Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka jumping on the Dadi’s bed spoiling the bedsheet with mud shoes. She smiles. Rakhi throws the food plate and leaves. Krishna sees her. Soumya picks the sandhwich. He asks her whats going on. Soumya says this happens daily, I know you will say the same, its her drama which is same. Rakhi comes and fights with her. Rakhi scolds Soumya saying Krishna does all the work and Soumya does not do anything. Rakhi says she can’t bear Krishna cooks every day, I love him, I can’t see him being tired and cooking daily. Krishna smiles and says if you love me so much, its enough. He says he will cook hot food for her. Soumya is stunned.

Rags talks to Menka and asks is she drunk. Menka says no, I have spoiled the floor with mud on Suhani’s shoes. Rags gets angry and says this is my shoes. Menka is shocked and asks really, how did this happen. Rags says see the brand. Menka says its hidden by mud. Rags says maybe Suhani stole my shoes. Menka says first see what will we do now, else Dadi will not leave you. Rags scolds her. Menka says sorry, we will first clean it. Rags says anyone can clean outside, but what about this bedsheet. Menka says she will clean it. They hear Suhani talking to Ramesh seeing the mud marks on the floor. Suhani says she will clean it before Dadi comes and starts cleaning. Rags asks Menka to bring a bedsheet fast. They change the bedcover. Pratima asks Suhani what happened. Suhani says nothing. Ramesh says Dadi came. Suhani gets tensed.

Dadi comes and sees the floor clean. Rags and Menka come out of her room. Dadi asks who went in my room and shows the mud bedsheet. She scolds Suhani and Ramesh. Dadi says even when you all cleaned it, its still left some marks, who is it who spoiled the floor and my room with mud shoes. She asks Ramesh to see all the shoes and get one with mud. Menka thinks she is gone today. Ramesh brings Rag’s shoes which has mud. Suhani is shocked seeing Menka’s feet and understands she did this. She says I admit my mistake. Menka and Rags are shocked.

Yuvraaj comes there with Sharad and hears Dadi scolding Suhani. Dadi throws the bedsheet on Suhani’s face and Yuvraaj catches it. Yuvraaj defends Suhani and she smiles. Suhani takes the bedcover to clean it and thinks what to do, maybe any home remedy will work. Rags and Menka have a talk. Rags says Suhani saved me today. Menka gets annoyed and fills her ears against Suhani. Rags comes in Menka’s words. Menka smiles. Suhani uses milk to clean the stains. The stains does not go. The bedsheet gets torn by her and she gets tensed. She says Dadi will not leave me knowing this.

Pankaj scolds Yuvraaj for being with any other girl. Yuvraaj says you are mistaken. Pankaj threatens him and Yuvraaj gets angry and asks him to do what he wants.

Update Credit to: Amena

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