Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani refusing to go to Birla house. Sharad asks her to come and lets think later. Suhani promises Pankaj that she will prove him innocent and hugs him. Krishna asks Soumya did she get the chain, as Rakhi is getting worse. Soumya says yes and prays to Lord that she will expose Rakhi’s lies, and she is using a fake chain, please support me. Soumya gives the gold chain to them. Rakhi and Krishna’s mum smile. Rakhi says Mata is happy. Everyone bow down to her. Sharad asks Yuvraaj why is he quiet always. Yuvraaj says what to say, for Suhani’s dad. Sharad says yes, as he is your father in law. Yuvraaj says I think he did the theft, if he can blackmail me, he can do this, its good Suhani is not like him.

Sharad asks will you not help him. Yuvraaj says I will not help him, its his deeds paying him now, he has made me stuck in this forced relation. Suhani prays to Lord. Pankaj tells Lata and Bhavna that he knows who has done this. Bhavna asks who. He thinks about Yuvraaj and says once I find out well, then I will say.

Soumya calls Suhani and talks to her. Soumya asks her why is she sounding upset, you went to home for aarti, how was it. Suhani says it was good. Suhani does not tell her. Both off them cry and lie to each other not telling about their problems. Suhani asks whats the matter, are you hiding something. Soumya says no, I will tell you if there is something, I feel you are hiding something and you are upset. Suhani says no, I m very happy. Suhani asks Lord to show her some way to make a start.

She thinks and says yes, I will go to the shop and find out what happened there, I will get some clue there. Suhani calls Bhavna and says about the shop. Bhavna says fine, I will come. Suhani asks her to take the bag which had the chunri. Rags and Menka smile and have a talk. Menka asks Rags to see Dadi. Menka asks Dadi not to think much, else she will get unwell. Suhani tells Dadi that what happened was wrong. She says she is sure that her dad is innocent. She says about gold chain and chunri, I will find the truth. Dadi says the truth is your dad stole it.

Menka asks Suhani to write my dad is a thief on her hand. Suhani says time will say who is the thief. Suhani leaves. Pratima hears this and scolds Rags and Menka. She defends Pankaj and Suhani. Dadi throws the water glass in anger. Rags and Menka get scared. Sharad, Suhani and Bhavna come to meet the shop owner. Suhani sees the pic of Rags and Menka and shows Sharad the pics of the bags. She says see its same bag as dad’s. Bhavna says yes. Sharad says yes. Suhani says what happened is misunderstanding or a plan.

Soumya sees Krishna’s mum talking on phone. Soumya talks to a doctor and tells about Rakhi. He says he is a psychologist, call Rakhi. Krishna hears them and scolds Soumya. Krishna says my sister is not mad, you are doing this as you gave her your chain. Soumya says let him talk to Rakhi once, the let her decide. Krishna’s mum thinks Soumya got the doctor proposal for Rakhi and gets glad. She stops the doctor and asks him to meet Rakhi. Soumya is shocked and smiles.

Yuvraaj gets a call from a man asking for money. Yuvraaj says I will give soon. Suhani gets the money envelope and looks at Yuvraaj. Suhani sees the same bag. Sharad shows the same bag to Sharad.
He says there was bag confusion. She says yes, lets tell everyone. She says it has numbers on it. She says we have to find out who did it and why.

Suhani tells Pankaj that she trusts him and Yuvraaj. She gets the same notes in jewelers shop.

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