Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying you mean I should not think that you love me. Yuvraaj asks are we friends. She says yes. He says I want to say something, I don’t know whats love, I thought I love Soumya and I don’t love her now, I m confused and don’t want to come in this confusion, don’t think I m using our friendship. She says I know you can’t do this, you are a good person, that’s why we are still friends. He smiles and says I knew you will understand. She says its late, you go and sleep. They say good night and she turns to leave.

Suhani sits working in the hall and Pratima comes to her. She asks her to sleep and wake up early in morning. Suhani says she can’t sleep, she has problem this cream has some irritation, what to add in this. Dadi asks why, don’t you know anyone to solve this. Suhani says Dada ji made this cream, and someone here can solve this. She says her dad always taught her not to do wrong. Dadi says did he not teach you not to reveal the beauty product formula, and scolds her saying she will lose. She taunts her on her middle class and she will not know the result. She says her skin is bad, not this cream.

Rags and Menka tackle Suhani and taunt her. Menka also feels irritation by the cream and tells Pratima. Dadi gets thinking. Suhani asks Dadi to see that she did not use this cream, but Menka has grown up with creams. Menka says this is bleach. Suhani says no, this is cream, that’s why our creams are getting rejected. She asks Dadi to accept this truth. Dadi stops her.

Dadi says she is not part of Birla. Suhani says yes, else I would have not worked here, and rested in room like you all. She taunts Dadi and stuns everyone. Suhani waits for everyone and asks Ramesh. Ramesh says Anuj is sleeping, don’t know what Menka mixed in milk and she has sent me out of kitchen that time. Suhani says it means they are doing this intentionally, where is Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj asks Dadi why is she standing alone. She says she feels its bad time. He says it will end soon, I will get this necklace repaired. She asks him to sell it. He asks why, this is your fav necklace. She says I don’t want to keep it as it has bad memories. He hugs her and says fine, as you wish. Dadi smiles. Suhani asks about Saurabh. Sharad says he is not well, Rags was unwell so he took her to doctor. Dadi says its just 7 days now for bank notice to end, nothing happened till now, its not easy to change them. Suhani says you are doing your company’s loss to make me lose. Dadi says I m doing this for my home, it will be good if you understand, this house can be run by way. Menka says Dadi is right, leave all this work.

Dadi says Suhani is not rich, she is foolish, this can make her dad lose the job, accept your defeat and make me work my way. Suhani says my work did not end, I can’t move back. Menka says she is adamant. Dadi says no one will come in office. Suhani says I will get them, and I will prove that I did not lose yet. Dadi says fine, if no one comes till evening, you will return safe keys to me, I will run home and business my way. Suhani says fine, I accept this. Dadi leaves.

Pratima also goes to her room and Suhani goes after her. Rakhi and Radhe come out of the room, while Krishna waits. Lalita asks why did she take much time. Radhe says I took time. Lalita says I made hot parathas for you. Rakhi and Radhe smile. Radhe eats with bad manners, and says its good parathas. Lalita says I will get more. He says I will become Ghar Jamai if you serve me like this. Krishna gets irritated and asks Soumya to come. Radhe asks for more parathas.

Krishna tells Soumya that Radhe will not go, we should leave. Suhani asks Pratima to support her, else she will lose and have to give safe keys back. Pratima opens the door and asks why did she accept this condition. Suhani says I need time to do all this fine. Pratima says I know its my mistake, I feel weak when you agree to Dadi. Suhani hugs her. Pratima apologizes for not being able to do her mum’s duty. Suhani says don’t worry. Pratima says how will we manage now, we did everything. Suhani says they care for work, so they worked too. She says Dadi made Yuvraaj work somewhere else and we need to give time to them to change, I will not lose so easily.

Pratima smiles and says everyone said I m lucky that I have three sons, but they did not manage business, and my daughter is managing today. I completed as a mum today. Suhani acts and asks her not to cry. They smile. Anuj works out at home. Suhani says Menka got his personal trainer at home, we have to make her fine, we have to do something. She asks Anuj to come to office. Menka comes in between and asks her not to disturb Anuj. Anuj says he has to work out.

Dadi says Suhani that she has lost and asks her to lock the office, and return the safe keys to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What’s this bakwaas yuvraj is still confused about suhanis feelings what the heck and suhani is not even trying to know if yuvraj loves her or not she gave up on her and his feelings but she won’t give up showing dadi the right path if she can do so much to help dadi get back on track then why can’t suhani try to help yuvraj in understanding his feelings for her and why can’t suhani tell him that she will always love him no matter what you know what I think should happen after the birlas financial problems are solved suhani should get kidnapped by ankit when he makes a re-entry in the show and then all of the birlas should try to find her and during this kidnapping track yuvraj and suhani should realize their love for each other and then they both should confess their love for each other it’ll be the best track of the whole serial I hope this is exactly what happens

  2. gd episode
    bt i don’t knw what’s wrong vit that dadi

  3. Nic………episode…….

  4. V dragging and boring

  5. This serial is very slow nw feeling bored to read telly updates plx solve the problem n yuv raj y don’t u tell the truth to suhani that up luvs her a lot …I luv this serial bt nw really it’s very boring all r stupid make it fast plxxxxcccc :’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(:’-(

  6. I agree —-v v draggingggggg n getting boring — what r v supposed to like in this cream business —–
    The 15 day suhani dadi challenge —they will show in 2 months time n other serials like yeh rishta kya kehlata hai —they showed a 10 year gap in 1 day ——
    Now getting boring n don’t like that stupid yuvraj —–

  7. Yuvraaj will take atleast 2 months 2 realise he is loving suhani… Gosh dragging so much

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