyone hurt my heart again. Rags and Menka come and stop Soumya.

Rags says come to senses Soumya. Soumya asks whats happening here and acts like she was not in her senses. Rakhi says help and calls everyone. She hides the papers and signs Lalita. She gives the papers to Lalita and acts like fainting. Lalita says Mata has come in her again. Rakhi acts like Mata and they all fold hands and bend down to her. Menka tells Soumya that she was beating Ankit with pillows. Rags asks Menka to take Soumya to her room. Menka laughs and asks Soumya to work in any serial. Rags tells fake story to Ankit that Soumya is not mentally fine by stress and marriage breakup, and now this second marriage pressure. She says she is sleep walking and doing such things. Ankit gets worried. Rags smiles and says I m not her mother to take her life’s decision, it will be better to give her some time.

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She says you can get any nice girl, if you and aunty decided, what can I say, anyways take rest. She leaves. Its morning, Ankit tells everything to Suhani. Suhani says what, this did not happen before. Ankit says if anyone goes through such bad things, it affects mind, I think we should take her to good doctor. She says I was thinking to take her to counselor. He says my friend is psychiatrist, lets take her there. Suhani says no, she gets angry, I will talk to her. Soumya hears this and scolds them for interfering in her life. She says she won’t go to any doctor. She leaves.

Suhani asks Ankit not to worry as she will talk to Soumya. Suhani comes to Soumya. Soumya asks her to stop caring, she did favor by helping her, but stop interfering. Suhani says you walked in sleep and did weird things, I m your friend and want to help you, its not small thing. Soumya says leave me alone, don’t become my mother, don’t take my decision, don’t force me to remarry. Suhani says I m not forcing you, its your decision to marry Ankit or not, I just wanted you to get some friend to share pain and everything. Soumya says fine, I decided I won’t marry Ankit, I don’t need anyone.

Suhani asks what does she want. Soumya says what I want, I will take it myself, send Ankti from here, this is my last decision. Suhani asks why is she doing this, does she still love Krishna. Soumya thinks if I say yes, she may leave me alone. She sees Yuvraaj standing there and hearing them, and says I don’t love Krishna. Suhani asks and Ankit, you don’t like him too. Soumya says I don’t need to say anything to world. Suhani asks don’t you find difference in me and others. Rags comes and says she has work with Soumya. Suhani asks Rags to take Soumya later. Rags says my work is imp, excuse us. Soumya says yes, and asks Suhani not to ask anything, she won’t talk. She leaves with Rags. Suhani worries and says why is Soumya changing so much. Yuvraaj looks on. Pratima comes and asks Yuvraaj what happened.

Yuvraaj says Soumya does not want Ankit to stay here and she asked Suhani to send Ankit back. She says she told Suhani she does not love Krishna. He says I m afraid that… Pratima says that Suhani can link things and understand what you are hiding from her.

Soumya hangs from railing and asks for help. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Yuvraaj runs to save her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yuvraj better u tell her truth in right way & suhani she is not ur frnd now puppet in those 3 ladie hands & bacame ur enemy no:1

  2. please let soumya hang to death. she isnt needed in anyones life

  3. Thanks for the update not gona watch that b*t*h for 20 min

  4. This is becoming highly frustating!!!! When is the truth gonna be told to suhani. This totally unfair to treat a woman like dis… She’s becoming a real fool in dis serial,!!

  5. disturbing precap

  6. yuvraaj ,please tell that witch that u only love suhani.u should not help her at any more

  7. there is no friendship in this serial and no relationships the character suhani is bigfool in this serial plz change something so boring

  8. Yuvraaj please tell suhani the truth about soumya and also tell her about your feelings and send soumya out of the house,also punish dadi,she is the main reason for all the problems…..

  9. Your right Rohit soumya should be kicked out of the house and dadi should be punished…. …..Hate soumya.

  10. this serial is becoming so boring

  11. suhani is a fool. eventhough she should be in a position to understand what is happening around us and observe things. by this time she should have observed wsat a serial worst

  12. hi mangala

  13. So frustrating dat gal soumya is…!!! N imagine guys such things happening at ur home n still ur blind to it…does it really happen dat way….stupidity shown in a disguise of a story…if dey dnt change d theme soon I mean d plot…d serial wil turn out to be a biiggggg shit…

  14. Seriously guys now enough yaar move d story. The true girl suhani is shown fool. Fully agreed with Rohit..

  15. Agreed saniya

  16. Why is soumya still there n suhani can’t even see wat she is even yuvraaj need slaps

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