Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking how to thank and kiss Yuvraaj. He comes and asks why did you not sleep till now. She tells what she has practiced till now and thanks him. He asks are you fine. She gets closer to him and hugs him. Saawre………..plays………………Krishna’s mum asks Soumya not to lie again for the outsiders. She says she are your family now, think about the puja to be done now. Krishna hears this and leaves. Rakhi asks her mum what did she do. She says she did the right thing, as she made you cry, see how I make Soumya cry now. Rakhi smiles.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj not to sleep and talk to her. He says why are you sleeping so soon. He gets angry. She asks why is she shouting, does he have high BP problem. He says let me sleep, please. He turns and sleep. She says she had to say thankyou, what to do, shall I wake him up. Bhavna is sleeping in her room. Rishi walks to her at night, and shuts the door. He stares at her. Bhavna wakes up and is shocked to see him. She opens the light and gets tensed. She asks what is he doing here. He says I missed you a lot, you should have told me when you had to go. She asks him to go. He says go? Why? She says just leave. He says where.

She runs to the door and he stops her. She says she will wake her parents,. He holds her hands and she slaps him. He gets angry on her. He asks her to count till 15 days and she will come to him on her own in 15 days. She cries and asks him to go, else she will kick him out from the house. She says he can’t do anything. Its morning, Pratima asks Ramesh to get the Idol. Dadi sees Suhani. Yuvraaj asks for the juice and then says he will take it, asking him to help his mum.

Suhani thinks to hide as she did not say sorry to him. Yuvraaj comes to her. She thinks why did he come to her. He asks what happened, are you fine. She says yes. He takes the juice glass and bends. She kisses him on his cheek. Saawre……………..plays……………… He is stunned and looks at her. She says I could not do yesterday, so did today, thanks and sorry. She leaves. He says what and is amazed.

Dadi scolds Suhani and asks him not to come in Navratri arrangements. They are stunned seeing Suhani’s parents there. Lata asks for the anklet size which they want to gift Suhani. Pratima welcomes them and they greet Dadi. They ask about Navratri, and everyone missing Suhani there. Dadi is annoyed and asks them to take her, as Suhani will not do any work here. Pankaj asks Pratima is everything fine. Pratima says yes, we don’t want Suhani to work more. Dadi says your daughter does not understand this, you did not teach her how to be here.

Pankaj defends Suhani and says she is not bad. Yuvraaj looks at Pankaj, Sharad asks what happened. Yuvraaj says I hope Pankaj does not misbehave with Dadi, else I won’t be quiet. Sharad asks him to calm down. Pankaj apologizes to Dadi. Dadi asks Rags and Menka to come as they have to go and get the idol. Dadi asks Menka to get the chunri. Lata gives some address to get the idols. Dadi says I don’t believe strangers. Menka gets the chunri. Yuvraaj says we will buy the idol form where Lata is saying. Suhani gives the anklet. Dadi asks Rags to go with them. Pankaj says we will leave now and they greet.

Yuvraaj talks to Dadi and asks did Pankaj tell anything. Dadisays no, he is a bad person, arguing with me. She says he should thank Lord to get you as son in law. She leaves. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that Pankaj has argued with Dadi. Sharad says don’t be angry on Suhani, she is good, why should we care if her dad does something. Yuvraaj says that’s true and looks on.

Dadi asks Ramesh to do the arrangements, and Suhani looks on. Ramesh thinks he is unable to do this. Suhani helps him. Dadi comes and scolds Suhani. Pratima calms down Dadi and says Suhani was just telling Ramesh how to do this. Dadi says no need to ask Suhani, we can’t do puja if she is around. Suhani says I promise I will be away from the puja, don’t stop it. Dadi asks Ramesh to throw all the things and gets angry. Suhani feels bad and leaves. Suhani gets Menka’s message and thinks to ask her what does that mean. Suhani goes.

Dadi likes the decorations and asks Ramesh did he do this. Ramesh says no, we did not do it. Suhani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dadi is very selfish woman I hate her .

  2. Yuvraj plz fall in love with suhani she is very cute and cultured girl very smart and she is so sweet to everyone includes the two b*t*hes rags n menka

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